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Guided Meditation: Chakra Clearing And Grounding

” The seven chakras when awakened cause a transformation of consciousness, and physical changes in the body. The body will experience ultimate health and the mind will posses a “Knowing” not of this world. An awakened chakra spins or turns, and the sensation can be felt in the body. Chakras is a Sanskrit word meaning, “wheels or disks of energy.”

The kundalini energy that travels through the seven chakras of the body is called prana. Prana is the vital life-force energy…the spark of life within us. Without prana, there is no life.

The visual rendering of the seven chakra symbols was achieved beyond the Earthly senses and came about as a knowing from realized people who had achieved balance in the main chakras.

Kundalini or Shakti energy is known in all shamanic cultures around the world as the “divinizing or spiritualizing energy” in a human being. It’s the dormant energy that rests at the base of the spine waiting for the chakras to align in harmony to awaken it.

When this awakening begins, the kundalini energy activates each of the seven chakras as they are ready. The movement starts at the Root Chakra. Awakening and a new higher levels of consciousness are achieved as this vital energy rises through the other chakras.

“Kundalini has come to mean seat of fire – with the Goddess burning her way through any blocks She finds.” Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith

Problems with the seven chakras individually or in conjunction show themselves through physical ailments within the body.

What causes the blockages in the seven chakras?

The causes could be memories buried deep within the subconscious mindfrom childhood trauma, abuse, a learned restrictive belief system, emotional injuries that haven’t been forgiven or just lack of attention can cause a chakra to shut down. Tension builds up at one of the chakras from repeated denial, guilt, repression and unfelt emotions. Eventually, everything is affected from posture, metabolism, breathing, and emotional state. Disease in the body is caused by chronically repeated blocked pranic energy.

These seven chakras hold all the good and bad thoughts, deeds, and actions you’ve committed in all of your souls lifetimes here on earth. It’s the repression of emotions that causes pain, suffering, and disease.

Accepting your rejected feelings…feeling them deeply  and forgiving are the keys to healing your soul and dis-ease. “

Read more here: The Seven Chakras and How to Clear Them for Extraordinary Health and Happiness

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The Science Behind Orgonite Technology: An Interview With Andrew Paradnik

A few months ago we had the privilege to meet Andrew Paradnik in the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London and we couldn’t resist asking him to give us an exclusive interview about Orgonites. Andrew is combining his knowledge of crystals grids with sacred geometry patterns and Orgonites to make functional art that not only cleanses the energy in your environment but also amplifies your intentions. While in the festival I was standing in a place, talking to somebody and I started feeling this energetic “buzz” like I was getting extremely high on energy. I thought somebody was doing and extreme session of Reiki on me, so I stayed with it. But the high was getting more and more intense and I started shaking! I had to turn around and see what was going on. I was surprised to find out that behind me was Andrew’s stall of amazing Orgonites and I could pick up the energy of those marvelous devices from a great distance (The positive thing about being and Empath hey?). The Orgonites called me…


A lot of rumors are out there about Orgonites in general and Andrew is a true master of the craft so he is the most appropriate person to answer all of the questions one might have.  The below information are directly from his website Orgonites Art.  So…

What is Orgone and Orgonite?

Orgone is another term for Chi, Qi, Prana, Life force. Every living being has a life force of it’s own which can be made visible through aura photography (Kirlian). This energy flows through our chakras, acupuncture points and meridians. Chi is subject to environmental influences such as pollution, emotions, electro-smog from electronic devices like microwave, mobile phones and WiFi which is why Orgonites are so helpful in today’s environment.

Orgonites are devices made from resin, metals and crystals. They absorb negative energy from our aura, personal energy field and surroundings attracting, accumulating and magnifying the Chi, the etheric positive life force energy. The crystals inside the orgonites capture negative energies and transmute these into positive energies creating balance and harmony in the environment.1.00

In the 1930’s and 40’s, a visionary scientist called Dr. Willhem Reich discovered that by layering organic and non-organic material one can accumulate Chi energy which he called Orgone. Reich found that there are two forms of energy, one he named ‘POR’ positive orgone and the other ‘DOR’ deadly orgone. DOR is a disturbed energy that’s generated by electrical machinery, radio towers, nuclear power plants etc. Reich’s orgone accumulators would attract both types of orgone energy indescriminately but he had no control over the output. He located his research lab in a rural area away from deadly orgone so he would not harm his patients, staff and himself with the accumulators. He had much success in treating people with illnesses and so called ‘incurable’ diseases with POR. Sadly Reich was discreddited by the FDA. Most of his work was destroyed and he was imprisoned.

It was later discovered by Don and Carol Croft that they could reproduce a similar orgone accumulator on a much smaller scale using catalyzed organic fibreglass resin with inorganic metal shavings poured into cake moulds. Additionally, they discovered that by adding small quartz crystals to the mixure it would transmute all orgone to a highly beneficial form (POR). Therfore we can say that orgonite with crystals is a continously operating power house that transmutes negatively charged Chi into positively charged Chi creating a pure and clean environment.
The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically. It is believed this is also what causes the orgonite to function so effectively as a positive energy generator.

This is how the first Orgonite was created. Nowadays, there are multiple ways of creating Orgone accumulating devices.

Andrew makes Orgonite Disks, Amulets, Pendulums…you name it!

Creating an Orgonite

Before I start building an orgonite I decide on which sacred geometry pattern to use. Then I decide a purpose of it, whether this disc will be used as a healing disc, an intention amplifier, grounding disc, ceremonial disc, entity removal disc etc.

According to that, I check which crystals will be the most appropriate. For bigger discs I choose a minimum of 3 separate crystal grids and then through dowsing I check if these crystals will amplify each other and work in harmony.

Andrew in the process of creating an Orgonite disc
Andrew in the process of creating an Orgonite disc.

As a meditator and shamanic practitioner for almost two decades, I go into a meditative state and consult with my guides about how to create and structure the piece I am working on. Only then can I start to work on the orgonite. Starting with the sacred geometry, then the crystals and then all the remaining parts of the disc and finishing off with the 50:50% mix of metals and resin. The discs are built upside down so we never know the final result until the last day of creation. It is the most exciting thing to finally pop it out of the mould and seeing the final result!


 Some of the orgonites have special inclusions like sacred objects, essential oils, shamanic medicines, flower, dolphin and whales essences.

 When making customised pieces, I tune into the energy of the receiver and build the orgonite according to the information that I receive from this person. We can build the orgonites with your numerology, your zodiac sign, your preferred choice of colours and crystals. I am happy to discuss and advise your particular requirements. It is always a great pleasure to work in collaboration with customers as these pieces usually turn out to be the most beautiful.

You may have noticed that I rarely make pyramid shapes. This is due to the fact that pyramid shaped orgonites channel the energy upwards. Pyramids or cones function like funnels for the energy where as our orgonites focus on creating a harmonized field of energy in your entire surroundings, not concentrated only in one spot e.g. upwards. I prefer to create pieces that distribute the energy spherical or sideways like my orgone generator discs. We do however, create special spiritual tools that use different type of shapes like pendulums and wands.

Sacred Geometry

The Flower Of Life

Everything in the universe is geometric whether it’s people, trees, planets, solar systems, stars, atoms etc. And everything can be measured on a geometric scale. It is important to note that creation and evolution follow a pattern of geometry. At the heart of sacred geometry, we have The Flower of Life which over the millenia has been found with almost all cultures around the world. The term sacred geometry explains the geometrical principles which create everything in existence. It explains the laws of the mind, the spirit, matter, sound and the heart. Everything in nature is made up of patterns and structures from the microcosm to the macrocosm and each of these patterns reveals to us the nature of the object and it’s energetic vibration. Sacred geometry deals with ratios like phi (golden ratio), Pi, Fibonacci sequence, the Platonic solids and many more. It can be found in temples, sacred structures, churches and mosques, alters, religious art and religious symbols.

Nautilus Shell
Nautilus Shell

Sacred geometry can be summarized as an understanding of pattern recognition. According to this view, these patterns of existence have been perceived over the ages as sacred and by observing these patterns and contemplating upon them, one can get greater insight into the mysteries and laws of the universe. All forms and shapes in nature grow according to the patterns of sacred geometry. In some it’s easier to see like the nautilus shell or in the hexagonal cells of beehives. It is often found in art and architecture especially when looking at traditional cultures such as the Egyptians, Greek and Roman architecture. Medieval cathedrals and in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual teachings in the form of mandalas and yantras.


The most common shapes in sacred geometry are the Flower of Life, the Yin and Yang, Metatron’s Cube, Star Tetrahedron (Merkabah), Platonic Solids, Seed of Life, Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and the Fruit of Life. You can find all of these incorporated in to our orgonites.

We have found that Sacred Geometry not only amplifies the power output of the orgonite, it also balances the chakras, harmonises your field and brings a greater sense of wellbeing and stability.

On a grander scheme of things, personally we use the sacred geometry that is built onto the orgonites to transform the energy (POR) into a hologram in the informational field to manifest our programmed intentions. Simply put, it accelerates and amplifies our intentions.

For a greater understanding of sacred geometry we highly recommend the works of Juliet and Jiva Carter ‘The Template’ and Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’.


At Orgonites Art it is really important to us to treat crystals with all the respect that they deserve. Quite often, crystals are excavated via the method of rock blasting which is traumatic to the crystals as they are living, growing beings with spirit.

When we acquire new crystals we ensure that they are rehabilitated! Our crystals go through several stages before they are placed into the orgonites:

Sunbathing, Reiki healing, saging, laser clearing, sound bath and shamanic clearing. Finally, when they are placed into the orgonites, we test whether those particular crystals will work in harmony together by dowsing or testing with kinesiology.

You can read more about crystals and their uses on Andrew’s website, provided below.

Basically having an Orgonite table, charges, cleanses, purifies anything you put on it right?


So here are Andrew’s interviews where he explains the art of creating energy devices and how did he come to work with energy in the first place. He is very thorough and leaves no question unanswered as you will find out. Enjoy! 🙂

The size of an Orgonite varies...as you can see
The size of an Orgonite varies…as you can see

You can reach Andrew in his website, Facebook page and Etsy Shop:

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George Kleopas

How To Rid The World Of Negative Energy With Orgonite

Negative energy can be balanced by learning how it interacts with metals and other polarized ions. Understanding the duality of energy will unlock the secret of healing with Orgonite.

First things first, what is Orgone?

Orgone is also known as prana, ki, chi, mana, or universal energy. It is dualistic based energy that can be viewed in a positive/negative perspective or view point. I find it confusing to give energy so many names. There are many cultures, especially the ancient ones, that use these same concepts.

The late Dolores Cannon said this about Orgone:

One of the greatest lessons we can learn here on earth, is the manipulation of energy”, and “Wilhelm Reich described Orgone as being universally present”.

Orgone Pyramid
Orgone Pyramid

Orgone energy is (life force) originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich. However he did not get to finalize his concept, and after his death in (1957) his student Charles Kelly finished what he started.

Orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe. Orgone was seen as a mass-less, omnipresent substance, but more closely associated with living energy than inert matter. Orgone in itself is what is behind all of creation; it exists everywhere in and around us. Orgone energy resonates at 7.83 cycles per second, which is the same as the base Schumann Resonance or Earth’s heartbeat.

Reich’s theories were based on how constrictions in the body were the underlining cause of many diseases including cancer. It has been said that ninety percent of all disease is associated with negative energy.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite can be described as a type of free energy device or energy accumulator.

The idea is based off a 50/50 ratio of both organic and inorganic materials. These devices are not like the old Orgone accumulators, which only harnessed Orgone energy both positive and negative, basically without a filter.  Orgonite works continuously to transmute or process negative Orgone energy or other energies into positive form only.

What a basic Orgonite looks like on a side view
What a basic Orgonite looks like on a side view

By combining inorganic resin with different types of metal or minerals it tends to create a magnetic effect which harnesses this energy.

Metals are conductors of energy. Even the human body works in the same fashion; metal supplements like (Nano silver or gold) have wonderful effects on the bodies.

These conductors make for a stronger connection of life force within the body. Orgonite pyramids, for example, have the capacity to mimic the frequency and or vibration of the earth’s ley lines which range from six meters long.

The original design of Orgone Accumulator
The original design of Orgone Accumulator

Orgonite emits negative ions which charge and bind together with positive ions and brings about balance in and around whatever area they are placed. Everything is energy, and one can see the effect of positive Orgone energy and it could have on the world. Orgonite has the ability to collect and transmute negative orgone energy or negative etheric energy.


Health benefits of negative ions

In most cases the majority of negative ions accumulate after a storm. Negative ions have long been associated with improvements in mood and physical wellbeing. Fruits and vegetables are what is called living food, so they are affected by these ions as well. For example, one can imagine the difference in the taste of a banana that has been near a piece of orgonite for a period of time opposed to one that had not.

Everything has a counterpart, and negative is attracted to positive. This simple understanding can rid the world of all negative energy and force into balance.

Positive ions are dense (electronic smog, negative ELF waves, electromagnetic radiation), and some of these examples are:

Aluminum – Al+3
Ammonium – NH4+1
Barium – Ba+2
Bismuth – Bi3+
Cadmium – Cd2+
Calcium – Ca+2
Cesium – Cs+
Chromium (III) – Cr+3
Cobalt – Co+2
Copper (I) – Cu+1
Copper (II) – Cu+2
Hydrogen – H+1
Iron (II) – Fe+2
Iron (III) – Fe+3
Lead (II) – Pb+2
Lithium – Li+1
Magnesium – Mg+2
Mercury (I) – Hg2+2
Mercury (II) – Hg+2
Nickel – Ni+2
Potassium – K+1
Rubidium – Rb+
Silver – Ag+1
Sodium – Na+1
Strontium – Sr+2
Tin (II) – Sn+2
Zinc – Zn+2

Sodium is another name for table salt, for example, which you may have on your dinner table. Mercury is found in thermometers and in vaccines and dental anagram fillings. Aluminum is a metal that is found in a surprising amount of things; you may find, for example, that aluminum is even an ingredient in baking soda and in certain other food products.

Examples of negative ions are:

Acetate – C2H3O2-1
Bicarbonate – HCO3-1
Bromide – Br-1
Carbonate – CO3-2
Chlorate – ClO3-1
Chloride – Cl-1
Chromate – CrO4-2
Dichromate – Cr2O7-2
Dihydrogen phosphate – H2PO4-1
Fluoride – F-1
Hydrogen phosphate – HPO4-2
Hydrogen sulfate – HSO4-1
Hydroxide – OH-1
Iodide – I-1
Nitrate – NO3-1
Nitride – N-3
Nitrite – NO2-1
Oxide – O-2
Permanganate – MnO4-1
Peroxide – O2-2
Phosphate – PO4-3
Sulfate – SO4-2
Sulfide – S-2
Sulfite – SO3-2
Thiocyanate – SCN-1
Thiosulfate – S2O

Fluoride is listed here as a negative ion although this is the natural occurring fluoride that is generated from the earth. It is not the same as what is added to our water or in some of the various toothpastes.

Reich discovered that when non organic (metal) and organic material (wood or cotton usually) are mixed together in layers it would act as a magnet to this energy. He developed big boxes of these mixtures of non-organic layers (metal sheets) and organic layers (wood) and placed his patients inside where they would receive high amounts of this Orgone life force in their bodies. Reich patients were cured of different illnesses including high advanced stages of cancer.

Orgonite is something that you can make yourself and is a creative healing tool, and can also be worn as jewelry. Charging your food with Orgonite will benefit your body and allow you to take in the ions that will promote wellbeing.

Here is a video on how to make your own orgonite:

About the author:
Jamie Crume is the webmaster of EverythingIsMetaphysical.com and is a spiritual counselor and information analyst. Jamie can be found on Facebook and his website has a Facebook page as well. Jamie has also created Orgonite pieces of his own.

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This article was taken from In5D. Original Source is here