Our Mission

Change Change Change. We want to help humanity somehow; we aim to bring a positive impact to the world, facilitating people to share real experiences.

We believe we are the masters of our inner universe and we can create our own reality.

By opening our hearts we are able to connect and live in a better way in community and compassion with one another.

Under Social projects here is what we support:

  •  Working with Children and Teachers

We all know children and teachers are responsible for the future of this planet and for how the new generations will turn out to be.

Unfortunately, in our current society we disempower children by throwing our current beliefs and misconceptions onto them. Children shape their reality and behaviour by what their experiences in their first years. On the other hand, it is in their first years their purity and innocence is most active. Our main action relates to introducing meditation for children and allowing them to maintain their purity and connect to their own inner wisdom. Children are born with the purest joy and love for all. They do not know racial discrimination, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, fear or anything like that, they learn it. All they know is love is love and joy is joy. The problem comes when they start receiving the social programming – either from their parents, their schools, their friends etc. ” Stop playing with that black kid ” – says one of the parent, then the parent adds another comment about why not to play with that kid. Even if the child doesn’t really seem to listen at that time, it sticks with him! No matter what it is. And there starts the social programming. He starts being afraid of that kid, just because of their skin colour, then he might start hating cause he’s afraid, and so on. The same goes with any other type of discrimination. It separates us.


But it doesn’t have to be so. What if we teach our children that they can love whoever they want to love, no matter the gender, or skin colour ? What if we teach them to love, respect and honour every other being and living organism – nature, animals ? Imagine that for a second.  It’s so very easy for children to do that. Children naturally love others and have a deep appreciation for nature and all living beings. If we nurture and nourish that universal love in them, it will remain so. We teach them about unity, not separation. That’s where we come in. We can work with the children, the teachers in schools, parents and together we can truly pave the way to a peaceful, united society.

Changing absolutely all that is known at present, our first action is to introduce a very simple meditation project for children and teachers in schools all over the globe. This simple action, will create the foundation for the society we all desire, where any form of separation ceases to exist. Separation cannot exist where there is love.

  • Homeless and Elderly

Happy senior citizen woman at home looking at her daughter

We tend to pretend it’s not our responsibility to assist those in need or those whom have fallen into their own darkness unable to see the light within. It’s not only our duty to care for our Elderly and Homeless, but it is also a reflection of our lack of righteous moral and blinded indifference.

This project aims to bring inner peace to the Elders and help the Homeless get back on their feet. We want to assist again with meditation technics – providing love and compassion to them.

Our intention is not to force or change any individuals, but to allow them to connect with their own inner power and divinity. Let us explain in details. Many elderly people live in care homes. While their physical needs are being met, are their spiritual, mental and emotional needs being met ? Some eldery care homes have implemented succesfully programs to make sure all of their needs are met, but many of them haven’t. We are here to assist them with those needs.

We intend to use meditation alongside institutions where they can empower themselves and connect to their soul being in peace before making their crossing. It will also allow them to reflect and learn from inner reflection of their journey. It will be a powerful tool for their daily practice. For example, many of the elderly people believe the heaven and hell conception. This brings a lot of fear and they live in fear of hell or an overly judgemental God. This is where we come in and assure them it is not the case. We are going to combine scientifical research with spiritual understandings that will help them discern for themselves that which is of truth and that which is misconception and misinformation. This, in turn, will bring them the peace and harmony they need.


For the homeless people we aim to bring light, with meditation techniques that give insight into their journey, restoring joy and inner strength. Once again allowing for those to empower themselves in their choices and giving them tools to decide what lays next for them, allowing them to see with clarity what needs to be seen. Most homeless people have a self-destructive behaviour that can be easily corrected, if they so desire. They simply need a good guidance and their passion and enthusiasm for life to be ignited once again. We will adapt to each situation and with the right resources, we will assist them by giving them the boost they need to start a new chapter, a new life – to start from scratch. This, once again, means that we will try and assist them on all levels – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

This project started in August 2015, you can see more details about it in the news section.

  • Unconscious Crowds

So let’s contemplate what being unconscious/unawakened means. There are many definitions for this, but we decided to make this simple and stick to the main core. We want to address the fact that many humans spiritual or non-spiritual, religious or atheist ; are still sleeping to the truth. The most important truth and the one we focus upon mostly, is the truth that We Are One, the truth of Unity and Love.

We act as individual beings because we chose to experience our individuality, but in truth, we are all One. Moreover, we must to awaken to this truth to be able to understand how our current reality is averse to it.talk-mutual-awakening

It’s only by opening one’s heart to this truth that it can be fully understood. No matter how knowledgeable one may be, if this wisdom is not embedded into one’s heart and soul they will not acknowledge how crucial this is for our evolution.

To work with unconscious crowds we are currently providing all sorts of connection mechanisms, tutorials, videos , articles and support platforms. Furthermore, events, seminars, talks , webinars , documentaries and whatever we can provide to help this transition from a mind-centered living to a heart-centered living.

Our main activities around this group revolves around sharing personal experiences and interviewing people whom want to share their wisdom and technologies to assist with one’s journeys.

Essentially, we are using spirituality as a bridge to freedom, happiness and harmony. Eventhough, true freedom does not depend on one’s beliefs or wisdom, one’s true freedom and happiness do come from a communion with the heart, through opening and connecting to our hearts and divinity within.

You Create Your Reality