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Guided Visualization Meditation: Open The Magic Book – It Will Answer Your Questions

This meditation will help you get in touch with your inner wisdom. That inner wisdom can be found in your DNA, heart or it can be shown to you through your spirit guides, higher self etc. At the end of the day, it’s all you. It’s also your responsability to know what to do with the information you are receiving.

Sometimes we can find answers easily, as most of our answers lie within. Sometimes answers don’t come easily and that’s because they are not meant to. Answers are revealed at the right time. If you don’t get the answers to your questions through this meditation, don’t be disappointed. Ask the question, the answer will come at the perfect time for you.

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Andrew Martin: You Already Have It

” I’ve got another video for you! What we want already exists within us…I know…it’s one of those annoying spiritual phrases that garner a groan and an eye-roll from most of us. Source isn’t Amazon…it’s not just going to drop what we want on our doorstep. Life is a CO-creative process. We’ve got to play an active role in bringing our desires to life. The truth is that even when the physical manifestation of our desire hasn’t shown up yet, the steps to begin the journey to receiving it are always within. So ask for what you want, wait for the first step to reveal itself, claim what you want and begin to create it! “

” Andrew Martin is an Intuitive, Energy Healer and Spiritual Rebel in Seattle, Wa. Contact me for readings and healings. It’s not always easy facing the truth of who we are. Especially when we’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy to pretend we’re someone else.
Self discovery is always liberating. I’ve never meet anyone who regrets doing the inner work necessary to uncover a life that feels authentic and true. I am here to help you begin the journey to creating the life you want and it all starts with you getting real. “


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