Meeting The Real Enemy

“The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome”_ George R. R. Martin.

I want to warn you all. About the real danger, the real enemy, and the darkness which follows when we choose to dance with the likes of fear and limitation.

The real enemy is one we know well. It’s the one controlling how “bad” things can be and how blind it can make us. The enemy is you. It lives in you, and it can take over; clouding your whole being.

As humans we have this tendency to forget, forget what we are, who we are, and what we have been, seen and experienced. We turn to external explanations and interpretations of what we already have in the deepest of our souls, ever searching for something that can’t be found because we are it! The only enemy is really us, nothing else.

magical one
We forget who we are so we can learn what we can become.

Once we wake up to it , truly connecting to our own essence of divinity, once we embrace, accept and love our  infinity; only then can we learn there is no enemy at all, because we are truly just One, playing this ever changing, ever growing, ever expanding being. We are not only part of the cosmos, we are the cosmos!

When will you understand that? Stop limiting your own boundlessness; it cannot be contained. It will only cause pain to vainly try to imprison the light. The light was never meant for that, it has always been made to shine, to expand, to travel, to sparkle, to awe.

Awe yourself, in every moment of every second, because you are time itself, connected across multi dimensions to everything that you have experienced and will experience. You are energy, therefore you cannot be separated from anything, simply because everything is energy.

Like Lavoisier said, “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

It is very logical really. If the universe came from one explosion, it is very obvious that all came from one, and therefore everything is formed of the same essence.

The Power is yours, it has always been yours.

Can you feel it? Can’t you feel it?

Have you even tried to feel it? Or are you letting your fear of finding out who you are stand in the way of experiencing your truth ?

We allow fear to stand in the way of life itself, this no longer can be. It is a time for awakening to the powerful truth of all that is. How interconnected you are with nature, with all molecules and atoms, and all that surrounds you.

Open your heart to it. Let it go, and let it live!

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos