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Sabrina  Santos and collaborative team  are currently teaching in Amsterdam. With a broad range of events, workshops , ceremonies, talks and classes  (including some free classes and free talks).  You can join in an event or inquire about our next events by emailing:

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Here are the latest and Upcoming Events:

The Ayahuasca Experience

“If there was any doubt in me about the existence of God or life after death … After Ayahuasca I was shaking God’s hand myself , meting God and many aspects of creation itself … Now the doubt is merely a broken reflection of a life I was living that was dry and with no fulfillment, Now I’m awaken! – Sabrina Santos”

Dive in the universe of “your Self”. Discover what is beyond this reality; what the great minds of the millennium already knew. The invisible field of consciousness is made tangible through this life changing experience, by taking this sacred indigenous medicine you will have your own encounter with higher levels of awareness.

What is Ayahuasca? Click here to read more about it.

Are you ready to discover what you are made of?

For Shamanic work with Ayahuasca click Here.

The Cacao Journey

” If you have an Open Heart  you experience the whole world with the eyes of kindness and Compassion. Trough this medicine you can journey into the heart and discover all the love available to you and within yourself”. _ Sabrina Santos

Cacao Medicine – Opening Your Heart to a Better World
What is ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial grade cacao is cacao or chocolate that has the quantity and balance of compounds and energies to properly support the Cacao Spirit, or any other energy, in partnering with you.  Used as a tool to enter the realms of the heart and bring you into a journey.

For Shamanic work With Cacao: Click Here.

Meditation Classes

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? “_Rumi

In a society that is so disconnected from their True Self , suffering from anxiety , depression and in disharmony with nature _ meditation is one of the most effective and sustainable ways of attaining freedom of mind.  With meditation you can achieve levels of consciousness that will aid your mental health and  promote physical  well being. Want to join our free classes ? Get in touch now.

Discover the Power of Meditation

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Join OurTalks About Consciousness

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”_ Albert Einstein

psychedelics produces a new type of ‘harmonic’ order in the brain, according to neuroimaging study

Within our broad themes of talks you can learn more about different topics on consciousness. Expand your perception on different topics , ask questions and give your input.  As well as meeting likewise people and learning more about our events. Within the main themes you will find :

  • Learn how can ayahuasca assist in mental health and healing anxiety and depression.
  • Discover the power of your mind how to observe and nourish better feelings thoughts to improve your emotional health.
  • Reconnecting with nature – The Power of Shamanic healing , how can that be integrated into modern society as a way to reconnect us to the rhythm  of the planet.
  • How to free your mind with the Non-duality paradox

and many other topics..

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