Arcturians Explain Ascension Symptoms: Watch Full Documentary Here

Dr. Suzanne Lie Channels the Arcturians and talks about Ascension Symptoms that everybody has felt, feels or will feel. It’s absolutely normal, trust me, you are not going crazy! It’s better to know something than to panic and lose control. Nothing is too strange and nothing is too normal either. It sounds kind of paradoxical but every soul that incarnates has a different path and a different perception, therefore every experience is unique.

We, the Arcturians would like to address the symptoms of transformation that many of our Earthling expressions are experiencing. We call you our “Earthling expressions of self” just as you may call us your “Arcturian Expressions of SELF.” For if we are a higher dimensional expression of YOU, than you are lower dimensional expressions of US.
This situation does not denote that we are superior to you, for we ARE you. There is no sense of hierarchy in our statement. Instead, we are merely stating that your consciousness has its primary focus on the physical reality of the third/fourth dimensions, whereas our consciousness has it primary focus on the formless dimensions of the eight through tenth dimension. In both cases, it is not a matter of deserving or rank. It is, instead, a matter of choice.

Thank you for watching,

Love and Light,

George Kleopas