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Guided Relationship Healing Meditation

” Guided Relationship Healing Meditation to attract love and heal, repair, fix and strengthen relationships! This meditation may also help you to find forgiveness and release and let go of people from the past. “

This guided meditation facilitates the healing of relationships. The theme of relationships has been coming up for many people, therefore I’m sure this meditation will either help bring you clarity or help you release out of your psyche that which no longer serves you in terms of relationships.

You can do this meditation as often as you can.


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Guided Meditation: Letting Go & Welcoming New Beginnings

If lately we have been guided to take more time for ourselves, go within more often and focus on inner work, from now we’re going to kick it up a notch. That doesn’t mean there won’t be inner work involved, but the energies will shake things up a little bit in the outer as we move forward internally, which is why it is necessary to surrender to the flow and just embrace the changes that are happening. These changes are aligned with our highest good, eventhough at times it might look like the opposite to our minds. If you can manage to quiet the mind and connect deeper within, you will know it is so and integrate that in all your present moments.

That is why I have found this wonderful meditation to assist with the removal of blockages that keep us from moving forward and the surrender of all resistance. Through meditations like this one we can make sure that we are consciously flowing with the changes and we are energetically, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally ready to do so. Sometimes, unconsciously, changes make us uncomfortable on many levels and that comes mostly from resisting them, which is why we have to become aware of the root of that resistance and shift from there. When we embrace, allow and surrender, we naturally enjoy all the changes as we’re supposed to. They are to be celebrated! Rejoice:

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