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Meditating With Whales -Calling Upon the Akashic Records

Majestic animals, giants of the oceans, guardians of wisdom; whales are certainly enchanting, and anyone who may have had the chance to see such animals knows there is something magical about them.

Obviously, magic is everywhere for those whom want to see it. However, when encountering such animals, magic becomes undeniable. They carry this “vibe field” with peace and gentleness, and alongside their wondrous size and strength, just being in their presence can be an experience by itself.

I had the chance to get quite close to such animals earlier this year in Hawaii. They were everywhere in the water, even though the whale season was over, especially in Maui. If you decided to go for a swim in the ocean, soon enough you would start to hear them singing.

Whale watching in Oahu Hawaii, time to blend energy with this incredible creatures

I made sure to take this opportunity into my soul, and every time I heard those sea giants I would call on their vibration and meditate in their energy.

For those whom do not know, Whales and Dolphins are known as guardians of the Akashic Records. So even when not in their actual presence, it is very powerful to meditate and invoke the energy of such beings.

I was very blessed to be able to see so many whales, in Oahu , in Maui and while crossing the sea towards Molokai. Every single time, I called on their energy and meditated on it.

I would say the most significant moments were while being under water while scuba diving, free diving, or simply going for a swim. The sounds were so beautiful and peaceful that they made everything around so still and calm. My body would vibrate, but unlike the dolphin experience, this was different, equally powerful, and though greatly peaceful and inert, I felt at rest and fulfilled. All chakras felt balanced and energised, the crown chakra felt as if it was expanding, but very different from the dolphin blending.

1789_659_mother and calf

Like anything else, to blend with their energy intention is the most important aspect. Saying your intention out loud is easy, just invite them to come in, invite them into your energy field, start communicating with your thoughts, open your heart, send your vibration to them and set yourself free to feel their magic.

When you do things with your heart and invite nature in, things become very easy. We were told it would be unlikely to see many whales as the season was over, but once you set your intentions, everything is possible.

The giant was very happy to say hi and put on a little show J.

“The cetaceans’ spiritual mission, to embody in huge bulk and inhabit your oceans where they absorb and anchor the light beamed to the planet from distant civilizations, soon will have been fulfilled. These whale and dolphin souls, which species-wide are the most highly-evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they leave physically, but they will continue to grace your planet with their love energy.”  _ Mathews 

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos