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Spiritual Guides, Kundalini Rising, Chakra Opening and Balancing, DNA Activation. It’s all related to the changings on Earth’s energy grid. We talk about all different ways to connect with spirit and raise your energy.

The True Story Of Eye Gazing Part 1

Guru, him say: Any two lovers know the power of gazing into each others’ eyes. It carries one deeply inside and creates a harmonious whole which is bigger than either of the pair; a oneness identification; a union. It can be erotically thrilling at times but more typically it goes beyond body thrill into the realms of delight and surrender.

In Transformational PsychologyTM, we use “eye gazing” to enhance perceptions and connectivity with others. It is absolutely vital (and little practiced in most psychotherapies, I observe) that you process the person in front of you, not some imagined trial case. You can’t do that without actually looking at the person in front of you.

So often the practitioner is trying to force the client to fit their preconceived notions, he or she fails to observe the individual in front of them. Often the practitioner has only a narrow range of skills and wants the client to align with these—or has some crank pet theory—so he or she pretends the case fits into these prejudices and misses the real signals from the client. How else could mischief like false memory syndrome get started?

Eye gazing is not just about communication, it’s Souls Connecting

But there is much more to eye gazing than just learning the skill of quiet contemplative listening; it can lead us to see the soul of another and, as if by magic, our own soul too. In fact eye gazing can take us to extraordinary mind spaces and I highly commend it as an exercise, leading to better communication skills and deeper insights.

History Of Eye Gazing?

It’s a practice which has a long and honorable tradition. Will Rogers in his book The Spiritual Practices of Rumi (originally titledRumi: Gazing At The Beloved) gives us a few examples:

Darshan is a Hindu concept. It comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “Seeing and being seen by God”. Well, most traditions declare we are made in the image of God, so why not? If you look deep into another’s soul or Being, you should be able to see God there. And  by the way, what you see is just a reflection of yourself too…

It may have a formal setting, where the Master or Teacher sits in front of the class and encourages them to share darshan with him. He pours out his gaze; students return it and learn the mysteries of God. Ramana Maharshi, a great twentieth century teacher and one of the great givers of darshan, said “When the eyes of the student meet the gaze of the teacher, words of instruction are no longer necessary.”

It can be further said that something takes place between the two, which almost defies words. Love, in my experience, is a word that doesn’t really cover it. Or if it does, than normal measures of love are seriously lacking.

According to Johnson, the Cowichan Indian tribe of Vancouver Island have a concept of “disease of the eye”. This refers to the tendency to pass another human and averting one’s gaze as one does so. To them, it’s a kind of affront of God, to deny or try to sidestep another’s presence or Being.

Well, there’s a lot of eye disease on the streets of modern cities. Maybe that’s part of the problem of urban craziness?

Oscar Ichazo, the Chilean shaman, has developed a practice called traspasso, in which students sit across from each other and hold each other’s gaze. It means, roughly, giving up oneself.

The late Charlotte Joko Beck (1917-2011), modern US Zen teacher, author and founder of the Ordinary Mind Zen School, included eye gazing in the meditation routines she taught. For her it was a pathway to the intense here and now, no clutter, just being “here”.

The willingness to accept and hold another’s gaze, without being uncomfortable or confrontational, is something of a skill. It is, in a sense, a measure of our spiritual maturity.

Rumi’s True Love

Jalaluddin Rumi is one of the most read poets of our age and one of the most admired love poets of all time, along with Ovid, Sappho, John Dunne and, perhaps, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

It comes as a surprise to many of his devotees, that Rumi’s love poems were entirely directed towards a man called Shams of Tabriz. As Johnson points out, everything Rumi ever wrote can be rightly read as a letter to Shams:

O my Beauty, I have fallen in Your love,
I follow Your way.
Your love is a sea, my heart is as a fish.
If you turn Your face from me,
If I don’t see You,
My soul that resembles a fish will die.
Fish cannot survive without water.
It’s the same for lovers, they cannot endure
The separation from the Beloved
Who took their hearts.

Not that this is a declared homosexual relationship; clearly it goes way beyond the erotic into the realms of mysticism and passion. Of course the true soul has no gender; that sex stuff is in the province of the Self.

Rather, the kind of union Rumi was writing about is really about finding a different, greater self in the other; or more than that—finding a new Being which is a meld of the two.

For reasons nobody really understands, respectable young Rumi, already a wise and cherished teacher in Konya, falls under the sway of Shams, a notoriously wild and irascible outcast. The two disappeared for months into a private retreat together and Rumi emerged utterly changed.

Nobody knows what actually transpired between the two but clearly Shams had some divine message for Rumi and it was not to be passed on with mere words. Instead they gazed into each other’s eyes for hours a day, for many weeks.

When they emerged, Rumi talked excitedly of their being one soul in two separate bodies. He poured his feelings out about love and togetherness and, through it all, there was this continuous theme of gazing deeply and meaningfully into Sham’s eyes and the unimaginable (or ineffable) love that he found there.

Of course, there was a scandal and attempt to cosmetically overwrite the events that took place in 1244 but that need not detain us here. We ignore the politics of the day and focus only on the transcendental technique of “eye gazing” that Rumi made so famous.

The Waters of Union

Johnson gets quite poetic about it: “Like iron filings being drawn to a powerful magnetic source, we experience ourselves as being ineluctably drawn closer to a shared feeling of union, relatedness and love. Where formerly we were two separate beings, we join together through the practice and become something that neither of us could quite be on our own. When hydrogen comes into the presence of oxygen, suddenly there’s water. Likewise, through such a meeting, two people lose their sense of separateness and drown together in the waters of union.” [Johnson W, The Spiritual Practices of Rumi, Inner Traditions, Rochester VA, 2007, p. 5]

If you see my related Scale of Love and Connectedness, this all makes sense. The acme of love, the top of the scale, we all know as “being one” with another; the two viewpoints really do fuse. Often telepathy takes over; each knows what the other is thinking, even before it is said. Rupert Brooke caught this nicely in a poem about re-incarnation:

“Spend in pure converse our eternal day;
Think each in each, immediately wise;
Learn all we lacked before; hear, know, and say
What this tumultuous body now denies;
And feel, who have laid our groping hands away;
And see, no longer blinded by our eyes.”

And, sure enough, when we are deeply engaged with another who we are helping with Transformational Psychology™  techniques, we often get their thoughts before they speak them aloud, or see their mental pictures, sometimes before the client has seen them.

Read part 2 here

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Love and Light,

The True Story Of Eye Gazing Part 2

Touching With Our Eyes

Touch is very important to humans.

It has been found that infants deprived of proper human contact fail to thrive and even die. In overworked orphanages, for example, where staff are few and contact lacking, up to one third of the children will die, even when well fed and hygienically protected. Half

Touching without touching
Touching without touching

of the rest — at least double the rate seen in the general population — will suffer from mental illness. Each month spent in an orphanage in early life reduces IQ and increases risk of behavioral and psychological problems, according to proper scientific studies.

Austrian psychoanalyst Rene Spitz, later at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, found the same thing and published books and articles on this in the 1940s and 50s.

But the first ever case study seems to have been Frederick II, a thirteenth century Holy Roman emperor and king of southern Italy. He unwittingly conducted the first study of human bonding and the importance of touch. Frederick II spoke several languages and wanted to discover the inborn language of mankind by raising a group of children who would never hear speech.

The children were cared for by foster mothers and nurses who were allowed to suckle and bathe the children but not to interact with them at any other time. All the babies died before uttering a single word.

So when Ida Rolfe Ida Rolfe, one of the great somatic teachers of the 20th century, pointed out that gazing at another was a form of remote touch, it assumes special significance. It is not surprising then, that eye gazing can be so powerful and therapeutic, as well as spiritual.

In doing this practice of eye gazing, you must allow yourself to conceive the idea of touching and stroking the other; maybe not with full erotic import, if that is inappropriate, but at least with tenderness, kindness and good will.

Let your eyes stroke them around the face, as if being intimate, for indeed it is!

The Undercut With Self

Notwithstanding what I just wrote, you can even do eye gazing with self, as an undercut. So there is no need to be deprived.

You will need a large mirror and sit close to it, looking at your own image, as if it were another person present. I think it tells us a lot about self, the fact that we can relate to a mirror reflection as another persona.

It probably works because we are so accustomed to seeing ourselves from “inside”; the new viewpoint of seeing oneself “over there” can be quite startling.

The good thing is this has the same psychological impact (well, almost) as someone else “stroking” you. Look over yourself in a loving, caring and intimate way; admire what you see; get beyond the body image nonsense and see yourself as the Beloved.

Rumi was most passionate about the degree of love that eye gazing evoked. If you feel short of love, do this for yourself and you never need feel deprived again.

Practical Tips For Eye Gazing Meditation

Participants are twinned off and sit facing each other, at a comfortable distance. This can be close enough to hold hands or a little further apart. The key factor is that they are close enough to observe the others eyes and face very clearly. Lighting needs to be adequate for this.

There should be no distractions. Usually a clock or timer is visible and the length of the session is agreed beforehand, otherwise participants should ignore their surroundings.

Simply sit with your chosen partner, allow your gaze to go to his or her face and let it relax there. There is a myth that the left eye is the “soul eye” and the right eye the heart. I dismiss it because any skilled practitioner will tell you there are people who are “switched” (nothing to do with right or left-handedness).

THIS IS NOT TESTOSTERONE-DRIVEN MILITARY-STYLE CONFRONTATIONAL EYEBALLING!  Also, if you find anyone using a baleful, hypnotic stare to get control, you have my permission to punch them in the face: it’s a spiritual blow!

You can look at either eye, or both. Hopefully, your gaze will settle down and not wander after a time. But there should be no rigidity and it is not a fault to look elsewhere. It is only “wrong” if you can’t handle gazing deeply into another’s eyes and that will clear, simple by doing more of it.

Early on, you will get many body sensations, some of them unpleasant. These are old somatic memories, trapped within the body and are the source of tension. As they release, you will feel more comfortable.

This is one of the many, pleasant “side effects” of eye gazing!

What Will Happen?

You can get some very strange, even uncomfortable, effects early on and some rather wonderful ones later on!

When I first did this on 1964 I had such a fabulous change in perceptions, it was amazing—like seeing the world for the first time. The colors were so intense and sounds so bright, I had never experienced anything like it before.

It was like a Zen satori.

Of course I now understand that I came out of my body (in the spirit

The truth is We are everything and everything is a part of us
The truth is We are everything and everything is a part of us

sense) and was not really using my eyes and other senses at all. It was just immediate apprehension of reality: BEING the world outside.

That’s when I first knew, in the personal sense, that consciousness not only creates the world; consciousness IS the world. Rumi, too, I think, found this merging of the bright self with a bright world:

I have no idea whether I am a bright soul or a bright body

In truth we are not a self, looking AT the world, we are part of the world we see and experience; we participate in the creation of our reality. The guy I was with that day was not a Beloved, in any sense; just someone helping out. But the transformational effects we awesome.

He was great but I was so busy running around yelling “Wow!” that I forgot to ask him how he did.


There can certainly be unpleasant effects, at least in the beginning. Old aches and pains can surface and be felt quite strongly in the body.

You may see your partner’s face change to that of another or even animal! I consider it idle to speculate whether these might be from past encounters, or even past lives. Such thoughts are a distraction.

We want analytical thought out of the way, in order that the Higher Self can connect and come in.

Naturally, the ego can give you a trip. It’s quite hard, penetrating the veils of pseudo-self that we hold in font of us, especially when confronted by the proximity of another person or soul.

It can be unnerving, embarrassing, distracting.

The natural instinct is to run for cover and hide: put on airs and graces, tics, facial spasms and all kinds of substitutes for the raw self. You will want to avert your gaze; you will shuffle around, pretending to get comfortable; you will yawn and your eyes water.

It’s all nonsense, flung out by the timid self, in an effort to avoid coming to the table. Just keep going till it all dissipates. In the words of Robert Frost, “the way out is the way through.” Persist and these impediments to true self will slowly evaporate.

Then you will find your true self, truly being “there” or rather, “here”.


Surrender is the key. You give yourself up to what you see; you shed the complexities of Self and try to simplify to pure viewpoint. Just see and Be.

Most of us are so rigid and tense in everyday living that we cannot truly BE, we are DOING, not BEING. But once we break through that barrier to our inner self, the discovery of our real nature is revelatory and inspiring.

I think this is where Rumi got his passion. Like me, he probably went out of his body into the realm of true Being; he swam in the Ocean of Love, which is immanent and ineffable, though he tried to capture it with brave words. Our nature is love; we ARE love. So when we truly become, we flame up in intense love. It is natural that the person who took us there should be the object of our adoration.

There is probably an imprinting effect too, like geese and other animals fall for the first living thing they see and bond with that. So anyone around when these experiences happen is likely to become an object of love.

Soul Energies

Let’s be honest; this is not just about seeing and revelation; it’s also about energies. Two people cannot sit in close proximity without their energies fusing and producing a higher dynamic of the two.

If you happen to be with a true Master, you will respond mainly to his or her energies.

Wise beings know that there is so much more to this than mere seeing; or even deep seeing. There is an energy too. To be in the presence of a great sage or teacher is to feel a divine force.

That also answers the question: can a blind person do eye gazing? Of course. You don’t even need to touch or feel; you just have to be there, because of the presence of the energy of another being.

Healing With Eye Gazing

Eye gazing can be incredibly healing. I did this with one guy back in the 1970s and was astonished that he just blew away his chronic ulcer pain. Two hours of eye gazing in which he faced his true self and connected to others, with no barriers or tricks, and his problem resolved. He never took another antacid!

Since then, I have seen many examples of dramatic physical and emotional healing, using this procedure.

The negative emotions surface but they are soon wiped away by the very act of ignoring them and refusing to be drawn aside from the purpose.

In the face of the safe and loving eye contact, emotional pain held within the energy field and physical body will at some point surface for healing. It’s best to allow the feelings to come in full flood; don’t fight them. In doing so, you will release the pain and unblock the chakras, allowing more life force to flow. Since the movement of energy is often pleasurable when we surrender to it the healing process can be very enjoyable.

Loving and God

It may or may not be revealing, to think of God as some force or entity beyond the world of forms. It doesn’t serve us that well because it tends to make God “unavailable”. The truth is, that God is everywhere and in everything. It’s not even separate from us, never mind remote.

The quickest way to see beyond the world of forms is to look for Being. We need to search for it in another because it’s hard to see our own (like a knife cannot cut itself). We do this by eye gazing.

Gazing into another’s Being is a pretty good way to reveal God. Connecting with them and getting them to connect with you is a surprising fast track to a higher world, as Rumi discovered.

Try it!

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Source :

from Keith Scott-Mumby, the “Renegade Guru”

When I experienced The Kambo Spirit

I was born in the Amazon forest, Santarem Para Brazil to be more precise. My mother’s family live there, and my father’s family live in south Brazil. Although I was born there I grew up in the south of Brazil in a city called Florianopolis by the beach. It’s a massive contrast from one town to the other, with an 8-hour flight between cities!

However, in my school holidays Mum and I would go up north and visit her family while Dad stayed south working. As a kid, I had no idea of how these experiences would reflect, impact and mould my life in the future.  I played with my cousins in the Amazon river, we ran into the jungle at times and discovered much about the forest; not even aware of its majesty and its powers and dangers.

What really gets to me is the fact that, as a kid, I had no fear. We jumped into the muddy waters of the Amazon river not worrying about the dangers; piranhas, anacondas, alligators and many other massive predatory creatures that were right in the river.

Anacondas live in the Amazon river

I had to move all the way to London to find out more about the spiritual power of the forest. It was like it was calling me back.. As if home was calling me back.

Last Friday, the 20th of March, I had the great opportunity to once again merge with the spirit of the forest. In such a special cosmic day, where Earth, Sun and Moon were all in harmony, I too was looking into myself and finding stillness.

I had heard about Kambo before, but never really had a chance to learn more about it or experience it, not until last Friday; when I met the Frog Spirit.

The poison is extracted from the fearless Frog for administration of the Shaman

Things always happen in the way they are supposed to. I was trying to change my flight to the 20th but it turned out I wasn’t able to re-schedule it, not even if I paid the extra fees. I was a little annoyed by it, but my spirit guides told me not to worry and said they had something in store for me. A day later I was invited by Maren Lander to take part in this Kambo ceremony that should be happening on Friday the 20th.

I was very sure this was meant to be; even so I made sure to ask my Shaman and other trustworthy people in my life about the ceremony. I guess it’s always nice to be reassured on your decisions. I read more about the power of Kambo and got ready for the ride.

Sabrina Santos – My Kambo Warrior points

When it comes to any spiritual ceremony, intention is the most important thing. My intention was to clean my body of toxins and get it ready for my next spiritual journey – the journey of the heart – I’m off to Hawaii on Tuesday the 24th for a personal quest of the heart.

While I waited with the others taking part in the ceremony, I was wondering how hard it would be. And not knowing what to expect, it’s one thing to read about it, but another thing entirely to actually do it!

Another crucial point of any ceremony is the Shaman. It’s very important to feel connected to the person performing any spiritual ceremony. They will be guiding you into this journey and looking after your soul, making sure it comes back to your body once it’s all over. You need to feel safe and trust this person; you don’t want to leave any part of your spiritual body behind when you return from this energetic expansion.

Shardai the Shaman preparing the altar for the ceremony

Anyway, the ceremony was very intense and also painful as I had to deal with a great amount of pain and letting go. I had some visions which are very hard to remember; it looked like some sort of tribe working by the river.. I do not recall what place or time, but I was too busy fighting the purging and the pain. As I said it was intense, the Shaman was very aware of my struggle and made sure I was protected and encouraged me to let go of the pain together with all the toxins I had been holding on to.

After the purging came the stillness and the lightness. The feeling of wanting to dance in the jungle with the spirit of the frog.

I’m still processing this experience before deciding if I’ll do the next two ceremonies recommended. So far I would say yes. I’m up for it.

Anyway, in case you want to know more, here is more on my Kambo experience:

If you want to know more about Kambo, get in touch.

May the spirits of the forest connect you with mother nature, may they cleanse your body so you can elevate your frequencies and be in sync with the source and life.

If you wish to contact Shardai from Kambo Healing, the amazing Shaman who is performing Kambo ceremonies here is her email :

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

-Sabrina Santos

The Solar Eclipse Kundalini Experience

“Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.”_ Victor Hugo

Rebirthing, we are all  in constant reinvention, down to the very cells of our body constantly regenerating themselves… Like nature itself, we too go through cyclical periods in our life, some more constant and significant than others.

However, as nature, we too are subject to major energy recycling and upgrades.

Being a Scorpio, I’m very used to the word rebirth, so with the Spring equinox together with a full solar eclipse coming up on March the 20th, I’ve got a little experience to share with you all.

Last year, in April 2014, we had a solar eclipse. It was the very first time I decided to embrace the energy and power of this phenomenon and meditate on it. I wasn’t prepared for the power of the Kundalini awakening. I searched online for a meditation on it, and I came across the following link:

I felt very connected to the meditation and went to bed after it. While sleeping, my body started to burn up. I was dreaming about the sun.. I was sunbathing on its energy, and I love sunbathing, so I thought it was a cool dream to have together with the solar eclipse.

I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt sunburnt and very hot. I also had a fever.. I didn’t know what was going on. But I knew something strange was taking place. In the following 7 days I was very ill, burning up in bed with fever and no energy. I cried and I was weak; I needed help looking after myself. It has always been hard for me to ask for help as I’m “so independent”.. The fact is I never like to show my weak side or softness, and I try to hide it.

This experience taught me a lot about myself and my fears, as well as a strong energetic upgrade in my body frequency as well as intuitive sensitivity.

I didn’t even know about Kundalini Yoga or the Kundalini energy itself, but it found me…


It took over my body; it knew what I was looking for. Rebirth, connection to mother earth, letting go of the old and surrendering to the sun.

Later in the year, in October 2014, I had a series of upgrades, and guess what was happening during that time? Again, another solar eclipse. The same events pushed me into Kundalini and I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, which led me to a whole new frequency and way of being.

I guess in modern times, people forget the power of these events and how much we can use, connect and benefit from them.

This year again, and in double dose with the Solar eclipse together with the spring equinox, will allow those who want to surrender to the source use this energy in their favour and upgrade their body’s energy.


 The changes are already in the air, I’ve heard from others experiencing the same intensity such as losing track of time, it seems time has been in super speed;  there are also people reporting intense night experiences, being woken up by light – this is reserved to awaken and non-awaken people.

The fact is the energy is in the air. Believe it or not. It has a major impact in our inner and collective system. Even from a scientific point of view, the sun is responsible for life on earth as well as mutations in conjunction to evolution itself.

“Some people would claim that things like love, joy and beauty belong to a different category from science and can’t be described in scientific terms, but I think they can now be explained by the theory of evolution.” _Stephen Hawking

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

-Sabrina Santos 

The Art Of Touching The Soul With Andrew Fretwell

“Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances – it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.” Richard Rudd

Following on from the DNA activation after the Gene Keys experience, I had the immense pleasure of meeting Andy. Funny how, without knowing why, you can meet someone and feel so connected to them, and start referring to them in an intimate way.

So, let’s give you some more information. Andrew Farewell is an OFT teacher who is working alongside Richard Rudd with the Gene Keys project.

After watching Richard talking about Gene Keys for the first time on Saturday 14th of March, I was very touched by the information. I was also very happy to know there are more people who know and experience the energy downloads and upgrades in the human body.


After the talk, I was very excited about this new discovery and ready to dive into the DNA activation process; that’s when I first met Andy. I remember very well the feeling it created in my energetic field. A feeling of connection, a deep heart connection. I started to talk to him about the talk and how amazed I was by it, and the more we talked the more my heart started to expand. His words have this effect on you; they sink into your being. Why? Because they are full of kindness and deep inner truth.

It didn’t take long until my eyes started watering. I didn’t know what was happening there and then, but I knew it was pure magic.

Andy has this energy and the only way to explain it is to watch and hear from him in his interview:

I feel very blessed for having the chance to interview him. Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed for everyone I have interviewed; every human being is very unique and wonderful. I truly think we are all the same, no one is better than anyone.

It is, though, very inspiring when you meet someone like Andrew, someone in this frequency shining his truth and speaking from the heart..

The very first thing that amazed me about his way of operating was the fact he is so switched on to everyone’s needs, empathising with their feelings. He has a way of acknowledging what you are saying and really listening; making sure his reply comforts you. It’s such a natural thing for him to behave in this way – I guess it’s part of his unconscious Gene keys characteristics.

Andrew Fretwell _ OFT master and Gene Keys project colaborator

Another great thing I discovered by meeting Andrew is OFTOriginal Feeling Touch; which is a whole new subject, and I’ll be sure to write about it once I experience it. So far, I can say what I read about it: “OFT is a journey of discovery of unfolding what is inside of us. OFT is a reminder of what you have always known deep down in your being. In fact, OFT is Touching the Essence of You”.

I’m very interested in finding out more about this practice. Andrew Fratwell is a worldwide specialist in OFT.

To get in touch with Andrew, please visit his websites, only if you dare to discover the true magic inside yourself 😉

“The sacred is honouring the unknown, we are obsessed these days  with knowing and it’s the opposite, it’s about not knowing the more you embrace not knowing the more magical you life becomes”_ Andrew Fretwell

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

-Sabrina Santos 

Equinox Power: Standing in Your Truth

Greetings, Fellow Masters!

Due to the fact that the Spring Equinox energies are already “up in the air,” I feel guided to point out a few things that are important to be aware of as we go through this very potent gateway. As always, during such powerful events there is a lot of energy movement, so you might have to take “extra” care of yourself, as in make sure you stay grounded/connected, centered and hydrated.

The areas where we might still be holding some resistance are being brought to the surface these days, until they will be dealt with and released. This is happening based on our Soul choices, growth and for our greater good. Try not to get too serious about this releasing work and make a big deal out of it, cause it is not. It is merely a natural process we have to go through in order to transcend into a more harmonious state of being. I think the best way to approach these moments of release is through a playful manner.


The Ascension process is much more than releasing/cleansing, this is merely a very tiny part of it, so it’s important to not get stuck on focusing more than we should on this releasing work. Overtime and in my sessions as well, I’ve noticed that because of the constant focus on releasing and a constant “there’s always something wrong with me” attitude, people create more experiences that reflect their focus. There needs to be a shift in focus and perspective as well. We can shift easily, quickly and with grace, you just have to allow yourself to do so and flow with it.

Over the course of history many philosophers said that “A wise person knows he knows nothing.”. I don’t disagree, I understand why they said that, but at the same time I think a truly wise person knows himself and knows his Truth and at the same time is open to new understandings and higher Truths.  As we progress on our journey, our Truth is most likely to change as well. For example, at some point we might discover a higher truth that overwrites something we’ve known as Truth before. Those Truths were both true and both valid in the moment, but each truth corresponded to a different level. That is why it’s important to keep our minds and hearts open and constantly let go of things that are not of resonance anymore in order to make room for the new ones, because when we “level up” our perceptions and perspectives change.


When we live through our Soul, this happens naturally and effortlessly, but at the same time, we have to know and own what we know to be true and become an embodiment of it, “walk the talk” as they say, without trying to force our Truth on others. First of all, because it won’t work. Each person has its own journey and we have to learn to respect it and give them space to discover what is Truth for them. I know many lightworkers tend to force their understandings and knowingness on their family/loved ones, but it’s pointless and most of the time it’s causing exactly the opposite of what you intended, which is confusion and negative reactions, so you’re doing them and yourself a disservice. The best you can do is to try to “plant seeds” if you are so guided, but at the end of the day their Higher Self chooses when it’s best for them to remember and awaken to who they are. The power of example is much more effective than forcing your truth on them.

The Truth theme is big part of what’s going on in the collective energy right now. Personally, me, my Higher Self and my Team have tested me often in that area. We have been challenging me in my Truths for two primary reasons: to either assist me in overwriting an outdated one that no longer serves me, or to fully integrate and embody an existing one on a deeper level. I am pretty sure many of you can relate to that and some of you will experience and are experiencing tests like that these days.

Often times our discernment is challenged by others around us as well, so make sure you always check within, with your own inner compass, your heart, your own guidance. Let’s say, for example when reading this article don’t take everything I wrote as truth, if it resonates with you it’s basically just a confirmation of what you already know in your Heart. If it doesn’t resonate that’s perfectly fine, simply move on. We have to learn to respect each other truths and differences in general and don’t let these differences become walls between us. We did that in the past and the outcome of it was an illusionary separation and all that came with it. All for a reason, all for a purpose, but Now that we are over it, we have to make heart based choices.

Truth is always found within. Everything you will ever need to know is within you. Yes, along the way you can learn things from the outside, use the outside to confirm things you already know in there somewhere, but at some point you reach a certain level that allows you to know and to fully trust your own Heart and Soul wisdom at all times. That’s when you truly start living as a Soul empowered individual.

This Equinox article will be continued in a second part. I hope you have a wonderful day/week and talk to you soon!

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Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness

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Meditation Talk With Marco Dean

I first met Marco Dean in February 2014; I was passing by this famous holistic shop in Covent Garden called Mysteries and looking for something interesting to do, maybe a new course, when I came across a free meditation class.

As I looked at the picture of this man, I couldn’t help but feel a bit curious about the whole thing.  “Mmm I wonder what this class will be like?”

Up to that point, I hadn’t had much meditation practise – apart from a few courses I had taken in the previous year (2013) – so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or what kind of meditation he would be teaching.

Little did I know how much that class would dramatically change my life.


“A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet. As the sun on rising makes the world active, so does self-awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and steady self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part.”_Nisargadatta Maharaj


Marco held a class on alpha meditation, with shamanic background; with very simple meditation techniques that can be practiced for as little as five minutes a day, and can definitely have an effect on your way of thinking. Not because it changes what you think, but because it enables your consciousness to operate on a better level.

It’s like exercising.. You exercise to have a healthy body, and you eat well, you brush your teeth to make them clean. Well, with meditation, you exercise your brain! It’s weird to explain, as it’s different for everyone.

Nonetheless, meditation has been scientifically proven to enrich and benefit your brain capacity as well as having various other related health benefits.

Quantum physics studies have also acknowledged the power of the mind in creating your own reality. Your thoughts are interacting with everything around you, down to the very atoms.

Therefore, when you start meditating and perfecting your consciousness, “things”start happening.

Anyway, everyone has to start from some point, and I was lucky enough to take part in this weekly meditation class for a year, and now I meditate every day.

Marco is a very interesting character, very mysterious and quirky; it took me a while to get him. That’s the thing with mystics; they make you think, they puzzle your mind, and they don’t give you any answers. Instead, they make you question everything and find out for yourself.

Here is our interview with Marco. I hope you enjoy it.

One of the things I love to hear from Marco in class is the freedom he gives you when you ask a question.

For instance, when asked “How do I know I’m doing it right? Have I reached Alpha?”

The Answer was always the same “You don’t, no one actually knows, it’s subjective, it’s different for everyone – there is no right or wrong.”

Here, you find another short video where we talk about meditation.

If I could have everyone around the world practicing something on a daily basis, it would be meditation. It helps to find yourself, your one truth, it makes you grow and connect to your inner powers and discover that life has much more to offer than what you thought it had.

It will change you into who you are meant to be, and it will open the doors for an amazing journey into self-discovery and empowerment.

For Alpha meditation techniques visit our tutorial links and how-to meditation videos.

If you wish to get in touch with Marco you can reach him through mysteries for readings  on

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-Sabrina Santos