Getting Ready For Christmas, Yoga Kriya To Open Your Heart

We all know Christmas is a special time of the year. The celebration of Christ Consciousness  is very strong and present all over the world  in this period of renewal; consciously or unconsciously the whole planet is affected by the golden light of Christ, coming in to touch our souls and open our hearts.

To tune into this energy there are many ways you can consciously open and connect yourself to it. One easy way  to combine healthy habits for the body and mind, is Kundalini Yoga.

Here you can practice opening your heart and getting ready for Christmas to stay in tune with your heart and open to the universal love of creation.

Watch this Video and practice this very easy kriya you can also chant along if you feel inspired . the mantra is Sat Kartar.

Meditation can change your inner state and you can create from a place of love and truth.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos