Here you can find what people said about Sabrina’s work.

“I did the workshop of the Sacred Triangle in Florianópolis. It was wonderful to be able to receive all the knowledge and energy emanated by Sabrina and the Beings of Light that were present. The celestial music, the aromas the methodology of the workshop … Everything perfect and synchronised to provide a beautiful experience, immersion, contact with our Divine Self and our Guides, besides the clarification of many spiritual matters …. A very important work, which assists us , lightworkers, in our mission, for the transformation and ascension of the beloved Earth.
Thank you, dear Sabrina! ”                                         _Cassiani Tasca

“Through the wisdom transmitted by Sabrina I was able to experience for the first time states of deep connection with the ultra-interior and cosmic universe.” I sensed the high quality of the energies she handles, emanates and shares with us throughout the course. I am very grateful to Sabrina for having given us these precious experiences. ”
_ Claudia Campanella de Siervi- Publisher at Fedreal University SC

“It was wonderful to take a 8 week meditation course with Sabrina, at one of her non-profit social projects. This brought me into my own  centre within y spiritual journey . It was something I was really looking for, a true connection with y inner self, being able to access answers I have been in search , by simply connecting to myself.  And today this is part of my life and a powerful tool for y inner growth. For that I’m truly !”
_ Regis Rolo , Entrepreneur and CEO a Performer Co.

“For me who had never meditated before  , because of my own spiritual beliefs  and practices . It was amazing to encounter such energy. I had never experienced anything like it, so pure, that allowed me to truly connect with y inner world. Sabrina was able to pass that energy to me and awaken a whole new stage in my spiritual journey. ”
_Luiza Machado, Umbanda Spiritualist

“With her guided meditations, Sabrina manages to transmit good energies to the people, bringing peace of mind to the whole group!” _Otaciano Carlos

“The workshop was very intense. Since then I feel the energies of the sacred triangle in the heart and third eye. My mind has become calmer, life always seems perfect even when everything goes wrong. I have had experiences during sleep with blue beings working in my chakras. They make me see my own imperfections and show them how to work them. I have conscious discomforts in which they show up options and I am making my choices. Life is so light, I feel like a butterfly.  Sabrina’s work has truly impacted y spiritual transformation”
_  Angelita Silveira , Reiki Healer

Here s a video of Sabrina’s lasted work in Brazil with a couple testimonials too:

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