Intuitive Guidance And Energy Healing Sessions

Here you can read a little more about our Intuitive Guidance and Energy Healing sessions. This is for those of you who are experiencing difficulty in overcoming challenges  and moving forward or simply for those who need a little “push” and clarity on their path. If you feel guided to schedule a session and feel like you could benefit from it in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Session Benefits:

      • Self-empowerment
      • Clarity
      • Spiritual Guidance on your Ascension path
      • Intuitive Counseling
      • Vibrational Energy healing/ Energy transformation
      • Assistance with overcoming challenges/obstacles
      • Relationships assistance
      • Twin Flame guidance
      • Breaking dysfunctional mind patterns and belief systems
      • Expansion
      • Awareness
      • New perspectives
      • Greater Balance
      • Activations
      • Energy Field Cleansing/Purification/Healing
      • Various Light Invocations to assist you move further on the Path

The Intuitive Guidance part lasts around 1h and 30 minutes , but this can vary based on your needs . We can be flexible. This is the part where we connect, questions are being asked and intuitively answered and mirrored through our own Divine Guidance. If you are experiencing any challenges, we here to assist you get through them. However, at the end of the day, it is you who are capable of overcoming all the challenges that you might be experiencing on your path and grow from them into a Soul empowered individual. You have everything you need within. We are here to empower, make you aware of the tools, information, energetic boost and “push” you might need to move forward on your path with grace.

We can do the session via Skype, Phone, Facebook or E-mail, it’s up to you (or face to face if we are in the same country).
After the Intuitive Guidance part, we are going to do the energy work (Energy Healing). This will include the chakra/energy field cleansing, blocks removal, energy transmutation, energy healing and various Light Invocations to assist you move forward on your Path. Some of you might receive certain upgrades and activations during it, it’s a different experience for everyone, all in alignment with your highest good and right timing. Mostly, it doesn’t take more than 20/30 minutes.
During this time we’d recommend you to lay down, as the energy integrates and flows smoother when you are in a relaxed state. However, it is not necessary as the benefits will be the same.
We are going to be assisted and supported by our Spirit Teams.

After each session you will receive a 30 day plan on what practices and meditation techniques will be the best for you to continue developing yourself and your healing.

Each 30 day plan is bespoke to each individual and it’s unique to your needs and personal development. So after each session you can continue developing yourself daily.

Preparation before the session ? 
Not necessarily. It can’t hurt to lay down for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths and relax before it begins, but that is up to you. Also, We recommend writing down the questions or topics you might want to talk about before the session, but again, all up to you.

Payment, Schedule and Contact Details:

The Energy Healing and the Intuitive Guidance are included in ONE Session. The cost of it is only £150. Payment is made in advance through Paypal ( Click on the Buy Now Button for that).

We also provide a package service where you can get 5 sessions for £650 ( so for each session you pay £130 when buying in a package) , but that’s only for people who wish to go really deep and get the most out to counseling, healing and work closely with us.

To schedule it, please send an e-mail to and we will figure out the best time and date for both of us, as well as the best way of communication. Also, if you have more questions about the sessions, feel free to ask, using either our social media or the e-mail above.

We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Love and Light,


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