Emotions And Feelings – A key To Freedom

Trying to fix what is perfect missing the love and light in what already is a reflection of God.

Are those “ego traps” in the spiritual run to a false state of enlightenment?

When will we learn to love ourselves and understand the perfection in all creation?

It’s kinda of hilarious sometimes to watch the behaviors and actions going on the spiritual communities .. so much for awareness .. When you discover you are one with god and allegedly start the mental chase for enlightenment as your life depends on it .. “as If”.. consciousness wasn’t already complete and perfect the way it is. 

Nonetheless, here we go let’s talk about it and pretend there is a big point in talking about it. Knowing deep down words will never be capable of conveying what is really being expressed.

Or shall I say: let me present to you my own perspective and see if yours is open to it…

Let’s talk about Emotions and Feelings…

Emotions come and go they are physically connected to the body and its reactions to experiences directly related to what is perceived..

Feelings are a state of being more connected to the mental state.
However, when in higher states of awareness feelings become connected to your emotional body so they are like electrical impulses running through your spine, speeding throw your being.

When we start opening the doors to vast consciousness and align our emotional state and feelings to the God head, those experiences become very meaningful because you no longer are experiencing feelings from a singular aspect.. You are then connected to the universal realm of them, to their multidimensionality.

They have immense power to free you, guide you and connect you to God through your own divine essence.

In the spiritual path it’s easy to get distracted with the whole fixing oneself and chasing a made up freedom that promotes even more separation rather than unity and compassion… 

Obsessing about being empty and free, no longer being able to connect to everything and everyone because you might be so caught up in the chase of becoming “something better” failing to see how unbelievably , amazingly perfect you are.

By fully acknowledging the whole perfection of creation and seeing God in everything, you can start to align your lower aspects to the Will of Source and see with love all the things you were so desperately try to fix, as the most beautiful gifts you have been given. Learning how to love and care for your personality, to honor it as much as you honor the non identification with it.

Now, how to you surf your emotional states and how you allow them to talk to you ? How to you use them to refine your intuition and to connect directly with God, with the Source of Creation itself?

How to understand how to use your thoughts to create in alignment and the joy of consciously syncing with the divine ? 

Yes the Joy ! The Joy of being one with everything… and actually watching how that can be put out into action; instead of making believe you are following some teachings and rules to get to were you are suppose to be?

How to you take the courageous steps to walk alone in your own wisdom to learn from that place? To learn directly form God? 

Trust in your divine wisdom, allow it to flow, to talk to you every single moment of the day. Listen to everything.. to the wind, to the sun, to  all the molecules that surround you, listen to your thoughts listen to you heart, listen to the magic in everything, all together, all at once . Be it! Be God, act from that place, loving everyone and everything but most importantly !!!! Being that! Knowing that, living in that… And not just talking about it and following a made up spiritual trend or road that wasn’t even build for you.

Love, love, love that’s the key to awareness.. To understanding.. To Truth. To Happiness.

Thanks for reading.

>Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos

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