Clearing And Shielding With Archangel Michael

Highly sensitive people are prone to absorb energies from world situations and other people’s thoughts. This meditation helps you to work with the Beloved Archangel Michael to dissolve fear-based energies, so that you can be at peace and able to focus upon your Divine life mission.

Archangel Michael is a very powerful celestial being who helps us by letting go and shielding from lower energies that are fear based. He helps us to rise up to our highest levels to the power and the strength that is healing, that is compassionate, that is helpful.He helps us to step out in confidence on the path of our life’s purpose and he shows us the way. Archangel Michael is an unlimited being, he is a complete reflection of God’s omnipresence meaning he can be everywhere, everytime. He is like God, respectful of the Law of Free Will which says that you have free will to choose how to think, how to feel, how to act and so he won’t intervene without your permission and he awaits for us to call upon him now.

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George Kleopas