Guided Meditation For Abundance, Balance & Freedom

” A guided meditation that will help you attract abundance, and achieve balance and freedom in all aspects of your life.

Created with love and light all our meditations are channeled and bring forth all that is needed for the individual listening to them. “

This guided meditation might help activate the abundance codes within yourself, activate your universal/infinite consciousness. Abundance comes effortlessly when we become fully free, when we free ourselves of self-imposed limitations and old thought patterns that no longer serve us.

Balance is reached easily, the challenge is maintaining it. We have been on this balancing act for a while now, we keep reaching and discovering deeper and deeper states of balance which leads to a merging, a unification of that which needs balancing.

So, this meditation is going to hopefully give you a boost on the path and remind you that everything you need is within, that you create your reality and you choose the vibration/frequency you want to  align yourself with.

Enjoy the meditation:

Thank you for reading and watching,

Love and Light,