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Hi I’m Sabrina Santos, founder of The Power Within Us and Heart Evolution Foundation, and that’s me, in the image above, sitting in meditation at the top of a mountain in Kauai , The Sleeping Giant, in February 2016.  It is said that near this area in Kuaui there is a portal where the souls have to pass in before they enter the human body.

I’m not great when it comes to describing my work, since I no longer believe in labels, the best way to classify myself is as an ever-changing being.

However, it might be relevant to use some of my facets to describe what I love doing. I can be described as an entrepreneur, a teacher, a best-seller writer, a philanthropist, a world traveller and explorer, a shaman, an energy healer, a never ageing child or an old indigenous lady , so many are the expressions I love to share.

Born in the heart of the Amazon jungle in the city of Santarem , Brazil . With strong shamanic roots, I got to experience all the mystic flavours of the Amazon forest as a child. Nonetheless, I was raised and grew up by the sea in the Magic Island of Florianopolis in southern Brazil. So I had the luxury of sharing my heart between the mysteries of the jungle and the vastness and of the ocean.

Although my roots are literally, in the Amazon forest it took me a while to awaken to my inner Self and it started happening in a land far away from Brazil. In my early 20’s I moved to London where I lived for 13 years and it was in 2005, with my first teacher, depression, that my search for my True Self began.

It’s funny how far I had to go to start the search. I was very distant from any kind of spirituality and in a very dark place. I had always blocked anything related to the spiritual world. But depression forced me to look for an alternative solution, as nothing in the modern medicine was able to help me. So, in 2006 I fled to Brazil for a short period of time, and that’s when I discovered Reiki Mikao Usui method and energy healing work. I was very sceptical and even though I took a  Reiki course and noticed the benefits of it, I was still fighting to accept the reality of any spiritual kind. Reiki was a great tool to help me dim anxiety and panic attacks but I used it in secret and was somewhat doubtful of its benefits. I’d say it was a coincidence.. Or my mind was believing in it, therefore it was working…

I was very reluctant to get involved in any other spiritual healing , but luckily with my mother’s persistence I was taken into a 30 day treatment at Nosso Lar Spiritual Centre, it is a free spiritual hospital and it was there I first could see how spiritual surgery healing works. I was cured from my severe depression and started slowly opening up to the idea of a spiritual world.

NENL – Theraphy

However, back in London it took me a while to awaken. It was as if I kept on coming right in front of the spiritual door and then running the other way.

Life kept on pushing me back into healing myself and others. In 2010 I discovered the Japanese practice Sukyo Mahikari and started to give healing by passing God’s light through my hands and learning more about spiritual concepts. It was fascinating to go to their temple in Takayma Japan , but as my psychic abilities stared to develop fast , such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience  and claircognizance. I was totally freaked out by opening up to the spiritual world. So I decided to box it all up and once again focusing on making a career pretending my gifts weren’t there ( trust me when you start hearing the voices isn’t something everyone naturally embraces with grace).

Turning my back to spirituality was easy, I got right back with the programming and focused into making money and having a sucessful career that could buy me anything I wanted and take me anywhere. I absolutely fell in love with travelling around the world and although I thought I had everything I wished for that was still a massive gap of unfulfilment that was constantly there.

At the end of 2011 with my brother’s abrupt passing I started to ask myself big questions and so, slowly, I began to awaken…

In 2013 at the age of 29 with a brilliant career in financial marketing ahead of me, including Directorship and a shareholding position , ready to buy a property in London, something just didn’t feel right, maybe it was my Saturn return screaming out loud for me to drop everything and go in search of my true essence. So, this time, slowly and steady I started meditation and psychic development courses in London with no fear of what could happen.

In 2014 meditation became part of my daily life and I had a spiritual boom.  Took part in many different courses including my Reiki Masters and also heard the calling to participate in Aayahuasca ceremony. This time the door was wide open and there was no turning back. Just moving further into myself.

Ever since then, I was guided to create The Power Within Us project in 2015 , to connect people and various healing technologies around the world . I also launched a non-profit called  Heart Evolution Foundation and started free meditation projects in various countries among different communities. You can see some of our projects Here.

The journey has only just started and so much has happened my work has developed fast and grown exponentially. I’ve continued developing my spiritual studies taking courses around the world. As well as teaching in the UK, USA, India and Vietnam. In Brazil, I hosted a series of talks and workshops in 2016 , 2017 and 2018 having had  amazing feedback from the students.

It’s hard to compress everything into words as the last 4 years have been extremely rich in self-development as well as teaching but you can check below some of my certifications and spiritual training, as well as some of the latest projects.

Within my latest celebration is the launch of the book: Thresholds 75 stories of how changing your perspective can change your life.

Thresholds, 75 stories of how changing your perspective can change your life

It was an immense surprise to get a Best  Selling title from Amazon within the first week after our book launch. You can find more about the book here: In this beautiful book each author tells a true story that changed the course of their lives it is a blessing to have been part of this wonderful project.

Sabrina Santos – Picture Taken in Rishikesh India after a 7 day Satsang event hosted by Sabrina.

 I truly look forward to working with individuals all over the world , not because I believe I have something to teach or that they need me, but because it brings me great joy to indulge in the heart energetic connections and the sharing of my being with others. That’s why I’m here, to connect with others, to allow this energy to flow through  me and to facilitate your remembering of yourself, just as I truly become my Being.

Some clients testimonials :

“It is quite a challenge to describe meeting Sabrina and experiencing her meditation offered at A Luminary Life Wellness Centre in Hoi An, Vietnam. Both Sabrina and her meditation are totally unexpected, surprising and mind-altering!  For us, it was making energy and our other-reality visible before our eyes, so that there is literally no way you can un-see it. Paradigm shifting for beginners and deep soul work for advanced.  Wherever you are on your journey, this is sure to bring you new insights”

Description: Description: aluminarylifesig

“I did the workshop of the Sacred Triangle in Florianópolis. It was wonderful to be able to receive all the wisdom and energy emanated by Sabrina and the Beings of Light that were present. The celestial music, the aromas the methodology of the workshop … Everything perfect and synchronized to provide a beautiful experience, immersion, contact with our Divine Self and our Guides, besides the clarification of many spiritual matters …. A very important work, which assists us , lightworkers, in our mission, for the transformation and ascension of the beloved Earth.
Thank you, dear Sabrina! ”                                         _Cassiani Tasca

“Through the wisdom transmitted by Sabrina I was able to experience for the first time states of deep connection with the ultra-interior and cosmic universe.” I sensed the high quality of the energies she handles, emanates and shares with us throughout the course. I am very grateful to Sabrina for having given us these precious experiences. ”
_ Claudia Campanella de Siervi

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Sacred Triangle Workshop Brazil
Here you can find a list of my courses and qualifications:

Reiki Level One – 23rd of September 2006 – Taught by Maria Aparecida Marcelino . At Florianopolis – Brazil.

Reiki Level Two – 18th of November 2006 _ Taught by Maria Aparecida Marcelino . At Florianopolis – Brazil.

Sukyo Mahikari Kumite Level One – June 2010 – under the direction of Hisashi Fukushima. Frequently attending to ceremonies and events until October 2011. Including Oharahisai Ceremony in December 2010 in Japan Takayama an Nagoya.  Member of London centre at 20 Suffolk Road, London -United Kingdom

Psychic Development Level One – September 2013 /8 Weeks Course – taught by Jan Hendrix at Mysteries Covent Garden, London -United Kingdom

Alpha Meditation Classes – from February 2014 until December 20014- taught by Marco Dean at Mysteries Covent Garden, London -United Kingdom

Reiki Master Level Three –  12th of June 2014 . One a One attunment done by shamanic healer Pantelakis Chrysanthou at Kings Langley Hertfordshire  –

Psychic Development Level Two – July 2014 /8 Weeks Course – taught by Jan Hendrix at Mysteries Covent Garden, London -United Kingdom

Tarot Reading Foundation Course – August 2014 /3 Week course – Taught by Neil at Mysteries Covent Garden, London -United Kingdom

Gene keys DNA Activation – February 2015 – Taught By Richard Rudd , at Clapham  London -United Kingdom

Kahuna Hawaiian Activation – 08th  to 10th of April 2015, with Kahuna Native Kihe at Molokaii, Hawaii.

Angelic Contacting and Ascension Path to Self Mastery– 1st of May 2015 , Taught by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild. At Mind Body Spirit London.

Atlantian Codes Activation – 30th of August 2015 with Tim Whild London

Rahanni Celestial Healing , Practitioner Level One–  19th of September 2015 – taught by Ciara Kennedy at Cork, Ireland .

Kundalini Meditation Classes – Starting on 29th of October 2014 to 5th of December 2016 with –Swami Khecaranatha at Berkely California and Samadhi Bhavana at Poughkeepsie New York.

Kundalini Hawaiian Immersion – 26th of January to 11th of February  2016 – Intensive retreat taught by Swami Khecaranatha at Kauai Hawaii

Crystal Healing Course Certification– 10th of May 2018 – At San Corpore Healing Space. Taught by Cristofi Sant’ Ana .  Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Specialist/ Holistic Practitioner   At Sao Jose, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Shu Points of Energy Course Certification – 29th of July 2018 – At San Corpore Healing Space. Taught by Cristofi Sant’ Ana .  Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Specialist/ Holistic Practitioner   At Sao Jose, Santa Catarina , Brazil

Shamanic Training plant power ceremony training  – 28th of January 2018  to April the 1st– At Ceu de Radah. Taught by Ranisha Ayahuasca Shaman .    At Florianopolis, Santa Catarina , Brazil. Together with other Shamanic Teachersand self development.  Specializing in Ayahusca and Cacao Ceremonies.

** These are the main courses and workshops that have shaped my own development and self awareness. There are many others I have taken part in and have taken a personal interest at, alongside with my personal studies in different subjects, please ask if you want to know about any particular line of work , such as past life regression , multidimensional integration , counselling  etc.

If you wish to see some of my projects an events under the Power Within Us or Heart Evolution Foundation click Here.

There are also plenty of videos of my work on our YouTube Channel click here to see more. You can also read some of my articles right here  at The Power Within Us website.

I look forward to connecting with you. Please get in touch for Events, Talks, Workshops, Group Healing Sessions, Shamanic Rituals, Cacao Ceremony, Ayahusca Ceremony, Private Healing and Counselling . You can Email me at

Much Love and Light to you,

Sabrina Santos

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