Connecting With Dolphins – Hawaiian Magic, A Journey Of The Heart

“Dolphins are our co-creators and co-evolvers. We learn from each other and assist one another on our awakening journey.” – Edward MillsAbundant Mystic

First stop Oahu. Intention: Go swimming with dolphins and whales…

The first thing I noticed when I landed in Hawaii was the energy. It was very different.. It immediately slowed you down. Or should I say it slowed me down.

I’m writing these things as an observer, and sometimes I don’t realise that not everyone around me is having the same experience. It makes me wonder why. Why isn’t everyone feeling this wonderful connection to the Earth? Am I the crazy Shaman going around the world feeling the energy of places? Maybe so. Still, I would not change a thing, but I wish everyone could just feel it and at least experience a tiny bit of these magical moments.

The more I go into my own true self, the more I understand the meaning of letting go and trusting; allowing life to unfold and understanding the mystery behind each moment lived.

In Oahu, I truly wanted to see Whales and Dolphins, and even though they said Whale season was over I still hoped in my heart to have the chance to see them.

I wanted to meditate with their energy, I wanted to be able to access the Akashic records in person, to feel that energy and to explore what happens when you connect with animals in person and blend with their energy.

For some reason, I thought it would be very easy just to go in the water and swim with dolphins and whales, so it was a shock when I found out that you are not allowed to in most islands; not even to enter the water if they are around, and you must keep your distance or else you will get fined.

However, in Oahu you can go in the water nearby dolphins and if you are lucky they might come near you.

Well, I thought to myself, let’s see what happens! I was a little disappointed. I thought it would be dead easy to just get close to them and invite them to connect and meditate with me.

We all hopped on the boat and were given fairly direct instructions not to dive towards them or do anything to disturb the dolphins; you are just in the water while they swim by.

So, there I was looking down the crystal clear Hawaiian waters, looking at those kind-looking animals and inviting them with my mind to come and blend with my energy. Suddenly, my body started to tingle and the energy started to vibrate all around it.

IMG_20150327_174136 (1)
As I looked below there they were coming towards me – picture taken by Sabrina Santos

I looked down, and from the distance they became closer and closer, approaching me with grace. I was so excited I did not know what to do. I had a camera in my hand and I didn’t even realise I was filming it.

My crown chakra was so open that the top of my head was buzzing and I was high on life. When the dolphins came so very close to me that I connected with their vibration, the feeling was hard to describe. That happens when you have no recollection of certain feelings in this current life!

I was so blissfully excited that I didn’t even think of reaching out my hand to see if they would allow me to touch them. I just meditated and looked into their eyes, with my whole body shaking full of energy and amusement. They came very close, said hi, and just like that they left.

They looked right into my eyes and I was sure they could see my soul and read my mind and feel my heart – Sabrina Santos

I’ll never forget this moment.

Later on, in deeper waters, we met another group of dolphins. Once again I was blessed; this time the waters were very dark blue so it was hard to see on the camera, but my eyes are never going to forget this scene. I was further away from the others and saw so many dolphin pods that I could not count them. Over 50, maybe even over 70, all swimming below me in such a magical moment.

My energy was so clean and pure, just by writing about it I can feel it again.

It was time to return, and I was very content to have seen the dolphins that I didn’t even care about the fact I wasn’t going to see whales .. But there was certainly more to come.

Here is this whole  experience in video:

If you wish to read more, here is part 2 Connecting with Whales and sea turtles.

All the pictures and videos were taken by myself while living this dream.

Many Thanks for reading.

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos