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8 Most Powerful Self-Healing Affirmations

Use conscious affirmations to direct the energy, to focus the energy into what you really want, to set intentions. In order to benefit best from these affirmations, they need not only to be spoken, or thought of, but actually felt through each and every single atom of your being. Through all you are, through your consciousness. Persistence and dedication is needed in every moment and actively embodying and living the reality of your affirmations, creating it.

Try using affirmations to are simple, but powerful, in alignment with your highest good, to direct the energy you want towards manifestation. Be open to infinite possibilities. Align energetically with your highest outcome and hold the infinite space for its unfolding. Simply be open, while learning to recognize and discern that which is alignment with your highest good.

Use these affirmation whenever you feel it is necessary. That could be any time, with anything.

The most poweful affirmations of self-healing are:

1. Natural Healing
” My body knows how to heal itself. I am activating my body’s natural healing system. I am allowing the healing to occur. “
2. Highest good
“My body tells me what it needs to function in its highest state in physicality. I am asking my body to tell me what it needs to function in its highest state in physicality. “
3. Information
” I am honouring my body’s wisdom, by trusting the body signals it sends. I am open to consciously receive information from my body. “
4. Harmony
” I am asking that every part of my body carries its task easily, naturally and harmoniously. I am asking every part of my body to harmonize. “

5. Wisdom
” My body is attuned to the wisdom of the Universe. I am asking my body to receive universal light, aligned with its highest good. “
6. Vitality
”  I am giving my body all it needs to be full of vitality. I am proactive and dedicated in taking care of my body’s optimal function. “
7.  Gratitude:
” I am grateful for being in my body. Gratitude feels my mind and body like a healing stream of gold light. “
8. Love:
” I am in love with my body. I am accepting and loving each and every single part of my body. I am fully embracing my physical human aspect, in whatever shapes and forms. I am accepting and loving my imperfections, because they make me unique. “

Affirmations will not work if there is deeper rooted judgement, fear, hatred, insecurity or any other self-sabotaging behavior involved. In that case, going to the root, acknowledging, seeing for what it is, gaining the wisdom there needs to be received and integrated from the experience is the only way to cut the root and facilitate the natural healing to occur.

Our bodies might be complex, many things are yet not discovered, but at the end of the day, the body is a physical expression of our consciousness. The same ” principles ” apply. I am not  speaking about the usual limiting dualistic principles we’ve been used to until now, but the universal principles that are most expansive and abundant in possibilities and miracle creation. You can create your own affirmations that feel best to you and fit you best, in the moment. Flow with it, get creative.

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New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon’s various phases. Are you ready to attract your heartfelt longings by doing a moon ritual focused on manifestation?

The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for our cultivating our ideas and clearing the way for our visions to surface in reality. The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars.

Moon Ritual for Birthing Your Wishes and Desires

Begin by setting aside a few minutes each month during the new moon phase to focus on your wishes. This will help give you clarity of mind and fill your heart with promise. When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for your future there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Any intentions stated or written down also carries power, so please take care in considering those things that you truly want. The saying “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”is fair warning whenever setting your new moon intentions into motion. But, no worries. The moon has its phases and so do our individual wants and needs. This is why it is a good practice to rededicate your list of intentions each month when another new moon cycle returns for a visit.

Prep for Upcoming New Moon Manifestation
  1. Check a moon phase calendar for the next upcoming new moon.
  1. Set aside 20-30 minutes to do the ritual itself.
  2. Supply suggestions:
    • notebooks
    • pen and colored markers
    • scissors
    • scotch tape
    • candle
    • matches
    • incense
    • smudge sticks
    • meditation CDs
  3. Prepare yourself a sacred space where your will perform the ceremony when the new moon arrives.
Setting your New Moon Intentions in Motion
  1. Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer, a sage smudging, and/or by burning some incense.
  2. Light one or more candles.
  3. Center your being and calm yourself in whatever way is appropriate for you. Take some deep cleansing breaths, slip in a meditation CD to listen to, and/or leisurely sip on a cup of relaxing herbal tea.
  4. Open your notebook, and date the first page. Write down these words “I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” or something similar. Below your affirmation statement, begin writing down your desires. Your list may consist of a single item or you may have several pages listing multiple items. Try not to limit yourself. If having many things in your life helps to fulfill you then don’t deny yourself wanting these things.
  5. During the month when an item on your new moon list comes to you no not merely cross it off of your list. Take the time to rewrite the list in its entirety eliminating the manifested item from the listing. Revising your master list in this way is highly recommended. At the same time you may add whatever else that you have decided you would like. Feel free to reword any of the original phrases to better suit your life now. It is natural that your desires will change as time advances.
  6. A second notebook will be used as a manifestation scrapbook where you can paste in pictures or catalog clippings of items that you are wanting to manifest. Creating manifesting scrapbooks or vision boards is a fun project to undertake, enjoy yourself! You will soon be amazed how these things begin to find their way into your life once you start this process.

    If our thoughts shape our reality, can you project your wishes and desires to manifest?
    If our thoughts shape our reality, can you project your wishes and desires to manifest?
Rededicating your New Moon Intentions

Each month at the new moon rededicate your intentions by renewing your list at a repeated ritual. This is accomplished by rewriting your list out using a fresh sheet of paper. Please don’t get in the habit of simply scratching out the items you no longer desire and simply adding the new stuff to the bottom of your old list. You don’t want clutter and sloppiness energies messing up the path meant to deliver new stuff into your life do you? Disregard any items that no longer feed your soul and add new things which will.

It is helpful to salt and pepper your manifest list with smaller items that will manifest quickly, such as tickets to the ballet, lunch with a friend, or a day at the spa. You may think that smaller things are too trivial to put on your intention list… Wrong! Things that tend to manifest with less effort still deserve to be written down. Write down everything that you desire, no matter how little or simple. If it is something that makes you happy, write it down. Manifesting smaller items on our lists actually creates a steady flow of chi giving your list a boost. These smaller manifestations create movement, allowing an ebb and flow of the tides. We are dealing here with the moon cycles after all. Besides, sometimes we forget to appreciate the smaller pleasures in our lives while we are waiting for the BIG stuff to come in. If you only write statements like, “I want to win the lottery” in your notebook then you are limiting yourself by not allowing abundance to flow to you from a multitude of avenues.

Source: Phylameana lila Desy-Holistic Healing Expert

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

George Kleopas

What Should You Do If Affirmations Don’t Work?

I believe there is a major flaw with affirmations. And I suspect that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I used to repeat the things for YEARS. I had stickers all over my bedroom wall, I repeated them out loud every day and… nothing.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was still miserable, the future was bleak, and I certainly didn’t get rich.

Luckily, I had a eureka moment. In the shower (obviously).

Problem? What problem?
Problem? What problem?

Our Brains are Wired to Solve Questions

When you repeat an affirmation you don’t believe in, what’s your first response?

Yeah, right..!

“I am rich and successful.” Yeah, right..!

“I am going to meet the love of my life next week.” Yeah, of COURSE I will.

“I am a talented athlete.” Sure..!

When your affirmations don’t work, what advice do you get? Keep repeating it until it (eventually) becomes true! How long is THAT going to take?!

On the flip side, our minds are wired to look for solutions to questions, not statements.

As soon as you ask a question, you automatically start looking for an answer:

Why is the sky blue?

Even if you don’t know the answer to the question, you will look for any evidence you think can help you. Maybe because of the…

So instead of trying to convince yourself of something you don’t believe, why not try asking a question?

Turn Your Affirmations Into Questions

Affirmations are just incomplete questions. Instead of “I am rich,” ask yourself,Why am I rich?”.

You get a totally different (and automatic) response:

I can afford water, shelter, and food…

I can start putting money into savings soon…

I have a steady paycheck…

Instead of trying to believe in a statement, you are now looking for all the reasons why you are rich, which is a much more effective and empowering way in attracting positive things into your life.

This is a revolutionary method of positive statements, very similar to expressing gratitude.
This is a revolutionary method of positive statements, very similar to expressing gratitude.

This Changes Everything

I never realized just how powerful this is.

After I started asking myself questions instead of repeating affirmations, my life transformed before my eyes.

My days were full of gratitude instead of just waiting around for something to happen. My wishes became a reality in record time and I’ve been sharing my discovery ever since.

Don’t get me wrong – affirmations work. But not for everybody.

Some of us just haven’t built up the self-belief or don’t trust that affirmations will work.

This is your solution. I hope you try it and it serves you well.

by Noah St. John

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

This article was taken from MindValley Academy Blog. Original source is here

An Introduction To The Heart Chakra

There are seven main chakras in your body. These are energy systems that help run your body. When the chakras are balanced, you will experience a lot of good things and you will experience the opposite when they are imbalanced or blocked.

It is therefore very important that your chakras stay balanced so that your body stays in good condition.

The heart Chakra is the equilibrium point, incorporating the world of substance with the planet of spirit. Through the heart chakra, you release and bond with peace and harmony.

The chakras should be kept well balanced and one of the most important ways of doing this is by feeding on the right kinds of foods for each chakra to stay balanced.

The heart Chakra is situated in the lungs, heart, upper back, and upper chest.

This is the core gap of the body; it is the source of physical and emotional circulation, moving air and blood, and expression and emotion, all over your body.

This region can be blocked with emotional and physical weight. Every day practices, for instance desk work and driving, can move the shoulders frontward and shove the heart gap inward.

Hardships and Challenges in your lives can as well bring about constraints of the Heart Chakra.

Once the heart chakra is lacking, you might experience emotions of loneliness and shyness, an incapability to pardon, or a lack of compassion.

Physical signs can comprise asthma, low breathing, and other lung illnesses.

This middle space in your body is in addition linked with the aspect of air, on top of the sense of actions and touch and expressions of asparagus_meditationthe hands and arms. A healthy and balanced Heart Chakra permits people to “pursue their hearts”—balancing their affection for others with their affection of self.

The heart chakra is located in the chest, on the same level as the actual heart but right in the centre of your chest.

It is given the colour green and is the element air. This chakra is the centre of the whole chakra system as it links the lower and upper chakras together.

This chakra is activated at the developmental ages of 4 to 7 years.

Someone with a balanced heart chakra has the ability to show and receive love. This means you can show compassion and love for everyone and you will be clearly connected to others and other living things around you.

This is why this chakra is characterised by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and peace.

A disturbance in this chakra will manifest itself as emotional outbursts, insecurity, nervousness, anxiety, anger and an overly critical nature. Another characteristic of an imbalance in this chakra include an inability to have deep relationships or express emotion.

The heart Chakra is responsible for the circulatory functions of the body, including the heart, lungs, lymphatic system, and blood vessels, oversees the “nurturing” functions of the body through the breasts, shoulders, arms, and hands.

In a number of societies, food is utilised to demonstrate love.

The point being conveyed on numerous stages is that if you are concerned about somebody, you share foodstuff with them. Your love moves through the medium of food.

In addition, you might ignore love for yourself, however it is through the work of consuming that you demonstrate you love and value your body.

It is important that you know which foods to feed to your heart chakra so that you can show your love for it.

Food to eat to support the Heart Chakra

There are specific foods that you can consume to balance the heart chakra. Cruciferous vegetables, for instance cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprouts, have a similar makeup to the heart room with rose-like films that open up to disclose a middle hub. Kale, cabbage, and leafy greens, sprouts, raw foods, foods rich in chlorophyll, plant

Green Fruit and Veggies nurture your Heart
Green Fruit and Veggies nurture your Heart

compounds like phytoestrogens and phytosterols, any green-coloured foods.

These vegetables and additional heart-strong greens, like limes, avocados, spinach, lettuce, and soybeans, can assist to balance and liven up the Heart Chakra.

Fresh type of Cruciferous vegetables is the best foods of heart chakra because these foods greatly help in balancing heart chakra. Growing your personal food also with regard to food with generosity and gratitude are methods to multiply compassion and share love from your heart Chakra.

Also don’t forget green tea and when you cook your green vegetables don’t forget to use spices like basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley.

Balancing essential oils include bergamot, cypress, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon, mandarin, orange, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Do you like crystals?
Do you like crystals?

Balancing gemstones include amazonite, emerald,kunzite, malachite, morganite, moss agate, peridot, pink calcite (mangano), pink tourmaline, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline.

Asanas Yoga postures that help balance this chakra include any chest expanding posture like backbends and releasing posture such as forward folds. Next time you perform these postures, connect with your heart chakra by staying open through your chest and focusing on the colour green.

affirmationPositive affirmations to help to balance the heart chakra are:

I willingly release all fears, concerns and worries about giving and receiving love.

My heart is open and flows freely with love for myself and others. I allow myself to easily give and receive love.


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Love and Light.

This article came from The Gathering of Minds. Original source here: Gathering of Minds