About Us

The Power Within Us is a non-profit organization, whose main purpose is to provide the collective of humanity with information that promotes spiritual development and empowerment.

We address topics such as: spiritual awakening, awareness, ascension, personal freedom, meditation and other tools/techniques to discover our divine nature and we focus on  topics that can help us on the path of the heart, which simply means living life in true joy and happiness. This kind of state can only come from within ourselves, as we build the foundations and cultivate it.

That is what we’re here for – to make sure you have access to the all the knowledge and wisdom needed to transform your life, to lead you within. We are here to try and give you the “key” to that, however it is up to you if you use that key or not.

Our way of creating this platform of growth and expansion through articles, videos, interviews, guided meditations and documentaries, as well as creating events to share conscious information and to give us a place to meet, discuss, share our experiences, as well as to facilitate a space where we can connect with each other in unity and oneness.

Our ways to make all of this happen are expanding, you can read more details about our mission on the “Our Mission” page and if you would like to read about The Power Within Us team members, please check out “The Team” page.

If you would like to participate or keep up to date with our work, please subscribe to our social media, or contact us.

You Create Your Reality