The Team

We dare to say that our team is comprised of the most loving, selfless souls whose dedication  to assist the evolution of humanity can move mountains. We try to pick the ones who truly want to make a difference in the world and have the passion and will to make it happen.

Our team is constantly growing, as The Power Within Us is expanding, but for the moment it is composed of:


Sabrina Santos – CEO/Founder


“ Being yourself, trusting yourself , loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world. ”



Barry Antrobus – Technology Director


” Helping people to become happier and fulfilled is what drives our work. “



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Eddie Cioca – Writer/Editor

” I don’t think there’s greater service than selfless service. This kind of service can only come from a place of love, oneness and compassion for all life. It awakens our deepest soulful desires, it triggers feelings of the purest love there is, and it places you in a state of utter respect and gratitude for all life in creation. To truly live life in selfless service is the most humbling experience and it brings you true fulfillment naturally, with no need to search for it. At this point, the search is over and all that remains to do is to simply let life unfold by itself. ” 


Gary ‘Z’ McGee – Guest Writer

” The first scary step is learning to love yourself. Not your image. Not your reputation. Not what you imagine people think about you. But your deepest, wildest, most vulnerable self. Your inner-most core, where primordial love resides. Seek that. Love that. Start there. Then work your way up to loving everything else. Love is the medium through which courage can flow, after all. “

You Create Your Reality