Heart Evolution Technology

Heart Evolution Technology – HET, is a new healing technology developed by Sabrina Santos with the help of her Arcturian star family, ethereal and multidimensional team.

Using the integration of various healing aspects, when working with HET , Sabrina’s focus is on energy transferring and imprinting. Sabrina channels a specific frequency from Arcturus, which she uses to purify one’s heart centres allowing the work to flow intuitively. Then she can have access to  some of your etherical blueprints , restructuring ways of your inner connection to the source energy allowing you to receive more light and to strengthen your  connection to your own divine essence.

She performs a multidimensional integration of her own aspects, calling in some of her inner beings, dominant past lives, angelic aspects, avatar self and other dimensional aspects,  as well as invoking other light beings presences to assist with the healing and energy integration.

The main focus of HET is  purification through the energy centers of the heart – the central heart chakra, the high heart chakra (thymus) and the sacred heart chamber – thus consciously connecting these centers to its purest essence and also the sacred light of the cosmic heart.

HET  is a conscious invocation of the higher aspects of your Self and your multidimensional Being to come forth and work effectively in your human evolution and soul expansion.

HET group healing

In this practice you will find:

  •  Arcturian Activations – Anchoring Arcturus energy into your body systems , allowing you to vibrate in the highest frequency available to you.
  •  Embodiment of your presence I AM and Divine Essence. With HET the intention is connecting you to your own divine spark.
  •  Working with Angelic Energy and Ascended Masters – discovering your own aspects of the  universal energy rays. We all have access to those energies that make us , so it’s time to consciously work with them.
  •  Activating the original blueprint models of your soul and Multidimensional Being. When you start integrating your aspects you discover your multidimensionality.
  •  Activating your DNA and raising your frequency for the development of your soul gifts and life’s purpose and reprogramming your cellular memory to original templates with the Sacred Violet Flame transmutation.
  •  Alignment of your soul essence with the divine will, while maintaining a Fifth Dimension 5D Frequency or higher, while living on Earth.
  •  Rahanni Angelic Healing with invocation of Lady Kuan Yin, Lord Melchizedek, Sananda, Saint Germain and others to assist in your development.
  •  Downloading Sacred Geometry Keys and also activating and raising your  Kundalini energy.

This experience is unique for each one of the people working with HET and  many have described as an intense spiritual awakening experience. Some have described as psychedelic and similar to an ayahuasca ceremony, although there is nothing used but pure  channeled energy.

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Talks /Healings/ Workshops and HET

Sabrina is currently available for talks , groups healing , private healings and workshops.

The HET Talks lasts from 2 to 3 hours and consists of 2 parts. First, a spiritual  theme for discussion with  Q and A’s and a second part with HET healing .  The talks can vary on themes but see below the latest themes of her talks:

• How to activate your divine gifts and multidimensional aspects.
• How to use thinking and the Ego as tools of creation and self-empowerment
• How to awaken your Inner Guru and maintain a connection with the Divine Source
• Entering into the vibrating avatar body and discovering its unique system of wisdom and self discovery

As for the workshops, once again  the themes  might vary over the year, here is our latest workshop theme and structure :

Sacred Triangle Workshop Ceu de Radha – Brazil

Sacred Triangle of Ascension and Receiving your Galactic Keys

In this intensive Workshop you will encounter the energy of Arcturus. You receive a Sacred Triangle of Ascension  that is made available by the Arcturians to all starseeds and lightworkers found on planet Earth. There will be 7 full hours of teachings and activations throughout which you will learn to work with this energy and much more!

 See the Workshop layout and some details on what you will learn:

  1. Opening prayer – Introduction of the Workshop and teachings on the Sacred Triangle of Ascension, who composes it, how it is activated, receiving the First imprint of the Triangle.
  2.  Teachings of the galactic keys – Activation work to receive and learn to use each key and how they will be received in the future. Uncovering your origin Star, return home, calling on your star family to come meet you.
  3. Chakras – General study of the 12 chakra system and how to activate them and clean them with: sound, energy, archangels. Activating new codes in your chakra system.
  4.  Moving the energy around with Kundalini Yoga or Ecstatic Dancing – integrating and preparing for second part
  5. Teachings about the Higher Self and your Multidimensionality how to access and connect daily. Invoking the Divine spark and I AM Presence.
  6. Teachings on the Akashic Records – discovering how to access the cosmic library, meeting the Akashic guardians. Entering Akasha.
  7. Final Imprint of the Triangle through HET – Evolutionary Heart Technology. Eye-to-eye activation.
  • Attention: Each teaching will come with exercises in which you will have direct access to the teachings together with the source of creation. So you yourself experienced each of the teachings through practical exercises
  •  Preparing for the workshop, please abstain from alcohol use, or any exaggerations the day before and the day of the workshop. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day in the days prior to the workshop because the frequencies received will be very high.

To book a workshop , talk, private session  or speak with Sabrina please contact us at info@thepowerwithinus.co.uk or sabrina@thepowerwithinus.co.uk

We are currently on tour in North America, please  contact our availability.

We are looking forward to connecting with you.

Love and Light,

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