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Inside All Of Us Is A Wild Thing: Reuniting Nature And The Human Heart

“We are all as much extraordinary phenomena of nature as trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the flickering of fire, the arrangement of the stars, and the form of a galaxy.” –Alan Watts

Let’s admit it: the daily grind is an excruciatingly obnoxious bore. It’s a pain in the “you only live once” ass. It’s a major drag when you’re trying to live life to the nth degree. Sure, we all know perfectly well that we need to keep on grinding the hours at the old J.O.B. in order to keep the man-machine churning: to keep gas in our tanks, food in our kid’s bellies, and entertainment in our heads, but sweet ungodly goddess! There has got to be a way to break away from it all other than stiff-arming the boss, or burning the timestamp card, or taking our printers to the desert and bashing them to hell Office Space style. There’s got to be a healthier escape other than myopia-ridden television and high-school-esc Facebook. Doesn’t there?

Escaping to our core,inner reality

There is. And it’s the greatest thing ever. But it will take courage. It will take surrender. It will take deep vulnerability. It will take being fully present. It will take being alone, truly alone.

The problem is we’re always trying to do too much at once. Especially when it comes to getting healthier. We’re constantly putting the cart in front of the horse, and then we wonder why the horse won’t go anywhere. So we give up. Too soon, we give up. And then it’s back to the daily grind, where we’re forced to grind our spirit into minced-soul. All for an illusory, cartoon-in-the-brain, abstraction of an abstraction, made-out-of-thin-air, lousy buck.

The key is to start small. Start with your heart. Yeah, that tiny redball of hungry fire in your chest trapped behind the prison of your ribs that you probably haven’t considered in a long time. Start there. Find a quiet space. Meditate on your heart. Feel it. Really feel it. Feel the rhythm. Then listen. Listen deeply, hungrily, like what it has to say is going to save your life, because it will. Like what it has to say is the last drop of precious water on this earth, because, as far as you’re concerned, it is.

Connect to your heart it will save your life

“The way to maintain one’s connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Then dare to have a discussion. The heart is more than pulse and rhythm. It speaks a language older than words. It speaks the same language as the cosmos. It speaks in the same sacred dialect as the trees, as the ocean, as thunder. Find that quiet space every day, even if only for a few precious minutes. Meditate. Be so present in those few minutes that your heart has no choice but to divulge its secrets.

But, heart-opener beware, it won’t all be soft whispers and soothing murmurs. There will be primordial howls. There will be primeval wails. There will be existential angst. A cracked open heart is multifarious, manifold with both dark and light mysteries. Some of which only nature can translate. Which means eventually we’ll have to get away. Eventually, even our sacred space at home won’t be big enough for our heart’s exploration. The call of the wild is on the wind. The call to adventure is at hand. We have a terribly important decision to make: get busy liberating the heart, or continue imprisoning it.

Again the secret is to start small. Take a day off and explore a nearby wood, desert, beach, mountain, away from the things of man. Go alone. Solitude is extremely important! Go with your heart on your sleeve, like the pulsing red compass that it is. Let it lead the way into the wild. Discover a sacred place: a place that calls to you, pulls your soul toward it, beckons you to rest. Then fully devote yourself to that place. Be fully present. Integrate mind, body and soul. Get intimately involved with yourself as world, and the world as yourself. Meditate in the moment. Feel, taste, hear, smell, and perceive it all in the here-and-now, and then let it all go with a deep, sacred release of your breath. Then listen with the ears of your soul.

Listen with the ears of your soul

Your heart will buckle with the sudden jolt of connection. As years and years of nature deprivation slide away like too-thick layers of skin, your soul will emerge despite your ego, vibrating at a frequency you’ve never felt before. Be there with that frequency. It’s the music of all things. Harmonize with it by fully embracing the absolute wisdom of your hearts connection to Cosmos. There is no better compass. There is no finer teleprompter. Not even Google can rival the search engine of your heart. Use it to the nth degree while in this sacred place. Practice asking soul-centric, as opposed to ego-centric, questions about life.

There will be many enemies on the path toward the reunion of your heart with the wild, but they will all be yourself. They will take the guise of fear, grief, denial, discomfort, and cognitive dissonance. They are defeated by practicing courage, love, curiosity, adventure, and self-interrogation. Have the courage to be vulnerable. Fall in love again with always being in love, like when you were a child. Dive into wonder and awe and inquisitive passion. Look at all things, even setbacks, as an adventure. Question yourself and all things to the nth degree.

Up the ante. Rewild yourself twice a week. Three times a week. Take full-on vacations of meditation and solitude. Keep practicing. Keep meditating. Keep showing up. Keep being fully engaged, fully present. Keep daring yourself to be vulnerable. Bear witness as years and years of cultural conditioning slide off like an outdated snakeskin. Observe as your nature deprivation is transformed into nature revitalization; as your heart grows and grows, magnanimous and appreciative of its freedom; as your comfort zone stretches more and more until it subsumes your sacred place, all of nature, the world, the universe, until one day you realize that you are no longer just a lonely speck in the universe, you are the entire universe inside a lonely speck. And suddenly you are not so alone. You discover, amazingly, counterintuitively, that it’s only when you’re alone, that you realize you are never alone.

In deep solitude you will find you are never alone

But soul-opener beware! It won’t all be rainbow bridges and divine connections. There will be unresolved demons to wrestle with, and suppressed shadows to self-actualize. There will be buckling abysses and bent roads with impossible forks. There will be a plethora of existential blackholes to outmaneuver. The way forward will sometimes be the darkest darkness you can’t even fathom. But it will be worth it, for your heart will have been freed. Your heart will have survived the terrible annihilation within the cocoon. It will have cracked the carapace of comfort, stretched all boundaries into horizons, and transcended the hyper-reality of the Matrix. You will have become a force to be reckoned with: your authentic, natural, genuine, wild, vulnerable, courageous, individuated and self-actualized heart holds all the answers toward healthy transformation.You have only to genuinely ask it.

Or you can just keep doing what you’re doing. Going through the motions of conserving the daily grind of the cultural clock like a good little cog. Maintaining the unsustainable chessboard like a good little pawn. Preserving the dog-eat-dog monetary system like a good little debt slave. Being codependent upon an unhealthy state of human governance that calls itself democracy but is secretly a plutocracy. Holding up the untenable man-machine with its impossible mechanizations and intractable propensity to transform you into a thing that loves money and uses people, instead of a person who loves people and uses things.

Are you a thing that loves money and uses people?

The fork in the road is now. The existential crossroads is on fire, waiting for the water of your decision to extinguish it. Get busy liberating the heart, or continue imprisoning it. You are the prisoner, the warden and the executioner. You hold the key. The choice is yours. Just ask yourself, as Rumi did, “Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?”

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Gary Z McGee

10 Signs You May Be Experiencing A Shift To A Higher Vibration

In today’s world, information and knowledge of certain profound and life-changing shifts has largely been suppressed by the education system and the mass media. These experiences are not yet commonplace, but are on the rise as more and more people awaken each year. These shifts can take the form of spiritual awakening or a shedding of a previous way of viewing reality. When an awakening like this occurs, many new senses and values may surface. Typically, a person believes that it is ‘normal’ to feel separate from other people, animals or nature. However, when one has an experience of shifting to a higher vibration, you may feel interconnected with everything – nature and the universe as a whole. You may also have a more profound connection with what it means to be alive and feel a calling to serve a deeper purpose in life. A new sensitivity to the world may result from having an experience like this. You might experience:

Discovering The Infinite Now

You may have the realization that the only “real” time is right now as the past and future may appear to be an illusion. When the Now opens up for you, a sense of freedom to do what you are truly passionate about may surface. You may realize that you can actively create your future in the present, and not wait for the future to happen unto you.



After awakening seemingly coincidental things may start occurring on a daily basis. This may take shape of seeing a particular time on the clock repeatedly (like 11:11 or 12:34). It may also appear that you are manifesting your reality into existence by thought alone. You may think of a person you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time and they may reach out to you that same day. You may think of a song and the next thing you know it is playing in the restaurant you are at. It may appear that the universe is leading you in a particular direction based on the timing of these events.

Prophetic Dreams And Mystical Experiences

Many of those who have undergone a recent spiritual transformation of some kind will often find themselves having mystical moments with nature, animals or other people. You may also experience prophetic dreams. This is when you have a dream of an event and a day or two later that event will happen. You may feel a sense of dejavu, or remembrance that this has happened already.

Feeling Isolated Or Not At Home On Planet Earth

When experiencing a shift to a higher vibration you may feel isolated in your newfound way of perceiving the world. Many around you will refute your claims of reality having a deeper, more symbolic meaning than that which meets the eye. You may feel like you are literally a soul from another world and that you do not belong here. However, this yearning for a different world is what is at the core of the most amazing and influential innovators and artists.

A Disinterest In Material Gains

After an awakening each experience had begins to hold more meaning than that obtaining any particular material item. What becomes important is not being rich, but being wealthy. Seeing the world, having a good time with friends and maintaining a healthy family relationship may begin to take priority to that of working to shop, and shopping to work.


Using Your Natural Gifts As Your Career

Upon awakening many people realize what it is they truly enjoy in life and what your natural skills and gifts are. Many find that having a natural aptitude for music, cooking or storytelling is a great gift that could be capitalized upon by focusing their energies into a creative and entrepreneurial pursuit that would be more in alignment with their true life’s purpose. You may feel that working for a large company to pay for food and bills is a waste of time, and that working for yourself would pay off a lot more.

Spending More Time Alone

You may experience an ultra-sensitivity to other people’s energies, which can in-turn drain your own. Spending more time meditating, exploring your creativity and connecting with nature will sound like a good idea. This can help better the relationship you have with yourself which will affect the way you interact with the world and other people.


Old Memories And Emotions Surface

A lot of people mistake a spiritual awakening for a blissful and ecstatic experience of enlightenment. However, during the spiritual journey many repressed memories or emotions may surface and cause a deeply felt pain or sorrow. Seeing the mistakes of the past in a new, egoless light may shock you and you may feel you have to make amends with those you have hurt and those who have hurt you. Remember to choose love over fear in these situations and to be gentle with yourself. This is a natural part of the shedding process.

Stopping Unproductive Habits

You may realize that your habitual behaviors will bring you down or hold you back. You may feel that you want to stay away from unproductive or toxic relationships or substances. When awakening to your true purpose you may feel that drugs, alcohol, bad food, abusive relationships, and too much time spent around technology can severely deplete your energy.
Many on the spiritual quest prefer to spend time around those who have a positive effect on them as well as to feed their body alkaline and nutrient-rich foods and to purify the body through exercise and alternative medicines.

A Sensitivity To Phones, Computers and TVs

Many who wake up may start to feel frequencies emitting from electronic devices, particularly those receiving a signal from a radio tower or satellite. You may feel an unpleasant sensation in your hands while holding your phone or typing on your laptop that you previously never felt before. This may be because you are more attuned to your energy body and you can feel the different energies and frequencies passing through the air around you. There is large debate as to whether or not these frequencies cause long-term damage but many people experiencing a shift to a higher vibration prefer to spend time away from all electronic devices to ground themselves to the Earth.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

This article was taken from Time Wheel. Original source is here