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Documentary: The 50 Universal Laws – Life Altering Concepts

This documentary presents 50 universal laws that can help us live and create our lives in a way that benefits us most. As always use your discernment. Sometimes things are not so black and white, but grey. Same as with some well known laws. Some may be outdated or no longer valid in the moment we live in now.

” A one-hour exploration of the 50 Primary Universal Laws.
The Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws. When you work with the laws, you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed, you can be assured of suffering, whose only purpose is to teach you a better way. The awareness of this MP3 is actually a complete metaphysical system. An awareness of these universal laws can be powerful self-help, or the basis of counseling your family, friends or clients.

Examples: 1. Law of Harmony, 8. Law of Free Will, 18. Law of Magnetic Affinitites, 20. Law of Divine Order, 27. Law of Fearful Confrontation, 31. Law of Denial, 36. Law of Dominant Desire, 37 Law of Duality, 45. Law of Belief, 47. Law of Purifying Action, 50. Law of Ritual. 39 More, and all with full explanations. “


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