Transforming Self Through Transforming Relationships – Self-Love

We are moving deeper and deeper in the unification with the soul in human embodiment. No news, I know. But there are many facets of this merging process. Lately, it has been pretty much mostly about transforming self through relationships.

Relationships do reflect you, they reflect your actions, your creations, how you use your energy, they reflect all you are. Many times we can be unconscious of some things we do that may not be beneficial for us and obviously for others around us either. Relationships mirror that, everybody in your life is reflecting you on some level. Therefore, they bring us an opportunity to gain some awareness and clarity on the unconscious acts we might still be playing.

Generally speaking, the major theme of this period is one of the toughies for humanity: self-love. But it is also the most transformative experience and blissful way of being we can be in. Life begins when you truly love yourself. You may live, but you are not alive until you do that.

I am constantly being surprised by the many deeply ingrained layers of the social programming around self-love. It goes very deep and it’s extremely subtle. We tend to self-sabotage, criticize, judge, abuse, disempower, torture and imprison ourselves one way or another. I’m not even exagerating when I use those words. The same way we treat ourselves, we treat others. All that is, first and foremost, a lower mind product, facilitated by the social programming passed through eons of dysfunction.

Don’t get me wrong, we created this for various purposes and they all lead to Soul growth, it’s exactly what we chose to experience, so there is no victim, there are only creators. Now we are collectively moving away from the duality we’ve created. More and more people are choosing to let go of what no longer serves them and all the social programming we’ve gathered all this time in duality. First and foremost, it must be an individual choice though.

That’s where relationships come in. They can provide you with that heightened awareness that is necessary to make you conscious of the changes you need to make to let go of what no longer serves you. As the things that need to be transformed and healed come into our awareness, two timelines pop up. One of it is ignoring and denying the things that need to be released and just keep carrying them in our energy field,  as it is definitely uncomfortable to allow all the fear, pain and suffering to be alchemized through you (although still necessary at some point), however you choose when you are ready. The other choice is to ” face your demons, ” make peace with them, see them for what they really are at the end of the day – an expression of your Soul. That is what’s going to dissolve them into their highest aspect. Rebirth. Phoenix. All the pain and suffering come from fear, it comes from the illusionary separation from Source/from everything and everybody. As I have stated before, the relationship you have with yourself is really the most important relationship you will ever have.

Therefore, the solution in most cases is to love yourself. When we truly love ourselves, we open new pathways that facilitate our healing, transformation, purification and transcendence of our general state of being – ascension. All we do and all we are can only come from a place of love when we do that and only the most beautiful experiences can be birthed from it. Only when we love ourselves fully, with each atom of our being, that’s when we will be able to truly love others as well.

I wish self-love could be explained better in words, but words fail. It needs to be felt, experienced. It is a constant choice, an action, a state. It’s divine and the greatest gift you can give yourself and so, I urge you to be your own Santa.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,