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Our Project is here to serve, we want to make sure anyone can access their Power Within.
So we are promoting all technologies available for self-mastery and self-discovery.

Offering Free  Online Assistance, Free Webinars, Free Public Events which involve raising consciousness, meditation, yoga and other activities.

We also have started a community project, which involves monthly events to teach meditation and give the necessary tools to Elderly People, Homeless and Children to discover their own divinity. You can follow our projects online and watch videos of the events and interviews with attendees.

Our Organization aims to expand and provide free consciousness expansion technology to anyone; empowering individuals and allowing them to take charge of their Self.

If you like to help us expand feel free to donate and help us change the world as we know it.

Here is our mission :

“The Power Within Us is a visionary project with no limitations. Its intention is to awaken the true power within each and every one of us humans. To allow us to connect to our soul mission and inner truth bringing those to action in daily life.

The End vision of this project involves allowing individuals to connect with others and with their own divinity. The project’s main core is to focus in one’s inner guidance, and disengagement with current society standards; which are outdated, predatory and self- destructive to humankind.

 By going within and connecting to our own essence and inner truth, we are able to flow from our hearts and connect with others in community and compassion, balancing our current state of living in the planet and universe.”

_ Sabrina Santos

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