The Power Of Music – Nahko And Medicine For The People

Music inspires, music can change one’s frequency; it can touch one’s feelings in the deepest ways. It can truly guide you throughout your life, day by day, it can change your humour and can accompany you on your journey, happy or sad, and it can hold your hand at any time.

Some of the most amazing things in life just happen, they completely appear from nowhere with no warning and without expectation; that’s how I first encountered the poetical inspiring spiritual lyrics of Nahko and Medicine for the People, by chance.

If you are familiar with their music, you know what it’s all about, but if you haven’t been blessed here is a video that will blow your heart away.

See Aloha Ke Akua Lyrics click here 

After watching the Aloha Ke Akua video I was hooked; it was truly irrefutable love at first sight. I have heard it so many times (still not enough) but I’m definitely working on embedding it into my soul.

It didn’t take me long to develop respect, admiration, curiosity, and to became a fan of the band and its message. I then set my heart on meeting, interviewing and watching these amazing people perform live.

Speaking of synchronicities, I became a fan of the band just before going to Hawaii, which is where they live, but when I headed to Hawaii they were touring in Europe. Luckily, I managed to make it to their very last show in Europe right after returning from Hawaii, and so I had the time of my life watching Nahko and Medicine for the People performing live in Brussels on the 19th of April, 2015.

Nahko and Medicine for the People live in Brussels
Nahko and Medicine for the People live in Brussels

Well that was a new experience for me, to jam with my spirit guides in a live rock show; I can’t believe I just said that! But there is no other way to describe it. I was right at the front of the stage listening to the music, singing out loud and feeling the presence of my guides and other benevolent spirits, seeing rainbows all around the stage and feeling the power of the music. And you may be thinking “mmm that’s a bit trippy”, but I don’t even drink alcohol, so it was pure bliss!

See, their music and lyrics are truly spiritual. They carry strong messages and are in fact full of power and healing. I never knew a rock concert could be like that, with such high vibrations and encompassing higher dimensions within it.

Once again, my heart chakra expanded and became bigger and bigger, and I was sending love to the whole planet, then to the whole universe. I was the universe; that’s the power of music, healing music.

After the concert I had the chance to see Nahko, Justin, Chase and Pato interact with their fans. They were once again unbelievably welcoming. Really there is no separation here, they create such a friendly environment with their fans; it’s so great to watch how much they care and value them.

I spoke with and met the band members performing in Brussels; each one of them brings their own special light to the group.

Chase Makai and Sabrina Santos – Brussels 2015

Chase Makai plays the 12 string acoustic guitar. This Aussie free spirit sure has a hint of mystery to himself. The first thing that caught my attention while chatting to him was his connection to Spirit animal energy – I shall call him the great Eagle. Chase, like the other members of the group, has a childlike vibe full of pure energy and vibrancy.

Pato and Sabrina Santos – Brussels 2015

Pato, Patricio Labarca, is the newest addition to the band. Pato sure is like a box full of surprises. He plays various instruments including the guitar, bass, percussion, piano, balafon, kora, ngoni, djembe, and anything that can make a sound. His eyes give away his kind warm-hearted nature, and his constant smiling greets everyone with love.

Justin Chittmas and Sabrina Santos – Happy Birthday in Brussels 2015

Justin Chittmas is another gifted musician that brings the power of the drums to the group. And what a delight it was to meet Justin on his birthday! We all got to sing happy birthday to him and celebrate the light of his soul turning 25 years young. Like the others, Justin has this super friendly way of communicating and connecting with the fans, and is very passionate about their mission.

Saving for last, but not least, I was blessed to meet Mr Bear!

Nahko Bear and Sabrina Santos – Being silly after the interview in Brussels 2015

Nahko Bear is a true warrior, bringing such intensity with his voice, soul, and every single cell of his body. His kindness towards the fans is overwhelmingly delightful. I’ve never seen an artist who truly puts no separation between themselves and fans. I had the chance to interview Nahko, and I’ve saved this for another article. Please click here to read this: The Music Warrior Nahko Bear.

Overall, I can say that these people are indeed raising the world’s vibration; their music is truly inspiring, and it carries an important message to awaken the world to spiritual power, to love and compassion.

Here is where you can find more about the band:

I’ve also selected a few of my favourite videos although I love it all, they are below.

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Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos