Breaking Through Communication Blockages

Humanity’s biggest problems have their roots in lack of communication. The obvious solution to problems is clearly communication and proper understanding, but how can we communicate when we encounter language barriers ? When words can be so limiting and open to misinterpretation ? When intentions are misperceived ?

Through feeling. Feel the energy behind the words, feel the intentions. You can do that, it’s natural to you. You are all great empaths and telepaths, you just have to get in touch with those aspects of your nature. That’s happening naturally when you are flowing from your heart. Telepathy has been quite misunderstood. While, yes, the mind is a good energy interpreter, most of the time it leaves room for misinterpretation and, if not balanced, the mind distorts the truth. However, the heart is the best interpreter, the ultimate telepath. It always speaks the truth, you just have to learn to listen to it. Easier said than done, I know, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. It’s so simple. It becomes hard when the doubtful mind comes in and ruins the party, but the mind can be tamed.

At the same time, clear communication is an aspect of self-mastery. As humans, we still need words at the moment, languages and everything, we’ve created it that way for a reason. Now, we have to learn to express ourselves with clarity, we have to learn to speak our hearts with honesty and kindness. If it comes from the heart, it can only come out like that anyways. Don’t let words limit you in any way, go beyond that, go deeper. You can feel in the tone of the voice when someone flows from their heart, their intentions, the meaning and the truth. Feel the other person’s feelings. Empathy is such a great gift when used wisely, because feelings leave no room for confusion or misinterpretations.

Words are powerful, they are energy, so take responsability for the energy you are putting out there. Be mindful of the way you are expressing yourself and the way you respond to others. Don’t let relationships go to waste because of misinterpretations or misperceptions. In all cases – speak your heart – . Practice compassionate speaking and listening. The more loving the words are, the better and easier they will be received. Don’t worry about how others are going to interpret and react or think and never take things personally. People’s reactions and ways of thinking are strictly related to them and have nothing to do with you (and  vice versa). Be compassionate, respond with kindness and love. This is alchemical, it breaks patterns and shifts the energy. Being an observer of yourself is essential, as always. Choose your words.. responsibly.

Thank you for reading,

Love and Light,