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Current Energy Update – Eclipse Stillness – New Moon Adventure


What did just happen ? We are already halfway through september and the last few days just flew by. We just went through an eclipse portal and a new moon on the same day, which is an auspicious time for another Rebirth.  What does that mean ?

The eclipse and the new moon energies are, of course, beautifully working in synergy. How I see them is the polarity of ” death” and “birth” creating the “rebirth.” Rebirth is clearly a theme of the moment. Let me explain my feeling on how these seemingly opposites are divinely facilitating this rebirth process and how this inevitably may not only affect us, but every single atom in creation, especially the Earth evolution.

I feel the eclipse energies as breaking down the old; breaking down old patterns, old ways of being, of thought patterns, old dysfunctional energy between individuals – old relationship patterns, stored emotions on a cellular level and pretty much anything you can think of as old and no longer serving the highest good. This is the ultimate transmutation. By that I mean that it goes straight to the core, to the deepest corners of of our beingness and rips all the old masks and dysfunction from there. I see it as clogged, foggy, illusionary energy. You might have experienced it before, there are layers.

When that energy is being completely transformed, you are experiencing true metamorphosis – “the death,” and “birth.” Fear not, in fact, fear nothing. The term “death” is metaphorical, many have called it “dark night of the Soul. ” Although that is probably not the best term. It’s simply a soul-human metamorphosis.  You might be more guided to go inward more often during these moments and when we live aware in the present, that comes naturally. But we might still feel a lot more inclined than usual to just shut all the outside noise and precisely focus on the voices within. As always, let your heart be the guide. Each journey is unique.

As we have the eclipse stripping away the old, we have the new moon in Virgo helping us create the new. That includes doing some “gardening, ” as in planting seeds for the next phase, anchoring the new waves of light that are currently coming in, getting some clarity about what we really want to create and because it’s a new moon in virgo, the intentions are going to be more specific, precise, focused.

At the same time, we must be flexible and open to script changes. Jupiter and Neptune opposing each other will help that. Set the intentions and let the Universe take care of the details, using your preferable ways of doing that and let it all unfold. This doesn’t mean being passive. The universe brings all the opportunities to you to move forward on your path, to grow and to expand, but it won’t do it for  you. You are the one who needs to empower and love yourself enough to take action towards manifesting your dreams into your current physical reality. Know that everything always reveals itself to you at the right moment, reflect on past situations and how it all worked out as it was supposed to, in alignment with your highest path and deepest Soul growth process.

We do not need to know all the details because, first of all, that would be so very boring and secondly, it would change things, it would affect our growth in ways that would counteract our expansion.

So, you see, as the eclipse energies are asking us to go inward, to cultivate stillness either from the noise of the environment or our own non-stop thinking, while the new moon in Virgo is bringing with it a sense of adventure, new beginnings, the next phase of our Soul purpose. The “polarities” are unifying and working harmoniously for the highest good of all.


At the end of the day, all we need to do is surrender and flow with the changes in the moment, however that moment looks like. The waters might be turbulent at times, it might seem like we lose ourselves at one point. In truth, we never lose ourselves, we lose old perceptions of ourselves, old expressions of ourselves that no longer serve us. Let them go, don’t hold onto them. Those troubled waters wash away the old, it assists with the purification of our beingness on more levels. When we’re navigating the troubled waters, it might not always be fun, but it can be as well. We can only try to do our best – to maintain our equilibrium, observe, detach from drama, even from our personal drama. When you see it for what it is, it dissolves. It’s like turning up the lights in a dark room. The darkness in the room dissolves in the presence of the light. Same for drama, when you observe it, it dissolves.

Instead of focusing on the drama, focus on what you really want to create. No, but really, read again – focus on what you really really want to create. Practice this every moment. It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds, as our Soulful creation state is constantly being challenged by outer distractions, or we are purposely (yet most likely unconsciously) distracting ourselves from what we really want to create. Focused Soul intentions are powerful and that is the gift these Virgo energies are activating within us.

Rebirth is to be celebrated. With each rebirth, we become more and more our authentic soul source self as a human and less the expression we used to experience duality/the grand illusion. I feel this could possibly be one of the most profound transmutation wave we’ve experienced so far.

Once again, bring your presence in the moment. The main message is: embrace the moment as it is, for it is all exactly as it should be. When we see the bigger picture, or at least a bigger picture than what we’ve been used to so far, we realize that all is exactly how it should be and all divinely orchestrated.

Rejoice! These are wonderful moments. Simply learn to dance to the rhythm of the stars.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,


The Interdependent Ego And The Power Of Holistic Consciousness

“All your restlessness is out of your desire for stillness.” –Rumi.
When we consider anything in life as permanent and separate, we generate dissatisfaction, suffering and anguish. Our attachments to people, things, and ideas are ultimately futile, because everything changes, everything is in a constant state of impermanence. No matter how much we wish things could remain permanent, impermanence will always remain the only true permanent. The good thing: there is more to being human than choice, there’s vicissitude. The bad thing: vicissitude can be a cruel bitch.

Vicissitude and unexpected moments of transformation are conveyer belts of creativity and mystery, shaking up the mind, body, and soul in creative throes of existential ecstasy, and pumping out adventure after adventure for those who are aware enough that “the journey is the thing.”

The more aware we become about the evolution of the self, the more capable we are of learning how to love, how to let love, and ultimately, how to let love go. Thereby achieving a state of holistic consciousness, of flexible, adaptable self-mastery, that is guided by an interdependent ego.

But first: the counterintuitive process of individuation, of distinguishing the individual from the general or universal, must unfold.

The Ontological Plane is crashing into the Existential Black Hole. The oxygen masks have just been deployed. What do you do?

The individuated ego:

“One of the least discussed issues of individuation is that as one shines light into the dark of the psyche as strongly as one can, the shadows, where the light is not, grow even darker.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

“Individuation does not remove the individual from the social sphere but enlarges one’s connection to it… No one can individuate on Everest.”

As Carl Jung intuited, “Individuation does not remove the individual from the social sphere but enlarges one’s connection to it… No one can individuate on Everest.” Human beings are extremely social creatures. Individuation occurs in a social maelstrom. But in order to discover a healthy sense of who we are, in order to get down deep into our unique soul-signature, we need to discover a sense of who we are as individuals relating to a social environment. In short: Our co-dependence needs to give way to independence.

Understand: The ego is not the enemy. It’s actually the soul’s greatest ally when it is healthy. It’s a very important tool for soul work. In fact, it’s the most important tool in the spiritual seeker’s toolkit. Not even humor, courage, and love can be actualized without it. A robust ego, as it pertains to self-transformation and spiritual development, seeks a healthy transformation, and individuation, from codependent ego into independent ego. The problem with the majority of people in our egocentric culture is that they have become tools of their ego, codependent constructs within a codependent system, instead of using their ego as a tool toward self-overcoming and holistic enlightenment.

The ego is not the enemy. It’s actually the soul’s greatest ally when it is healthy.

A healthy ego is an ego that has been leveraged into a state of perpetual self-overcoming, resulting in the continuous individuation of the ego. A robust ego separates and unites, separates and unites, like breathing. And then lets it all go in healthy non-attachment. All while being open to vicissitude and adapting to unexpected change with selfless, humorous, ego-moral non-attachment to the journey being the thing.

Beware the ego that operates within selfish, humorless, ego-centric attachment to an agenda. Like Lewis Hyde wrote in Trickster Makes This World, “It’s better to operate with detachment, then; better to have a way but infuse it with a little humor; best, to have no way at all but to have instead the wit constantly to make one’s way anew from the materials at hand.”

When the codependent self begins to individuate, divisive boundaries dissolve and horizons expand, there is a broadening of scope that unravels and absolves the self into a permeable, flexible, “wave” of infinite possibilities. Self-actualization is at hand.

The self-actualized ego:

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” –Joseph Campbell

Self-actualization is the realization of our full potentialities, especially considered as a drive present within everyone.

Kurt Goldstein originally presented self-actualization as “the tendency to actualize, as much as possible, the organism’s individual capacities in the world.” Here, the ego has been completely individuated and its peak potentialities are capable of being expressed. Boundaries have been dissolved into horizons and the path becomes open-ended, pivoting around the eternal “now” of the flexible and robust self.

Actualizing is symbolizing. When we self-actualize we are creating a symbolic sense of self, we are epitomizing the self through the process of our own unique mind-body-soul development through a constantly changing cosmos. In short: self-actualizing is creating a canvas out of the self, and then giving ourselves the freedom to create with the “materials” (psychological, social, cultural, physiological, existential, etc.) at hand. Our individuated ego is a giant. The ladder we climb up to reach the giants shoulder is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Our self-actualized ego stands on the shoulder of this giant seeing how everything is connected. It is the aspect of ourselves that can see further and farther than the giant ever could by itself.

Through the “breathing in and out” of individuation (attaching and then non-attaching), and through consistent self-overcoming (not allowing the self to become too inert or stagnate), an artistry of self emerges that can be called self-actualization, and peak experiences become more common. The bridge from independence to interdependence becomes clearer. We begin to see how we are not just artists going through the motions of creating art, we are the world going through the motions of creating a self. Self-development becomes universal entanglement. We see how everything is connected and moving, and we begin to see how we can be the spearhead of that movement.

Self-actualization is the realization of our full potentialities, especially considered as a drive present within everyone.

The interdependent ego:

“Contemplation is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things.” –Thomas Merton
The interdependent ego is that aspect of ourselves with the awareness and actualization of the world-as-self and self-as-world. It’s the dynamic process of being a changing being within a changing universe. It is the cosmic self, the deep-down-self, the “wave” of the self which emerges, infinitely connected and self-similar, from the cosmic ocean.  Like Alan Watts said, “What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that the wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet that life pushes around. The real deep-down you is the whole universe.”

“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now.
“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now.

The interdependent ego is personification of The First Law of Thermodynamics. The ovaries-to-marrow (balls-to-bones) understanding that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can, will, and must change form. So it is with the self.

From this awareness a holistic consciousness emerges, a deeply profound realization that all things are connected and that infinity is the rule and finitude is the illusion. A kind of cosmic humor envelops us, and we go from being the butt-end of the cosmic joke to being the one who laughs: the enlightened jokester, the almighty tongue-in-cheek trickster of the existential enigma, the super-anthropic quantum-entangled catalyst toward evolutionary and revolutionary progress.

“To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being constant change, and who, without thinking that they can control it, wish to influence its direction.” –Theodore Zeldin
Indeed, the individual who has individuated (escaped codependency), self-actualized (made an art out of self-overcoming) and become an interdependent force (accepted that all things are connected), is the individual most capable of enacting healthy progressive change.

Try not to look at it hierarchically. The individuated ego is the self-actualized ego is the interdependent ego. It’s all connected. It always has been. It was always the case that these were all aspects of who you are. It’s precisely our awareness that changes. It just so happens that most of us are simply unaware, to a dizzying degree. Labeling the process is merely a tool for leveraging awareness. The more aware we become, the more likely we are to individuate, to self-actualize, and to become more interdependent in the way we perceive and engage the cosmos, the world, and each other. And the more interdependent we become, the more likely we are to discover a sense of stillness amidst all the restlessness.

Featured Images by Luke Brown, Andy Kalin, Larry Carlson

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Gary Z McGee