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Getting Ready For Christmas, Yoga Kriya To Open Your Heart

We all know Christmas is a special time of the year. The celebration of Christ Consciousness  is very strong and present all over the world  in this period of renewal; consciously or unconsciously the whole planet is affected by the golden light of Christ, coming in to touch our souls and open our hearts.

To tune into this energy there are many ways you can consciously open and connect yourself to it. One easy way  to combine healthy habits for the body and mind, is Kundalini Yoga.

Here you can practice opening your heart and getting ready for Christmas to stay in tune with your heart and open to the universal love of creation.

Watch this Video and practice this very easy kriya you can also chant along if you feel inspired . the mantra is Sat Kartar.

Meditation can change your inner state and you can create from a place of love and truth.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

11/11 Gateway – Anchoring  5th Dimensional Energies Into Your Core

It’s November and what a year this has been. So much light being showered into the planet and some of us have been overwhelmed with the energies. So much Growth, Challenges , Light , so much Love!

To assist with this transformation the Power Within Us is inviting you to join us on the 11/11/2015 at 11:11 am PST  (time at Mount Shasta State of California USA) for 11 minutes.

We want to offer you assistance and connectivity, our intention is that you can anchor these energies into your core, facilitating your ascension and growth process. We want you to take full advantage of this Gateway and healing energies.

I’ve been given very direct guidance into this healing/light transmission and I will be channelling healing energy while in Mount Shasta, using the etheric field and vortex power of the mountain to anchor this energies on earth.

The healing will be taking place regardless of your concious awareness or not (that is happening automatically by the portal opened on the 11/11) , however the Ascended Masters and higher beings wanted to invite you to tune in consciously into this transmission allowing you to feel those energies of unconditional love flooding into your core.

It’s a humble invitation and all you have to do is to sit with your eyes closed for 11 min at 11:11 am (of course you can sit still longer than that if you feel guided to do so).  This would be 7:11 pm GMT (London time).

To prepare for this please set your intentions and focus, allowing you to receive the highest frequencies available to you and asking them to be anchored into all your body systems.

If you don’t resonate with the word healing think of this as positive thinking and power of manifestation linked to your highest intentions for good , love and joy.

I’d also recommend you to consciously focus into your heart centre during this attunement and see it opening to this energies allowing it to flood your whole being.  You can also visualise yourself placed into a Golden Merkaba of light (six pointed start – view image below).

visualise yourself into a Golden Merkaba in the beginning of the transmission

“We want you to experience your own divinity , this is our intention.We want you to be able to experience more of your true essence, allowing you to be aware of your inner connection with the divine. This connection is always available to you and it is by intention you will be allowed to experience it into your daily life; bringing Heaven on Earth , living in alignment with your inner truth. Remember who you are dear one, you are love as for love is all there is.” _   Lord Melchizedek  (Channelled message).

I hope you can make to this attunement , please feel in your heart if that is something you wish to experience consciously. Also feel free to share your experiences with us by commenting under this article.

To tune in you can simply set your intentions and sit down at the time of  the attunement, close your eyes , but also feel free to send us a message with your name and the name of anyone you wish to send healing to. You can simply message us or send us an email with the names to info@thepowerwithinus.co.uk .

Many Blessings to all of you and Thanks for reading.

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos


Twin Flame Separation – Running From Self, Facing Fears, Healing And Transmuting Energy

So, it has been a little while since my last article about twin flames: Twin Flame Connection- What Happens When You Meet Your Counterpart In The Physical Reality. It was such a crazy intense adventure that I’m still processing what the hell happened. In fact, I’m still processing and understanding what is happening right now. It is not easy to put into words this kind of experience, because it is not logical, it does not make sense, and many people don’t understand it. In fact it would be a big pretention of mine if I claimed I understood it fully, because I don’t.

However, I have been experiencing it, and I have had the fastest growth in my life so far through it. I’m not talking about pain; I’m talking about growth about inspiration and desire to know myself, to find out my truth. I guess that’s the most beautiful thing that happens when you meet your Twin Flame, your Twin Soul. This union allows you to go within to start getting in touch with your heart with the essence of who you truly are.

Speaking of the Running Process:

I wanted to talk about the running process and how it has manifested into my experience with the Twin Flame connection. So, apparently what happens is if both twins are not ready for the reunion, not fully aligned, one of them will run. This is a very paradoxical thing, because this rejection can only happen if there is rejection  in the twin they are running from. It works like polarities. As long as one is fully balanced and harmonised, the other one should not have the crazy need to run. But it is not that practical. There isn’t much of a rule; every case is different.

For the Twin Union to happen in this physical reality the polarities must be balanced.

What I have noticed in both sides of my Twin Flame connection is the discomfort, even though from the first time I heard him saying he loved me, and when we both started having feelings for each other, everything was magical and perfect. However, the closer it got for us to reconnect in the physical reality, the bigger the discomfort grew.

It grew because I was forced to look within myself and review, acknowledge and accept every single aspect of myself – and yes maybe I was ready for it (of course I was, or else this opportunity would not have happened). I did feel that I was not ready, that I was not doing it willingly, and it was the freaking hardest thing I have ever done. At times, it felt like pure madness. I had this intense need to run as fast as I could, but I just could not make it. Instead, I kept getting pushed closer and closer to him. It is like a magnetic pull. I can’t run, but I don’t like to stay in it either. At least I had the awareness of the whole situation to be able to observe what was truly happening.

It’s very uncomfortable being near him. Although I love him completely and accept him the way he is, even when I can see the beauty of his soul and the transparency of his humanity, independently of how he acts, I still can’t help  but to feel this discomfort near him. He triggers me and I trigger him; it is impossible not to. Even when he is nice and loving, I still feel anger, sadness and other lower vibrational feelings towards him.

What is this teaching me? Who am I really running from? What am I rejecting here?

The answer is very simple; I’m running from the truth, I am running from myself!


 I don’t want to look within, I don’t want to understand why I have been acting this way. Or why the triggers kept setting up this atomic reaction of discomfort inside.

See, on a rational level it is very silly; I know he is a nice person, talented etc. Okay, he has faults like everyone does. The fact is he is not good nor bad. On a practical and very rational level, there should be no reason why I feel so challenged by his presence. Yet that’s not how it turns out to be.

The Twin Flame connection brings up all sorts of karmic issues for healing. It will lead you to go into a journey of Self Love and Self-understanding. In my case, it is really allowing me to find my true powers within myself. I’m learning about who I am and how to be free from any discomfort from any situation.

It’s a very big gift in disguise; I’m learning how to be totally comfortable in my own skin without the need to run from anything or anyone. I’m facing my life choices up to this point and empowering myself – acknowledging my reality has been a product of my choosing, and my learning process. I’m choosing how this reality will manifest in a way that’s aligned with my inner truth and with my soul.

Once I truly understand this, once I let go of this identity I have been invested in, once I learn about myself and fully love and accept myself, there will be no wanting to run, no discomfort, and no one will have this power over myself.

A divine connection can never be broken – trust the process and go within.

And the truth is simple: no matter how much I love him or want to be connected with him, it doesn’t matter. This connection is divine and it cannot be broken. What matters is that I need to love and master myself, accept myself, and set myself free from the only thing capable of truly imprisoning me: Myself.

So my advice for those in this process is to truly let go, and to trust that whatever the outcome is, it will be perfect. Things are changing daily, there is so much happening on earth and if you are meant to be reunited with your twin flame in the physical reality fully and harmoniously,  if you are meant to work together in your divine connection, it will happen. But it will only happen when you let go and truly love yourself unconditionally.

Trust in the divine. It’s all happening perfectly, in the exact way it is meant to,  surrender to Love. And remember: you have the power to choose and to manifest what your heart desires.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

“Love and compassion are necessities. They are not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”_ Dalai Lama

When it comes to being compassionate it hurts me to think that our race has yet to master this act. The act of being compassionate is part of us as a species and it’s too part of what makes us human;
beings that have such deep empathy that  we can feel others pain or joy, being able to truly connect with others as a race by sharing the same feelings and ideals. However,  flowing from love and compassion  is still not embodied or practiced  in our daily lives or society.

So the question here is: why are we not practising such fundamental acts and enriching it throughout our lives ? Why isn’t society capable of seeing its huge importance to our future and evolution as human beings, that love and compassion are part of who we are and the change we wish to see in the world will only come when we start actively practising it as a way of being.

Luckily, at this stage and time around the world, we have many humans aware of this necessity and have started providing effective solutions to enable people to develop more compassionate ways of being.

Concern – trained responders who use compassion, communication, and non-violent conflict resolution

Concrn , a company based in  San Francisco California, has as its main goal  to incorporate Compassionate Response with its core values of community, involvement, support and empathy.  Which means Concrn supports community members who can join forces and take action, helping its community in a more conscious and compassionate way, through their free app , as well as providing support and training for those who wish to develop a more compassionate way of interacting with the community itself.  Concrn has created a social service network bridging individuals with emotional, traumatic, and wellness crises with trained civilian responders. Ready access to preventive community-based response reduces strain on 911 and law enforcement resources and helps mitigate crises. At the same time, they support law enforcers with training and sponsor officers valuing their mental health and providing courses, so they can develop a more compassionate way of functioning.

Concrn has come together  to sponsor  creative artist and writer, Lakiba Pittman, who will be hosting an 8 week course on Compassion Cultivation Training, starting this Monday the 13th of August 2015 , from 6pm to 8pm (PDT). Finishing on the 31st of August.

Lakiba Pittman, author of Bread Crumbs From The Soul

In addition to being a Poet, Writer, Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Performer, Ms. Pittman is dedicated to connecting communities through compassion, culture and creativity with a focus on building authentic selves, authentic relationships and authentic communities; Adept at working with diverse cultures and helping others to do so; mentoring and inspiring children, youth and young adults – coaching for success and in building self esteem and overcoming life’s hurdles and challenges. Inspired by 10+ years as a meditator, she is dedicated to helping others be more spiritually, mentally and physically in tune, aware and connected

The course – Compassion Cultivating Training – combines traditional contemplative practices with contemporary psychology and scientific research to help you lead a more compassionate life. Through instruction, daily meditation, mindfulness, and in-class interaction, you can strengthen the qualities of compassion, empathy, and kindness.Learn how to train your mind to intentionally choose compassionate thoughts and actions and develop skills that help you relate to others—and yourself.


In this course, individuals will learn how to:

  • Increase kindness and compassion for themselves and others
  • Develop profound levels of serenity, resilience, and creativity
  • Calm the mind and direct thoughts more positively
  • Sharpen their ability to focus and pay attention
  • Access a variety of self-care skills and techniques

The resulting benefits are:

  • Enhanced ability to feel compassion for oneself and others
  • Increased calmness and ability to handle stressful situations
  • Better engagement and communication in relationships
  • Self-evaluation and mindfulness when feeling overwhelmed
  • Increased job satisfaction and decreased job overwhelm
  • A more pleasurable, nurturing life at home or with family

If you like to know more about the classes please visit:

For more about Concrn visit : www.concrn.com

If you wish to get in touch with Organisers email:
lakiba@sbcglobal.net or info@concrn.com

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light ,

Sabrina Santos

The Power Of A Broken Heart – Letting The Light Shine

Having a broken heart can be a powerful tool for self work.

A broken heart that’s cracked open, that has seen from the brightest lights to the darkest shadows. A heart that knows there is no point in closing because the beauty of living with an open heart is incomparable to anything else.

Seeing things with our heart, with the eyes of the soul, is no joke. An open heart can take you to the realms of the angels; it can connect you to pure source divine energy, it can teleport you into various galaxies beyond physical or time laws. Most importantly, the inner light of an open heart can shine brightly and light up others. It can connect you to everything. It allows you to feel the beauty in all forms of creation, with no exception. It gives you perspective and insight to acknowledge the universal truth of oneness.

When your heart is truly open, you are no longer a slave to your emotions. You are able to feel them without having to attach them to anyone, you take responsibility for your feelings and understand that you are not them. You are far greater than that; you are part of a universal power whom chose to experience those to expand and grow, to transcend, so you follow the wisdom of your heart, trusting in the unknown. Being able to feel with your fearless heart, being able to absorb any darkness because your light is so great that it can light up anything.. it can transmute with the power of love and vulnerability.

Think about this, when you are no longer a victim of your emotions, you can see beyond them. You can understand why they are rising, you can face the uncomfortable feelings they bring, and you can transcend them because you chose so. At the same time, you can be gentle with yourself and if you get trapped in negative patterns you can forgive yourself and choose again to be your best, choose to the best ever version of you and re-present it to the world with no shame.


When your heart is wide, open tears will flow. When your heart is touched, flushes of energy will feel it and explode outwardly into light, healing the planet and everything around you, radiating it with love and light.

For those who speak from a completely open heart, their world will be filled with truth and carry a frequency of enlightenment that floats into the heart of others, creating this ripple effect, arousing the light in their own hearts to sparkle. The light will keep shining, and slowly but surely it will create an unstoppable atomic reaction; because an open heart can inspire other hearts to open. Hearts are addicted to light; once they taste divine light they want to give more and more, because they start emanating it.

So fear no more, let your heart break open and flow from it. From joy, from love, and be joy be love. Be your heart!

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos 


A Message Of Love And Support: The New World Is Beginning – Light Transmission

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”_ Sufi Proverb

A new world is rising. Fire is burning. The fire of the soul. The fire that needs no explaining, the fire of consciousness, the fire of love.

The dream starts becoming reality and is unstoppable and limitless, because it comes from the depths of the heart. We are being called. We are being awakened.

There will be no space for limitations; no space for old heartless actions. The New World is alive and it’s revealing itself. The rainbow warriors are going to war, war of love, and covering the planet with it. There is no space for anything else in their hearts because they are governed by it, by pure Love.

This transition is happening right now and even though it might take another 20 years for the massive changes to be in place, we are already creating, supporting and nurturing this new reality.

The inspiration is in the air, there is no stopping this cosmic force and energetic wave. We just have to surrender to the order of the all.

Overwhelming? Yes it is. But how wonderfully amazing at the same time.

You are the light of the New World, Let it shine from your heart!

If you are aware of the New Order you know in your heart and you can feel the fire burning right now reading these words. Something is calling you right in your soul to find out what you are here to do, and how you are going to support the New Era.

Many of us are experiencing the crisis and falling apart only to be rebuilt in the new shape needed of us to live in accordance to the new.

There isn’t really much we can do, apart from surrender to the light of the soul, pick up our swords, and launch into the greater battle. There is no greater sword than kindness, love and compassion. It’s time to arm ourselves with divine truth, share the infinite love from our hearts, and raise the world’s vibration.

Be brave, because you are called into this battle. You are called to give unconditional love to the world, to be compassionate to the ones who are blind to love, to be kind to the ones who hurt because they lack love. So be the rainbow and shower everything with love. Flow from love, it’s a brave act to renounce ego and to embrace love.

Call upon the power within you for divine guidance, submerge into the light and continue the change and daily evolution. Find in your rebirth a way of becoming your true self and a greater self than you were yesterday.  Lead by example of living in your truth and being love itself.

Be brave, be you, and be the light.

Stay strong and stay in tune.

Connect to your heart daily and to the wisdom of the heart.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

Inside All Of Us Is A Wild Thing: Reuniting Nature And The Human Heart

“We are all as much extraordinary phenomena of nature as trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the flickering of fire, the arrangement of the stars, and the form of a galaxy.” –Alan Watts

Let’s admit it: the daily grind is an excruciatingly obnoxious bore. It’s a pain in the “you only live once” ass. It’s a major drag when you’re trying to live life to the nth degree. Sure, we all know perfectly well that we need to keep on grinding the hours at the old J.O.B. in order to keep the man-machine churning: to keep gas in our tanks, food in our kid’s bellies, and entertainment in our heads, but sweet ungodly goddess! There has got to be a way to break away from it all other than stiff-arming the boss, or burning the timestamp card, or taking our printers to the desert and bashing them to hell Office Space style. There’s got to be a healthier escape other than myopia-ridden television and high-school-esc Facebook. Doesn’t there?

Escaping to our core,inner reality

There is. And it’s the greatest thing ever. But it will take courage. It will take surrender. It will take deep vulnerability. It will take being fully present. It will take being alone, truly alone.

The problem is we’re always trying to do too much at once. Especially when it comes to getting healthier. We’re constantly putting the cart in front of the horse, and then we wonder why the horse won’t go anywhere. So we give up. Too soon, we give up. And then it’s back to the daily grind, where we’re forced to grind our spirit into minced-soul. All for an illusory, cartoon-in-the-brain, abstraction of an abstraction, made-out-of-thin-air, lousy buck.

The key is to start small. Start with your heart. Yeah, that tiny redball of hungry fire in your chest trapped behind the prison of your ribs that you probably haven’t considered in a long time. Start there. Find a quiet space. Meditate on your heart. Feel it. Really feel it. Feel the rhythm. Then listen. Listen deeply, hungrily, like what it has to say is going to save your life, because it will. Like what it has to say is the last drop of precious water on this earth, because, as far as you’re concerned, it is.

Connect to your heart it will save your life

“The way to maintain one’s connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Then dare to have a discussion. The heart is more than pulse and rhythm. It speaks a language older than words. It speaks the same language as the cosmos. It speaks in the same sacred dialect as the trees, as the ocean, as thunder. Find that quiet space every day, even if only for a few precious minutes. Meditate. Be so present in those few minutes that your heart has no choice but to divulge its secrets.

But, heart-opener beware, it won’t all be soft whispers and soothing murmurs. There will be primordial howls. There will be primeval wails. There will be existential angst. A cracked open heart is multifarious, manifold with both dark and light mysteries. Some of which only nature can translate. Which means eventually we’ll have to get away. Eventually, even our sacred space at home won’t be big enough for our heart’s exploration. The call of the wild is on the wind. The call to adventure is at hand. We have a terribly important decision to make: get busy liberating the heart, or continue imprisoning it.

Again the secret is to start small. Take a day off and explore a nearby wood, desert, beach, mountain, away from the things of man. Go alone. Solitude is extremely important! Go with your heart on your sleeve, like the pulsing red compass that it is. Let it lead the way into the wild. Discover a sacred place: a place that calls to you, pulls your soul toward it, beckons you to rest. Then fully devote yourself to that place. Be fully present. Integrate mind, body and soul. Get intimately involved with yourself as world, and the world as yourself. Meditate in the moment. Feel, taste, hear, smell, and perceive it all in the here-and-now, and then let it all go with a deep, sacred release of your breath. Then listen with the ears of your soul.

Listen with the ears of your soul

Your heart will buckle with the sudden jolt of connection. As years and years of nature deprivation slide away like too-thick layers of skin, your soul will emerge despite your ego, vibrating at a frequency you’ve never felt before. Be there with that frequency. It’s the music of all things. Harmonize with it by fully embracing the absolute wisdom of your hearts connection to Cosmos. There is no better compass. There is no finer teleprompter. Not even Google can rival the search engine of your heart. Use it to the nth degree while in this sacred place. Practice asking soul-centric, as opposed to ego-centric, questions about life.

There will be many enemies on the path toward the reunion of your heart with the wild, but they will all be yourself. They will take the guise of fear, grief, denial, discomfort, and cognitive dissonance. They are defeated by practicing courage, love, curiosity, adventure, and self-interrogation. Have the courage to be vulnerable. Fall in love again with always being in love, like when you were a child. Dive into wonder and awe and inquisitive passion. Look at all things, even setbacks, as an adventure. Question yourself and all things to the nth degree.

Up the ante. Rewild yourself twice a week. Three times a week. Take full-on vacations of meditation and solitude. Keep practicing. Keep meditating. Keep showing up. Keep being fully engaged, fully present. Keep daring yourself to be vulnerable. Bear witness as years and years of cultural conditioning slide off like an outdated snakeskin. Observe as your nature deprivation is transformed into nature revitalization; as your heart grows and grows, magnanimous and appreciative of its freedom; as your comfort zone stretches more and more until it subsumes your sacred place, all of nature, the world, the universe, until one day you realize that you are no longer just a lonely speck in the universe, you are the entire universe inside a lonely speck. And suddenly you are not so alone. You discover, amazingly, counterintuitively, that it’s only when you’re alone, that you realize you are never alone.

In deep solitude you will find you are never alone

But soul-opener beware! It won’t all be rainbow bridges and divine connections. There will be unresolved demons to wrestle with, and suppressed shadows to self-actualize. There will be buckling abysses and bent roads with impossible forks. There will be a plethora of existential blackholes to outmaneuver. The way forward will sometimes be the darkest darkness you can’t even fathom. But it will be worth it, for your heart will have been freed. Your heart will have survived the terrible annihilation within the cocoon. It will have cracked the carapace of comfort, stretched all boundaries into horizons, and transcended the hyper-reality of the Matrix. You will have become a force to be reckoned with: your authentic, natural, genuine, wild, vulnerable, courageous, individuated and self-actualized heart holds all the answers toward healthy transformation.You have only to genuinely ask it.

Or you can just keep doing what you’re doing. Going through the motions of conserving the daily grind of the cultural clock like a good little cog. Maintaining the unsustainable chessboard like a good little pawn. Preserving the dog-eat-dog monetary system like a good little debt slave. Being codependent upon an unhealthy state of human governance that calls itself democracy but is secretly a plutocracy. Holding up the untenable man-machine with its impossible mechanizations and intractable propensity to transform you into a thing that loves money and uses people, instead of a person who loves people and uses things.

Are you a thing that loves money and uses people?

The fork in the road is now. The existential crossroads is on fire, waiting for the water of your decision to extinguish it. Get busy liberating the heart, or continue imprisoning it. You are the prisoner, the warden and the executioner. You hold the key. The choice is yours. Just ask yourself, as Rumi did, “Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?”

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Gary Z McGee

Do You Love The Woman In You?

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”– Buddha

Sometimes I wonder if everything I do is truly for me. The way I dress, the way I talk, the way I behave, down to the make-up I put on my face. Am I doing it for myself? Or am I doing it for others?

Being true to myself is very new territory for me. Not that I didn’t stand up for my own beliefs and things I am passionate about. I always have, but the new me, the me I’m just starting to get to know has a whole different way to deal with things. To feel situations and to listen to what my soul says then take action, that’s something I’m still getting used to.

The first step is to love and truly accept who you are and be fine with who you truly are. Good or bad, take it all and contemplate what makes you who you are; start investigating who the real YOU is. Not the you everyone thinks you are or wants you to be. But the one not even you know is there, waiting to come out and shine.

Woman are pushed around to look perfectly beautiful, to fit in the world’s beauty standards. They are judged immediately by the way the look and dress; taken advantage by the cosmetic industry which sells products toxic to skin, creating a vicious cycle of demand.

This inspiring video made me again re-think of how many times I’ve worried about the perception of the”me” others would have, and how many times I betrayed myself, or not even acknowledged my own wishes and truths.

Step into yourself, be the beautiful being you are. Let your light shine. You are perfect, you are amazing you are everything, you are the universe, you are God the creator.

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

An Introduction To The Heart Chakra

There are seven main chakras in your body. These are energy systems that help run your body. When the chakras are balanced, you will experience a lot of good things and you will experience the opposite when they are imbalanced or blocked.

It is therefore very important that your chakras stay balanced so that your body stays in good condition.

The heart Chakra is the equilibrium point, incorporating the world of substance with the planet of spirit. Through the heart chakra, you release and bond with peace and harmony.

The chakras should be kept well balanced and one of the most important ways of doing this is by feeding on the right kinds of foods for each chakra to stay balanced.

The heart Chakra is situated in the lungs, heart, upper back, and upper chest.

This is the core gap of the body; it is the source of physical and emotional circulation, moving air and blood, and expression and emotion, all over your body.

This region can be blocked with emotional and physical weight. Every day practices, for instance desk work and driving, can move the shoulders frontward and shove the heart gap inward.

Hardships and Challenges in your lives can as well bring about constraints of the Heart Chakra.

Once the heart chakra is lacking, you might experience emotions of loneliness and shyness, an incapability to pardon, or a lack of compassion.

Physical signs can comprise asthma, low breathing, and other lung illnesses.

This middle space in your body is in addition linked with the aspect of air, on top of the sense of actions and touch and expressions of asparagus_meditationthe hands and arms. A healthy and balanced Heart Chakra permits people to “pursue their hearts”—balancing their affection for others with their affection of self.

The heart chakra is located in the chest, on the same level as the actual heart but right in the centre of your chest.

It is given the colour green and is the element air. This chakra is the centre of the whole chakra system as it links the lower and upper chakras together.

This chakra is activated at the developmental ages of 4 to 7 years.

Someone with a balanced heart chakra has the ability to show and receive love. This means you can show compassion and love for everyone and you will be clearly connected to others and other living things around you.

This is why this chakra is characterised by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and peace.

A disturbance in this chakra will manifest itself as emotional outbursts, insecurity, nervousness, anxiety, anger and an overly critical nature. Another characteristic of an imbalance in this chakra include an inability to have deep relationships or express emotion.

The heart Chakra is responsible for the circulatory functions of the body, including the heart, lungs, lymphatic system, and blood vessels, oversees the “nurturing” functions of the body through the breasts, shoulders, arms, and hands.

In a number of societies, food is utilised to demonstrate love.

The point being conveyed on numerous stages is that if you are concerned about somebody, you share foodstuff with them. Your love moves through the medium of food.

In addition, you might ignore love for yourself, however it is through the work of consuming that you demonstrate you love and value your body.

It is important that you know which foods to feed to your heart chakra so that you can show your love for it.

Food to eat to support the Heart Chakra

There are specific foods that you can consume to balance the heart chakra. Cruciferous vegetables, for instance cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprouts, have a similar makeup to the heart room with rose-like films that open up to disclose a middle hub. Kale, cabbage, and leafy greens, sprouts, raw foods, foods rich in chlorophyll, plant

Green Fruit and Veggies nurture your Heart
Green Fruit and Veggies nurture your Heart

compounds like phytoestrogens and phytosterols, any green-coloured foods.

These vegetables and additional heart-strong greens, like limes, avocados, spinach, lettuce, and soybeans, can assist to balance and liven up the Heart Chakra.

Fresh type of Cruciferous vegetables is the best foods of heart chakra because these foods greatly help in balancing heart chakra. Growing your personal food also with regard to food with generosity and gratitude are methods to multiply compassion and share love from your heart Chakra.

Also don’t forget green tea and when you cook your green vegetables don’t forget to use spices like basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley.

Balancing essential oils include bergamot, cypress, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon, mandarin, orange, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Do you like crystals?
Do you like crystals?

Balancing gemstones include amazonite, emerald,kunzite, malachite, morganite, moss agate, peridot, pink calcite (mangano), pink tourmaline, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline.

Asanas Yoga postures that help balance this chakra include any chest expanding posture like backbends and releasing posture such as forward folds. Next time you perform these postures, connect with your heart chakra by staying open through your chest and focusing on the colour green.

affirmationPositive affirmations to help to balance the heart chakra are:

I willingly release all fears, concerns and worries about giving and receiving love.

My heart is open and flows freely with love for myself and others. I allow myself to easily give and receive love.


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Love and Light.

This article came from The Gathering of Minds. Original source here: Gathering of Minds

Embarking On A Journey Of The Heart

“It’s impossible said pride. It’s risky said experience. It’s pointless said reason. Give it a try whispered the HEART!” _Unknown Heart

If you are familiar with my articles, you will discover that I’m a person of the heart. But what does that actually mean?

It means I went through a big heart chakra opening transformation. It properly started a year ago in October 2014 after my Ayahuasca Ceremony. My heart started to expand. I had many symptoms, and I’m sure if you have experienced this you will be familiar with what happens. Burning sensations, energetic vibrations on your chest, emotional overload and pain.. loads of physical pain.. The chakra is expanding and it hurts, no kidding.

Anyway, it has been a roller coaster. My heart got more and more.. how can I put it .. ALIVE.


I’m not going to talk about the darkest night in this article. Or the suffering of it. I want to talk about the beauty.

The beauty of having an open heart, or an opening heart, is for sure the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. To actually be able to listen, and when I say listen I don’t speak in a figurative way, nope, at times I can actually listen to my heart as a clear voice and a living thing demanding things, guiding me into actions and loving what it wants to love.

I’ve always been fascinated by Hawaii and I never knew why. I always thought it was a combination of things nature, dreamy beaches or adventure sports. It turns out those were just a fraction of what this amazing place has to offer.


Hawaii is a very strong place in the world’s energetic vortex. Which means it has a “magical frequency”. As a vortex, it has intense powers and gateways to other dimensions where we can access and harvest this energy.

“Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand. They represent the collective “higher self” frequencies of your microcosmic body and energetic field. You will be attracted to certain locations to pick up and merge with the specific vibrations presently needed for your growth and evolution.  The frequencies of these locations live within you, even if you are on the other side of the planet!”

When my heart started talking to me and telling me to go to Hawaii on a journey, it didn’t come as a surprise. See, Hawaii is considered the Heart Chakra of the world! The Haleakalā volcano on Maui matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance as our hearts and the natural state of Earth.

This place is also known to be where the ancient Lemurian civilization lived. Again, this civilization runs on the 5th dimensional energy, which again is linked with the heart vibration.

World’s Hearth Chakra _Haleakalā in Maui Hawaii

So here I go, to start exploring this frequency and follow my heart into this journey on a two week excursion into the depths of Hawaii, just me and my heart.

I’ll be sure to share this incredible experience with you, and wherever my heart takes me I’ll be going with love and faith into life and its mysteries.

There is a saying by Confucius that really is my motto at the moment. It says: “Wherever you go, go with your heart.”

If you want to read more on other World vortexes here is a link:


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Love and Light,

-Sabrina Santos