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How To Meet Your Spirit Guides – 7 Easy Steps To Make It Happen

Have you ever considered the possibility of someone watching over you? Guiding you every step of the way, day by day?

If you are not familiar with the term Spirit Guide, maybe is time to find out about your own guides. Would you like to meet them?

Here is a step by step tutorial to invite your guides into your life:

  1. Intention – Set an intention to meet your guides and to start  communicating with them; then find a quiet place to meditate.
  2. Protection – Protect yourself from any negative energies by invoking Archangel Michael and visualising his blue light of protection shining all over yourself and the space where you are. You can also use other protection methods like white sage or protection crystals.
  3. Clear your mind – Do a meditation and turn down the volume of your thoughts make sure you are totally relaxed and have a clear mind.
  4. Expand your energy field – Visualise yourself in a place and start expanding your energy from inward to outward, taking over the room and even beyond it. You can visualise a light in your solar plexus expanding continuously.
  5. Invitation – Call over your guides and ask them in, to blend their energy with yours. Ask them to show themselves to you.
  6. Communication – Ask questions and let them give you answers.  These can be written before the meditation starts or flow during it.
  7. Closing – Once finished, thank your guides for coming forward and call your soul to fully return back to your body. Be grateful for the experience.

A great way to start is by following this meditation below:

We wish you a great time blending with your guides. Remember intention is key.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with us write to us or comment below.

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Sabrina Santos

Clearing And Shielding With Archangel Michael

Highly sensitive people are prone to absorb energies from world situations and other people’s thoughts. This meditation helps you to work with the Beloved Archangel Michael to dissolve fear-based energies, so that you can be at peace and able to focus upon your Divine life mission.

Archangel Michael is a very powerful celestial being who helps us by letting go and shielding from lower energies that are fear based. He helps us to rise up to our highest levels to the power and the strength that is healing, that is compassionate, that is helpful.He helps us to step out in confidence on the path of our life’s purpose and he shows us the way. Archangel Michael is an unlimited being, he is a complete reflection of God’s omnipresence meaning he can be everywhere, everytime. He is like God, respectful of the Law of Free Will which says that you have free will to choose how to think, how to feel, how to act and so he won’t intervene without your permission and he awaits for us to call upon him now.

For more information on Archangel Michael, visit Angel Therapy page

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George Kleopas