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The Cycles Of Venus & Sacred Initiations

On the 25th of July Venus will go retrograde in the sign of Leo, until the 6th of September. Venus has been a huge change-bringer in the evolution of our planet, not only through the interconnectedness between them, but also Venus’s inhabitants who have been facilitating, seeding and overlooking life on Earth for a long time now. Astrologically, we know what it usually means: love and finances. Yes, but what’s the deeper meaning of Venus Retrograde ?

In this video, Polona Aurea Dawn touches on the deeper influences of Venus retrograde in the sign of Leo and the initiations of the current ascension “waves”.

” Venus goes retrograde this July, and then she will begin her new cycle as she begins to rise as a morning Star in the archetype of Leo! There is so much going on behind the scenes Now and all of us are currently being “squeezed” in some way, which means that things are coming up. It’s just one of those times, as we let go so much in order to embrace this new Venusian cycle of embracing our Divine Royalty! The more we allow Divine Love to squeeze all that we are not out of us, the more we will continue to embrace Joy and Bliss. This is not always the easiest thing to do! Every Cosmic Master in training will constantly be asking themselves: “Okay, I know this Now … so how do I come into embodying it?” This is where no advice will ever suffice, because we truly do master ourselves from within. – Polona Aurea Dawn

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