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Twin Flame Connection: What Happens When You Meet Your Counterpart In The Physical Reality

There are different levels of soul connections. Some call it soul mate and others twin flames; some of these connections are non romantic but yet are very important for our development.

However, there is one type of twin flame, the romantic one, which carries the highest frequency of all, and it’s unquestionably the most intense experience one can ever have with another human being.

As humans, we all have this deep in our DNA, encoded from the beginning of our race. When the Lemurian beings, whom were androgynous, decided to experience love and physical feelings they split their soul into two, becoming male and female. So, this blue printing is genetic as well as spiritual. We deeply long to connect with our counterpart.

The need to find and connect with your counterpart is encrypted in our DNA from the beginning of humanity.

Many search for this, and many times the connection only happens in the spiritual level; as both souls may not be incarnated in physicality. However, when it does happen in real life, you can be prepared for the craziest, scariest, hardest, most joyful, and wonderful experience of your life.

I’m only starting to understand this as I myself have come to find my romantic twin flame in the physical world.

The energy is nearly unbearable, it is too strong, and nothing can be rationalized. The sense of Self is questioned, and a feeling of constant ego death is constantly hunting you and pushing all your limits. It’s nearly like being asked to die and be reborn every day. Let go of everything you thought you were, and give it all away to whatever is coming next.

You will notice some cycles of emotions flowing daily, and at this point I can say you have to learn how to run around the cycle until you are aware enough to stand in the middle and not engage with the negative emotions just being able to release them.

The sun and the moon are twin flames symbols , eternal love .

So here are some practical things you might want to know about this energy:

The Cycle of Looking Into Your Own Soul

Wow, even while writing it, it sounds absolutely unbelievable. I never knew you could look into your own soul when connecting with someone else. It’s basically so intense that the energy takes over control of your whole being. So, you need to be aware of this power and treat yourself with kindness and love, and explain to all aspects of your Self that it’s fine and perfect, and allow yourself to live it.

The Cycle is practically like this – Love, Excitement, Anxiety, Panic, Sadness, Compassion.

Love : In the Love part of it, everything is the most enjoyable, perfect, pure way It feels like you never left the person and you are one; your energies are totally merged and balanced, and you complete each other equally in a non-dependable way, but on a infinite bounding that is the most familiar, save wonderful thing. We thrive on each other’s light, bathing in their energy, which is part of your blueprint. You have total trust and faith in the relationship, and nothing could separate you, not even death.images (8)

Excitement: After the love comes the excitement of having found this person and how wonderful things are, and how you want to kiss the whole world and spread love around it. You want to serve and be of use for the universe, you feel in sync and everything is heightened.  The joy pours out of you and surrounds everything you connect with or see. And even just on a vibrational level you bring out the best in everyone, and everything around you changes into the rainbow frequency. This is the highest of the frequencies, and can be overwhelming as it carries so much light.

Anxiety:  After joyfulness begins the work of clearing out old aspects of self.  The fear comes in as you realise there are no certainties in the world, and you also realise how hard it is to surrender to the feeling. You start to lose the sense of individual identity and become anxious and overwhelmed with the love you feel for this person. None of it is logical but is emotionally based, independent of the actual reality. Some cellular memories get triggered, and deepest insecurities also rise.  The questioning is endless and consumes your energy .You then start to move immediately into the next stage.

Panic: At this stage, you feel threatened and not sure of anything, and the feelings are so overwhelming that you can only think about pushing everything as far away from you as possible. You want to run and blame all the emotions on the external world; you can’t handle the light and the frequency, so you lower into this stage as a strategic move to balance. This is when Ego is fighting its best to keep a sense of individuality and to protect you from getting hurt or denying the truth of complete unity with the cosmos. Once that’s done comes the next.tumblr_nalvwbYZgU1ttzaedo1_r1_500

Sadness: After being in panic and pushing the love of your life away with all your strength, the immediate sadness takes over as you are unsure that the panic stage will actually take away the intensity of the energy. The energy changes into sadness, bringing again the longing and need to re-connect with your other half, and that’s when ego tries again to fight, because the sadness asks for you to surrender and let go of any preconceptions or sense of right or wrong. In this stage, you are asked to look into your divinity and connect with it.

Compassion: I’m at this stage; you put yourself into second and really just focus on the understanding and being compassionate of your other half with no judgments. You are able to forget all the previous stages and surrender into unconditional love to protect and cherish the other above your own needs. With that said, it’s your deepest need, at a soul level. While embracing this process, you realise how this person is a total reflection of you, and how their polarities and imperfections are a reflection of your soul as well as their light being the same light that you carry within. It takes you into the understanding of your own divinity, surrendering to the light of universal love through pure compassion and forgiveness.images (7)

Then be prepared to ride it all again, put back on your rose-tinted glasses, tighten your seat belts and get right on it.

This cycle is both very unpleasant and the most wonderful thing at the same time. It is so intense, and you have to hold on tight because it feels like walking on the edge.

Eventually, you should start getting used to the high frequencies of this energy and start to get more stable. Doing inner work over and over again until you are ready to enjoy this union fully and then start serving its purpose.

There is a reason twin flames come together, the work related to it is beyond my understanding at this stage, but I’m sure it will reveal itself soon as we both work with this energy.

My advice is just be gentle with yourself, loving with yourself, and surrender to the magic, surrender to the light, and no questioning: just be it. No expectations of the outcome, no control, just love and understanding.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos



The Interdependent Ego And The Power Of Holistic Consciousness

“All your restlessness is out of your desire for stillness.” –Rumi.
When we consider anything in life as permanent and separate, we generate dissatisfaction, suffering and anguish. Our attachments to people, things, and ideas are ultimately futile, because everything changes, everything is in a constant state of impermanence. No matter how much we wish things could remain permanent, impermanence will always remain the only true permanent. The good thing: there is more to being human than choice, there’s vicissitude. The bad thing: vicissitude can be a cruel bitch.

Vicissitude and unexpected moments of transformation are conveyer belts of creativity and mystery, shaking up the mind, body, and soul in creative throes of existential ecstasy, and pumping out adventure after adventure for those who are aware enough that “the journey is the thing.”

The more aware we become about the evolution of the self, the more capable we are of learning how to love, how to let love, and ultimately, how to let love go. Thereby achieving a state of holistic consciousness, of flexible, adaptable self-mastery, that is guided by an interdependent ego.

But first: the counterintuitive process of individuation, of distinguishing the individual from the general or universal, must unfold.

The Ontological Plane is crashing into the Existential Black Hole. The oxygen masks have just been deployed. What do you do?

The individuated ego:

“One of the least discussed issues of individuation is that as one shines light into the dark of the psyche as strongly as one can, the shadows, where the light is not, grow even darker.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

“Individuation does not remove the individual from the social sphere but enlarges one’s connection to it… No one can individuate on Everest.”

As Carl Jung intuited, “Individuation does not remove the individual from the social sphere but enlarges one’s connection to it… No one can individuate on Everest.” Human beings are extremely social creatures. Individuation occurs in a social maelstrom. But in order to discover a healthy sense of who we are, in order to get down deep into our unique soul-signature, we need to discover a sense of who we are as individuals relating to a social environment. In short: Our co-dependence needs to give way to independence.

Understand: The ego is not the enemy. It’s actually the soul’s greatest ally when it is healthy. It’s a very important tool for soul work. In fact, it’s the most important tool in the spiritual seeker’s toolkit. Not even humor, courage, and love can be actualized without it. A robust ego, as it pertains to self-transformation and spiritual development, seeks a healthy transformation, and individuation, from codependent ego into independent ego. The problem with the majority of people in our egocentric culture is that they have become tools of their ego, codependent constructs within a codependent system, instead of using their ego as a tool toward self-overcoming and holistic enlightenment.

The ego is not the enemy. It’s actually the soul’s greatest ally when it is healthy.

A healthy ego is an ego that has been leveraged into a state of perpetual self-overcoming, resulting in the continuous individuation of the ego. A robust ego separates and unites, separates and unites, like breathing. And then lets it all go in healthy non-attachment. All while being open to vicissitude and adapting to unexpected change with selfless, humorous, ego-moral non-attachment to the journey being the thing.

Beware the ego that operates within selfish, humorless, ego-centric attachment to an agenda. Like Lewis Hyde wrote in Trickster Makes This World, “It’s better to operate with detachment, then; better to have a way but infuse it with a little humor; best, to have no way at all but to have instead the wit constantly to make one’s way anew from the materials at hand.”

When the codependent self begins to individuate, divisive boundaries dissolve and horizons expand, there is a broadening of scope that unravels and absolves the self into a permeable, flexible, “wave” of infinite possibilities. Self-actualization is at hand.

The self-actualized ego:

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” –Joseph Campbell

Self-actualization is the realization of our full potentialities, especially considered as a drive present within everyone.

Kurt Goldstein originally presented self-actualization as “the tendency to actualize, as much as possible, the organism’s individual capacities in the world.” Here, the ego has been completely individuated and its peak potentialities are capable of being expressed. Boundaries have been dissolved into horizons and the path becomes open-ended, pivoting around the eternal “now” of the flexible and robust self.

Actualizing is symbolizing. When we self-actualize we are creating a symbolic sense of self, we are epitomizing the self through the process of our own unique mind-body-soul development through a constantly changing cosmos. In short: self-actualizing is creating a canvas out of the self, and then giving ourselves the freedom to create with the “materials” (psychological, social, cultural, physiological, existential, etc.) at hand. Our individuated ego is a giant. The ladder we climb up to reach the giants shoulder is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Our self-actualized ego stands on the shoulder of this giant seeing how everything is connected. It is the aspect of ourselves that can see further and farther than the giant ever could by itself.

Through the “breathing in and out” of individuation (attaching and then non-attaching), and through consistent self-overcoming (not allowing the self to become too inert or stagnate), an artistry of self emerges that can be called self-actualization, and peak experiences become more common. The bridge from independence to interdependence becomes clearer. We begin to see how we are not just artists going through the motions of creating art, we are the world going through the motions of creating a self. Self-development becomes universal entanglement. We see how everything is connected and moving, and we begin to see how we can be the spearhead of that movement.

Self-actualization is the realization of our full potentialities, especially considered as a drive present within everyone.

The interdependent ego:

“Contemplation is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things.” –Thomas Merton
The interdependent ego is that aspect of ourselves with the awareness and actualization of the world-as-self and self-as-world. It’s the dynamic process of being a changing being within a changing universe. It is the cosmic self, the deep-down-self, the “wave” of the self which emerges, infinitely connected and self-similar, from the cosmic ocean.  Like Alan Watts said, “What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that the wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet that life pushes around. The real deep-down you is the whole universe.”

“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now.
“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now.

The interdependent ego is personification of The First Law of Thermodynamics. The ovaries-to-marrow (balls-to-bones) understanding that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can, will, and must change form. So it is with the self.

From this awareness a holistic consciousness emerges, a deeply profound realization that all things are connected and that infinity is the rule and finitude is the illusion. A kind of cosmic humor envelops us, and we go from being the butt-end of the cosmic joke to being the one who laughs: the enlightened jokester, the almighty tongue-in-cheek trickster of the existential enigma, the super-anthropic quantum-entangled catalyst toward evolutionary and revolutionary progress.

“To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being constant change, and who, without thinking that they can control it, wish to influence its direction.” –Theodore Zeldin
Indeed, the individual who has individuated (escaped codependency), self-actualized (made an art out of self-overcoming) and become an interdependent force (accepted that all things are connected), is the individual most capable of enacting healthy progressive change.

Try not to look at it hierarchically. The individuated ego is the self-actualized ego is the interdependent ego. It’s all connected. It always has been. It was always the case that these were all aspects of who you are. It’s precisely our awareness that changes. It just so happens that most of us are simply unaware, to a dizzying degree. Labeling the process is merely a tool for leveraging awareness. The more aware we become, the more likely we are to individuate, to self-actualize, and to become more interdependent in the way we perceive and engage the cosmos, the world, and each other. And the more interdependent we become, the more likely we are to discover a sense of stillness amidst all the restlessness.

Featured Images by Luke Brown, Andy Kalin, Larry Carlson

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Gary Z McGee

The Power Of A Broken Heart – Letting The Light Shine

Having a broken heart can be a powerful tool for self work.

A broken heart that’s cracked open, that has seen from the brightest lights to the darkest shadows. A heart that knows there is no point in closing because the beauty of living with an open heart is incomparable to anything else.

Seeing things with our heart, with the eyes of the soul, is no joke. An open heart can take you to the realms of the angels; it can connect you to pure source divine energy, it can teleport you into various galaxies beyond physical or time laws. Most importantly, the inner light of an open heart can shine brightly and light up others. It can connect you to everything. It allows you to feel the beauty in all forms of creation, with no exception. It gives you perspective and insight to acknowledge the universal truth of oneness.

When your heart is truly open, you are no longer a slave to your emotions. You are able to feel them without having to attach them to anyone, you take responsibility for your feelings and understand that you are not them. You are far greater than that; you are part of a universal power whom chose to experience those to expand and grow, to transcend, so you follow the wisdom of your heart, trusting in the unknown. Being able to feel with your fearless heart, being able to absorb any darkness because your light is so great that it can light up anything.. it can transmute with the power of love and vulnerability.

Think about this, when you are no longer a victim of your emotions, you can see beyond them. You can understand why they are rising, you can face the uncomfortable feelings they bring, and you can transcend them because you chose so. At the same time, you can be gentle with yourself and if you get trapped in negative patterns you can forgive yourself and choose again to be your best, choose to the best ever version of you and re-present it to the world with no shame.


When your heart is wide, open tears will flow. When your heart is touched, flushes of energy will feel it and explode outwardly into light, healing the planet and everything around you, radiating it with love and light.

For those who speak from a completely open heart, their world will be filled with truth and carry a frequency of enlightenment that floats into the heart of others, creating this ripple effect, arousing the light in their own hearts to sparkle. The light will keep shining, and slowly but surely it will create an unstoppable atomic reaction; because an open heart can inspire other hearts to open. Hearts are addicted to light; once they taste divine light they want to give more and more, because they start emanating it.

So fear no more, let your heart break open and flow from it. From joy, from love, and be joy be love. Be your heart!

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos 


Wielding The Double-edged Sword Of Guilt And Courage: A second-person Inquiry

“Earthly things must be known to be loved. Divine things must be loved to be known.” –Blaise Pascal

Above you, the stars boil in their blacks. Below you, the city lights blink like fists. There is the scent of concrete and oil, and too-much flesh. Your juxtaposition is sensitive, but at least it is not completely dissociated. Or is it? On the one side, the cosmos hugs you like a mother.

On the other side, the cattle-like actions of your fellow man rejects that cosmos, suffering from a nature-deprivation of the first order. Peer pressure is thick as syrup, as cognitive dissonance pushes in on you from all angles with a ruthless social anxiety that might as well be a cultural straightjacket. You resist, but you’re just one person within a shared maelstrom of unhealthy dispositions and psychosocial anxiety.

From the balcony of civilization, high up in the foothills of unsustainable humanity, you look on, perhaps imagining ways to smash camels through the eyes of needles. But probably just setting your alarm clock for the next day’s nine-to-five grind. Meanwhile, the man-machine is going through the motions of crippling itself below you.

Perhaps you’re planning ways to transcend the aggrandized tautology of it all; the clockwork of blood and bone misbalanced with oil and steel. But you’re probably just packing your lunch and dwelling on all the mistakes you made at work today. Meanwhile, Mankind is going through the motions of being a too-fat God atop a too-high mountain wanting nothing less than everything, dragging you behind it, fumbling and stumbling, as you try to detach yourself from an overly-attached umbilical cord. You’ve detachment, but you’re a social creature. The risks are too high. Loneliness is a fiery abyss. Ostracism is a menacing chasm. Exclusion is tantamount to an existential black hole. Your soul buckles and bends, warbling in its sheath.


But perhaps you’ve walked the path of knowledge for too long, inflicted by the pricks and stings of experience. Perhaps you have achieved some sort of healthy separation. Some sort of Buddhist-like non-attachment. And maybe you realize that there is no turning back to ignorance, that there can be no convenient forgetting. You cannot unlearn what you have learned. You cannot un-see what you’ve seen. And really, why would you want to? You understand: in the sense that it is possible to be willfully ignorant, it is cowardly. Krishnamurti’s words carve a maze through your thoughts: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” But where is a true measure of health to be found?

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” –Rumi.
The Eternal Reoccurrence of it all vibrates in your bones, even if you’re not aware of it. Perhaps you are. Perhaps your self-overcoming has leapt through so many hoops of itself that it has become an infinite loop. But probably not. More than likely the hoop was too scary to jump through in the first place. More than likely the conditioning you received from a fundamentally unhealthy, unsustainable, unjust, unfair, and immoral system of human governance has not been reconditioned yet. More than likely your preconditioning is very much your current condition. But maybe not. Maybe you have questioned to the nth degree. Maybe you have practiced the art of self-interrogation. Maybe you have turned the tables on your own hypocrisy. Maybe, just maybe, you have discovered the holy grail of truth: impermanence.


Your breath stretches and drags through the cold air like smoke. There is a splinter in your heart that you may or may not recognize as Providence. It’s a familiar pang that’s been resonating within you for years. You’ve always felt like you were a stranger in a strange land, an alien that never really grasped the full extent of the native language, because the deepest healthiest part of yourself realized that the language spoken was an extremely unhealthy one. And when the language spoken is unhealthy, maybe it is better not to learn it at all. Maybe relearning what Derrick Jensen calls “a language older than words” is a more important endeavor.

You feel the pressure of the universe like a vice of stars, and the gravity of your ribcage is like prison bars. All of it is a giant cocoon transforming you. And it’s all so laughable. And so you do precisely that: you laugh. Laughter becomes your meditation. With it you slip between the bars. You slither out and around the ribcage of the cosmos. You laugh at the money-mongrels with their head up the wolf’s ass on Wall Street. You laugh at the kowtowing sheep and myopic sycophants hoarding the blind alleys of Father Capitalism. You laugh at the polluted sky, and the wormwood in the proliferated waters caused by Fukushima, and the desertification of the plant’s green spaces, and the wasteland of the human condition. But most importantly, you laugh at God, realizing that such high humor is the glue that binds all things. Indeed, as it turns out, laughter at God is more God than God. Your high humor thus resolves the equation through a fearless forgiveness of all things so that you can finally get the horse back in front of the cart, moderation back in front of gratification, courage back in front of fear, compassion back in front of disdain.

Hidden behind the army of false gods inside you, is this sacred blaze of high humor. Your cocoon is hidden by our armor. Your wings are hidden by your cocoon. And your freedom is all coiled up in your wings just waiting to fly. Human beings have an innate need to expand consciousness and to experience direct relationship with the divine, and you’ve felt this your entire life. You realize that the West’s spiritual impoverishment is directly related to its nature-deprivation and its profound misunderstanding of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. But still you quibble with the fire you’ve stolen: sacred knowledge. Still you vacillate between fear and courage.

wings diablo legend fantasy art armor tyrael artwork diablo iii warriors archangel swords angel 1_wallpaperbeautiful_94

You feel how Prometheus must have felt after stealing fire from the gods. Primal knowledge bashing its way through the soft shell of an outdated armor hiding a parochial ignorance. Your heart no longer a compass pointing True North, but a broken clock pointing lopsided inside a vacuum of shattered stars calling itself light. It is two gods wrestling in a maelstrom, ad nauseum, ad hominem: the attaché of attached, equal parts fist and pact. You drink the spark just as voraciously as you eat the dark. But it’s not enough. It’s never enough.

Meanwhile, the alarm clock is set. The lunch is packed. There are too many things things things cluttering the periphery. There is too much gas in your too-big car. There are too many streets in your too-big city. There is too much unsustainable oil filling in the cracks between here and there, between now and tomorrow, between tainted ocean and blackened beachfront, between living for life and living to keep a dead thing moving.
But, ad nauseum can indeed have an addendum; one that can be written under a new light. One that you know you can write, or at least help write. One that can include holistic resonance, interconnectivity, and interdependent moderation. One that can begin the process of changing the world for the better and bring nature and the human soul back into sacred alignment. One that has the spearhead of your soul pointed True North, despite the blunted plowshares of the unsustainable man-machine outflanking you. Your soul flaps behind you like a cape. All your god-parts piece together and coalesce: Heidegger-esc. Your self-overcoming is fast becoming a Nietzschean perpetual motion, an authentic process of continuous rebirth. You know the sacrifices you must take in order to bring water to the wasteland. The time has come. It’s time to transform “their” way into “our” way.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,

Gary Z McGee

Meeting Your Twin Flame – The Task Of Knowing And Trusting In Whatever Will Be

Hawaiian Journeys Of The Heart

Some of us have heard of this term,Twin Flame. I’m still wrapping my head around it, because I really don’t know how this whole past life connection actually turns out to be in real life.

I’m a true romantic. I never hold back, and never withhold what my heart commands me to feel. This is definitely a new way of being. Although in the past I have been impulsive and have made bad choices based in all sort of mind assumptions, listening to my heart and only my heart is a way of being I’m yet to get used to.

It’s hard work not to let fear and the mind games you play endlessly against yourself get in the way of how you truly feel about someone. It’s hard enough figuring out how to live and let live when you have a strong connection with someone. Even harder is when you meet someone and realise you already played some loving role with them in the past.

It’s overwhelmingly confusing to allow just the now to tell you how you feel. It’s nearly impossible to control your heart aches and longing when you know and have seen the past and how much you once already loved someone.

Even more crazy is how the universe puts you ,once again, in front of this person. How the cosmos brings you in front of each other to find out what is hidden within,  to learn more about the mystery of Self.

I guess this time I’m a little luckier, because at last I understand more about hell and heaven than I used to. Awareness is in place and I can acknowledge karmic connections and how soul recognition works. It’s all very “intellectualized”, and people in spiritual circles know about these timeless connections.

But how does it play out? When you know it didn’t work before, when you know in past lives it was full of uncertainty, pain and even death.


How can you just let things unfold when your whole system is craving every single cell of some other being because your whole particles remember them.

Even odder is when you barely even know this person in this current life!

See, my heart sent me on a quest to Hawaii. It commanded me to go away in search of something secret. I truly felt guided, and I went on this heart journey chosen by my soul. I knew I was going to experience something amazing. I swam with dolphins, I sang with the whales, I chilled out with turtles, I chased sharks, and I’m not speaking figuratively. I actually did those things. I followed the rainbows in the path, and I met the most amazing people. And deep down I hoped I was going to meet someone, someone who would change everything I know, that would make this trip truly enchanted. I thought hey, maybe I’ll meet my soul mate there.

As it turns out, Hawaii did have some romantic adventures and I got involved with someone truly amazing and there was love, but not the kind of love I thought I was going to find. Not the kind of love I thought my heart was after.

I made some new connections, some lovely people indeed, and when I returned to London I was very happy and I missed Hawaii and the most magical time I had ever had. The energy of the land and the secrets within it, I was truly home there and I’ll carry it with me forever.

I also thought mmm, my heart was wrong. I didn’t meet that person. I wasn’t sad, I just thought it was just not meant to happen there like I dreamed. But hearts are wise things. They know way more than they let you see.

It wasn’t even a month since Hawaii that something strange started to happen. It was slow and warm, the pieces of this puzzle started appearing right in front of my eyes. I kept in touch with someone, without really knowing why and understanding why I felt so drawn to this person.

I mean, how can you feel so much for someone you don’t even know? How can this be so very real, a feeling that triggers memory, that transcends time and space. Is this love? Is this how it’s suppose to be? Taking over all your being and playing with the vulnerability of your soul?

A small sparkle that can change over into the brightest star ever born, but at the same time so fragile and perfectly fit inside a heart.


I knew something was happening, but I sure wasn’t prepared to find out this was my twin flame. I sure had no idea of what to do with this information nor how to feel about it.

I don’t even know if twin flames end up together or not.

In what I could see from previous lives shown to me, through visions, is that some of those encounters ended rather badly.

Not only that, this person lives an ocean across me. My mind has worked well in listing one million reasons why I should not even consider the possibility of being together or giving this a chance. But my heart on the other hand can’t have enough of the feeling he brings, so very familiar and at the same intoxicating with joy and peace as well as raising all sorts of uncertainties and old behaviour patterns.

How do you deal with love that is written in the heavens? It’s terrifying to know how powerful this connection is, and how uncertain it can turn out to be.

Have I even learned what I was meant to do in the past lives I had with him? Why is he here again? So many questions of the mind trying to aimlessly figure out what can’t really be explained but only felt.

Well I guess I’ll find out soon. Whatever happens, I can only know in my heart that I know him well and I’m ready to find out what this life has hidden for us.

twin flames 1111

With fearless courage to love how love should be. I’m ready to find out the unknown, to touch the heavens’ secrets, and to get to know about him  here, in the present of the now.

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos 

If you want to read more on Hawaiian tales here is another one : Embarking On A Journey Of The Heart

Meeting The Real Enemy

“The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome”_ George R. R. Martin.

I want to warn you all. About the real danger, the real enemy, and the darkness which follows when we choose to dance with the likes of fear and limitation.

The real enemy is one we know well. It’s the one controlling how “bad” things can be and how blind it can make us. The enemy is you. It lives in you, and it can take over; clouding your whole being.

As humans we have this tendency to forget, forget what we are, who we are, and what we have been, seen and experienced. We turn to external explanations and interpretations of what we already have in the deepest of our souls, ever searching for something that can’t be found because we are it! The only enemy is really us, nothing else.

magical one
We forget who we are so we can learn what we can become.

Once we wake up to it , truly connecting to our own essence of divinity, once we embrace, accept and love our  infinity; only then can we learn there is no enemy at all, because we are truly just One, playing this ever changing, ever growing, ever expanding being. We are not only part of the cosmos, we are the cosmos!

When will you understand that? Stop limiting your own boundlessness; it cannot be contained. It will only cause pain to vainly try to imprison the light. The light was never meant for that, it has always been made to shine, to expand, to travel, to sparkle, to awe.

Awe yourself, in every moment of every second, because you are time itself, connected across multi dimensions to everything that you have experienced and will experience. You are energy, therefore you cannot be separated from anything, simply because everything is energy.

Like Lavoisier said, “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

It is very logical really. If the universe came from one explosion, it is very obvious that all came from one, and therefore everything is formed of the same essence.

The Power is yours, it has always been yours.

Can you feel it? Can’t you feel it?

Have you even tried to feel it? Or are you letting your fear of finding out who you are stand in the way of experiencing your truth ?

We allow fear to stand in the way of life itself, this no longer can be. It is a time for awakening to the powerful truth of all that is. How interconnected you are with nature, with all molecules and atoms, and all that surrounds you.

Open your heart to it. Let it go, and let it live!

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

The Balance Between Giving And Receiving

Giving and receiving are actions we all do every day, either consciously or unconsciously. We are constantly exchanging energy, whether it is with other people, animals, our environment, the planet etc. That is just how the Universe works. What is most important is to find the balance between giving and receiving and that balance comes naturally when the blockages related to these two actions are being released.

As always, it all starts within yourself.

Most people who put themselves in positions that require selfless service and altruism are constantly giving, without expecting anything in return, which is totally fine. However, when it comes to receiving, they are extremely resistant, which is not healthy. This has the energy of the old paradigm that was based on self-sacrifice, which has nothing to do with the higher vibrational states of being. When you constantly give, give, give you might find that there will be nothing left for you to give to yourself and when you constantly take, you become a bit like a needy energy vampire. Both of these imbalances can be lethal to your well-being.

Being a giver, doesn’t make you a better person, and being a taker doesn’t make you a bad person. Those are two outdated concepts. In truth, it’s all about the energy and finding the balance between these two actions, as that leads to a harmonious flow and exchange of energy.

We need to transcend self-sacrifice into a higher form of divine service that is based on love and harmony with the self. If this resistance to receiving is not released, it can be manifested as a block in many areas of one’s life.

Best example would be the flow of abundance. In order for abundance to flow easily and harmoniously, a balance between giving and receiving is needed. When you resist receiving or you are not open to giving, abundance won’t be expressed in your life as it’s supposed to, it won’t flow freely.  Same goes for relationships. There has to be a healthy exchange of energy in order for a relationship to last and be solid.


On a deeper level, most blockages and challenges related to the imbalance between giving and receiving come from the lack of self-love.

When you truly love yourself, not in the narcissistic/arrogant way, but as in a profound feeling of appreciation, complete acceptance and embracement of all you are as a Source spark, “flaws” and all, you want what is best for you and, inevitably, you want what’s best for everybody. The way you treat yourself, is the way you will treat others as well.

So, when love is flowing through you, that is when you give without expecting anything in return and when you love yourself, you will give love to yourself as well and will be open to receiving it, no matter how it will be expressed in your life. Love takes many shapes, it could simply be the smile of a stranger, or the compliment of a friend.

The basic idea is that, it all starts with loving yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

Have a blissful day and thank you for reading,

Love and Light,


Having The Courage To Leave A Job That Doesn’t Fulfil You

I have recently seen so much transformation, people who were drug addicts have dropped their addictions, they have been able to make a positive life changing transformation.

Ayahuasca has certainly been a great technology for healing and self-discovery, self-love, self-enlightenment.  Mother nature has been calling people back to their truth, which is unconditional love. When people start this process of returning home and coming into harmony with nature.

After taking the medicine, you will start dropping things that no longer serve you, and one of them might be your career. You will hear a strong calling; a calling coming from your own soul. It might sound like this: Hey you, wake up, this reality is no longer in alignment with your inner journey, it’s time to live in accordance to your beautiful soul and to explore your true gifts to do something fulfilling, something of service, because when you do something you are here for, you are in balance with your purpose, you are at ease with life.

But how do you make this change? How do you take the leap?

How do you even find what your purpose is?

Slow, steady, go within. Connect to your heart. Ask with humility, really commit to finding out how. There is no point in acknowledging the need for a career change and doing nothing about it.  Don’t take this lightly; I have seen in many of my friends, awakened or not, it is scary! I have experienced it myself.


After taking the medicine, I went through a profound need to be in alignment with my true service, which I’m still discovering myself.

The first steps were to know what was wrong with my current career. I have a marketing company, which works with financial clients, mainly trading! I guess it was pretty obvious for me that the main focus of my job was to enable the sickness of the system. Yes, I am not the one trading or selling the shares. But I can see clearly that the purpose of my media agency has nothing fulfilling for me. I had to contemplate about what was my dream, and what did I really want to do.

I was once a schoolteacher in Brazil and that gave me much fulfilment and purpose, so I wanted to help in some way. That’s when the Power Within Us project started to become a reality. I thought I’d use my current skills for something that mattered the most to me; making an important change in the world. Helping people to find the Guru in themselves to awaken to their divinity and to the unconditional love and oneness spirit present in all aspects of creation.

I still don’t know the final direction or the possibilities of this change. But I had to trust my heart. So I advise you to be brave and set the intention for finding your inner mission. Be strong, don’t give up, have faith in yourself, as your life depends on it because it DOES! You are in charge, you are responsible for everything you create around you, good or bad.

We offer free tutorials and videos to help others to connect with their soul to find their truth. Please get in touch with the team at  if you need assistance, we all need assistance sometimes, it’s no shame . We all need so much love in this life, and it is ridiculous how we like to pretend we don’t; how we like to pretend we are not connected.

There is no shame in being lost. Master Moses told me in a transmission that it’s only by getting totally lost, losing also the idea of who you are, only letting go of everything you thought to be, only then you will find your way – by getting lost first.

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

Featured image: AlexGrey- “Lightworker”

Ascension Update: Rainbow Activations ~ Ouroboros ~ Nature Messengers

2015 hasn’t even started that long, but it’s already showing its magnificence.  As a result the Full Moon (Wolf Moon) on the 4th of January, that facilitated a deeper cleansing and transformation, embracing more of our aspects and becoming Whole on All levels, a huge shift happened.

On the 7th of January my teeth were hurting really bad and from what I can tell, teeth are like magnets for energy that needs transformation.  Eventually, I soothed my pain, transformed all that with some Violet Flame energy work and with the assistance of my Teams. Then on the next day, January 8th, I was just doing my daily thing, nothing out of the ordinary, just taking time for myself, meditate or whatever I feel guided to do in those moments.

So, I connected with some of my Aspects, Teams and other Beings, relaxed to just see what comes  through. The next thing I know I am being bathed in this rainbow energy and my chakras and energy field expand once again. I feel this gentle energy anchoring deep within and then I ground it into the Earth. This is not the first time I am working with this serene rainbow energy, but this time a New Higher Level has been reached.

What I am receiving about it is that this is a Rainbow Activation. Synchronistically, Gaia Portal has posted this just now “Star Children are born again” , you can click on the name to check it out. Anyways, the whole time I was receiving this activation, all I could hear was the word “Harmony.” This is the main characteristic of this rainbow energy, which is a representation of the New Earth that is currently manifesting physically.

This wave felt like a „Gift” for the inner work, constant service and dedication we have shown, and what I am feeling is this is just a small preview of the many blessings that lay ahead.  With this wave came Light downloads, new understandings and my perception has been expanded once again. This was definitely a „Graduation”  and I know many of you have been experiencing it too. I am merely sharing my own personal experience of it. We are all experiencing these activations/upgrades in our own unique ways.

I think what’s most important to keep in mind during these moments of integration is making sure you are grounded into the Earth, otherwise these waves of energy will just float around  you. You will not anchor within yourself, embody and internalize all that, basically you will not fully experience it, unless you are grounded. That’s one of the reasons grounding is such an important aspect of our Ascension.

The messages in dreams and visions have also been very clear and vivid. We’re definitely doing a lot of intense work during sleep time too. What I have been shown in my dreams a lot lately and what I feel guided to share is Ouroboros.


This is what Wikipedia says about it:

„The alchemists, who in their own way knew more about the nature of the individuation process than we moderns do, expressed this paradox through the symbol of the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. The Ouroboros has been said to have a meaning of infinity or wholeness. „

” The Ouroboros often symbolizes self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things such as the phoenix which operate in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished. “

„Ouroboros symbolism has been used to describe Kundalini energy. According to the second century Yoga Kundalini Upanishad, “The divine power, Kundalini, shines like the stem of a young lotus; like a snake, coiled round upon herself she holds her tail in her mouth and lies resting half asleep as the base of the body” (1.82). Another interpretation is that Kundalini equates to the entwined serpents of the caduceus of the Greek god Hermes, the entwined serpents representing divine balance in the west or, esoterically, human DNA. „

To read more about it you can click here.

I think this is a pretty clear message about the process we are undergoing right now: DNA Activations, Kundalini rising, but also embracing all of our aspects becoming Unified/Whole as New Divine Humans. We are going to see more of this in this next period of time as they will amplify. Make sure you give yourself enough time to rest, relax and also hydrate, so these integrations/activations/upgades can happen smoothly. Your body ~ Your temple.

Another message Spirit has shown to me are nature messengers ~ the beautiful blackbirds. Spirit really wanted me to get this message out there, in the past 2 days I have seen 3 blackbirds right in front of my window, looking at me with curiosity, shaking their feathers like they were dancing. I have expressed my gratitude for they were confirming some things my Heart was feeling, their message was very empowering for me.

The message of the blackbird for me was that since 2015 is the Year of Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Creativity,  many people are going to kick it up a notch as they progess on their Divine Soul Mission. Creative Ideas, New Skills, Abilities(maybe more like discovering/activating the skills and abilities you are already carrying within your DNA) and New opportunities that are in alignment with the New Ways will manifest effortlessly now, but it takes courage, dedication and a choice to follow your Heart and Intuition/Inner Guidance at all times. This shouldn’t be so hard as it is part of our natural state of Being to do so, but it does take self-mastery and just allowing things to to unfold at their own pace. We are our Soul Mission and you can’t fail at Being.


This is what what’ is saying about the symbolism of the blackbird.

“The symbolic meaning of blackbirds is eternally linked to the “dark vs light” phases of the moon. I’m talking nocturnal awareness. Illumined lunar understanding which requires a different use of the senses. Sense which can only be utilized when transformative devotion is made. A commitment to higher knowing (flight) and an acceptance of the void (infinite vastness that eludes the ego and rational mind).

This is a fundamental concept of alchemy which is: Transition and Transformation. The bird is symbolic of life in the heavens (higher ideals, higher path of knowing) and the color black is symbolic ofpure potential. Between the two, there is no limit to human transformation – all we have to do is close the shutters of the rational mind, and start sojourning with our darkly feathered friends.

Black birds (in general) are archetypes of living life in higher realms, and are symbolic of:

  • Higher Intelligence
  • Higher Thought
  • Higher Ideals
  •  It is no simple mind that summons these onyx beauties. Thankfully, these sky-clad lovelies will never come to a person who is not equipped to read the deeper meanings behind its presence. Better said: If you did not already know the answers, you would have never had the encounter. “

To read more about blackbird’s symbolism you can click here.

You have to ask yourself if these Spirit Messages mean something for you and what do they mean ? Maybe they have a different meaning for you, than they had for me. Or have you received any Spirit Messages/Signs that you might have overlooked ? Being aware of them is quite important, so make sure you pay attention to them.  As always, use your Heart’s Wisdom to bring forth their significance for you.

Overall, this year is already quite exciting, we are literally going through uncharted territories and it’s quite the adventure. A playful, whimsical part of me is saying “YASSSS! ” right now. LOL

Much Love, Wisdom and Power,  <– 🌈 Harmony 🌈

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light.

Eddie Seanàn

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Could You Forgive Someone Who Killed A Member Of Your Family?

It’s funny how some things you do, and the ways you behave, are observed by others.

Sometimes you are very unaware of them because you never even had the chance to question or contemplate your behaviour and actions in relation to it. It isn’t until someone reminds you of them or acknowledges your actions that you realise what you have actually done, and how a big transformation has happened in your life.

My life was so hard, even though as a company director I was earning the most money I ever had. I was my own boss, and I ticked all the boxes I thought I needed in my career, working in the city of London “making it”. I was running in the hamster wheel and not understanding why something was missing, and why I felt so damn empty.

My life sure took a turn in December 2011. On the 9th of December, one week before I was going back home to Brazil for Christmas, looking forward to seeing my family, an unexpected event changed everything. Some things you feel with your soul but you’re not sure why; on the Friday I was talking about my brother and how righteous he was, and that he was one of the few policeman in the world I’d put my hand in the fire for.

Family Photo one of the last times I saw my brother still alive
From right to left – Leonardo my brother, his wife Elaine, My sister Vanessa , and me Sabrina

When the telephone rang and I heard my mother’s voice trembling I knew something terrible had happened. She passed the phone to my father who said, “ Your Brother has been killed”.

Those words, the ones you never forget, they don’t even sound real because of the absurdity of them. I couldn’t believe it, because in a week he should be picking me up from the airport.  It was like the world stopped turning. The screaming, the crying, I was in London so far away with no one from my family around to hold on to. My mother spoke again and she said call for him and ask for him to calm you down. So I sat on my sofa and this yellow aura-like energy took over my sobbing and my panic, and I was numbed but calm. I truly felt his energy, just like I’m feeling it right now writing this article.

He was cowardly shot dead while working, as a Federal police member it was not a common act. I saw it on TV , I watched the videos online not only of his death but also watched the people who killed him being captured.

 Here it is, online for everyone to see it, It was like watching a movie and it didn’t look real at all but it sure felt real.

Here is when they killed him:

Here is When they caught the murderess:

The people who killed my brother are now in jail, they where sentenced to 26 to 30 years in prison.

Trust me, I don’t like going over this atrocity, but it is part of the point I’m trying to make, the point of transformation in which I am now.

His death has taught me so much, it really has. Incredibly, our connection has increased after his passing and the message it carried really played a major part in changing my life. After his death I went on a journey of starting to learn how to live, how to appreciate life, how to connect with my soul, discovering the truth beyond death, and learning how to forgive.

Yes, learning how to forgive.

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I had the chance to contemplate the forgiving. I was watching a documentary called The Dhamma Brothers, where prison inmates take part in a Vipasana meditation programme and go within themselves to understand, to learn, and to forgive.

While watching it, for the first time, I really felt compassion for prisoners. I mean, I always knew society, the childhood story and life itself play a major part in how a human being can turn out and make bad choices. But I never really experienced it in my life. It’s easy to blame it on the system and then say people had no choice when you are not involved in it. But when your dear brother is murdered, well then it’s personal. It made me understand how sad they truly must be inside, how desperate, how dark, and if they had the chance to deeply contemplate their actions, they would know what their actions have done to others, so how would they live with themselves? Well, they would have to have the true courage to forgive themselves for it.

So who am I to even be in the position of judging or forgiving them? They already have their own burden to deal with. I could not even imagine myself carrying it. I could only feel compassion for them. Yes I have forgiven them, but again it’s really not my place as they have to forgive themselves, once they came across their Truth, they will have the understanding.

So yes, I have changed and this gift of forgiveness is not really mine to give to them. I have a hard enough time learning how to forgive myself for everything I do and did. I carry my own burden, not only from this life. Who am I to judge others? It’s not my place. I can only send them love and prayers.

In my transformational process, I gained understanding during an Ayahuasca ceremony. I too was in hell, and I too had to face my demons. I had to see the darkness. Being in this other dimension where you are surrounded by demons, I understood the lower frequencies and distorted emotions that make us prisoners of self. It was a very hard lesson, but I asked to see. When it got too hard, I called for help. I said I have seen enough, please bring me back. Once again that familiar smile came over. Glowing in shimmering light, his hand grabbed mine, and he said come with me I’ll bring you back. My brother grabbed my hand once again, we met in the spiritual world and he pulled me back to this reality.

Taking Ayahuasca had a big impact in my heart opening, and it accelerated my transformational process. I sure have a lot to explore in relation to this experience, but I’ll save it for other articles.

So yes, I have to be really thankful to my brother Leonardo Valgas dos Santos, for his lessons and for his courage.

Forgiving is a powerful thing. So I leave you with this to ponder about.

In Memory of my beloved brother whom is always watching over, Leonardo Leon Valgas dos Santos.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light

Sabrina  Santos

There are many articles on this crime and they are mostly in Portuguese. It was on TV constantly in our city when it happened