Remembering Your Power: Tim Whild The Ascension Usher

Ascension is here, knocking on your door. It sure is, I hear it like a constant banging in my head and every cell of my body starts vibrating to this epidemic process that is taking over the world as we know it and replacing it with something it is meant to be.

Tim Whild is very much in sync with the whole happening of ascension. His whole being radiates it, because he understands the truth in it. He remembers who he is and what we are.

Tim Whild the Ascension Usher

Ready to assist and guide those in the path of awakening, Tim has a very breezy way of making the supernatural very much natural and simple, not because he is undermining anything, but because he can see how simple things truly are.

This human complexity is very much lifted by the light of true awareness; once this is in place we able to see all aspects of self beyond time and physical planes. And Tim has sure accomplished much awareness when it comes to the Ascension process.

The age of Aquarius is very much real, and Tim Whild has got many valuable insights, and brings them into action with his line of work.

Here in  this exclusive interview Tim tells us how his journey began:

While looking into Tim’s eyes throughout the interview, I couldn’t help but to think how many ore mysteries are still kept in the depths of his soul, and how many have already been unveiled. To be alive and aware of the grandiosity of your soul is such a priceless gift. The gift of knowing your own essence is by far one of the greatest secrets found within.

Tim has worked alongside Diana Cooper, one of the pioneers in the angelic communication. When I say pioneer, I’m using this word based on the fact that she really had the courage to come out ahead of times. Together they wrote The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the light.

Please find the link here:

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This powerful book can assist you in the process of Ascension, and can help you to discover how angelic beings are too connected to this process.

Working with the sacred power of crystals and unlocking the real technology within such devices, Tim also works with Atlantean Activations.

Yes that’s right, back in Atlantis where humans were very different from what we are today.

Tim works with Atlantean Activations, allowing you to find your ancient truth and unlocking you DNA

Tim works with unlocking barriers and activating soul connections to our mighty ancestral and multidimensional aspects.

If you wish to get in touch with Tim, here is a link to his website:

You can also find him on Facebook

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Sabrina Santos