Happiness Chasers: Are You Happy or Chasing It?

We are all chasing something. People talk about happiness and what it is…

But who really knows what Happiness is?
Do you?

People are too busy chasing things, achieving goals and setting targets..
Running after whatever they think they need, we all do it, or have done it.

And so, people think achieving those goals is reaching happiness…
Then setting new goals, running after them, making them happen – without stopping to question if they are happy.

They keep themselves busy chasing.. They sure don’t have the time to wonder if they are happy or what makes them happy..

So they spend their life chasing things and avoiding looking inside.

It’s scary to think all your life you were chasing goals and not stopping to think about yourself and finding what truly makes you spark inside.

I’ve met so many people like that, in fact it’s rather hard to find someone that’s not like that. I like to think my friends are different.. but I never had the chance to ask.

I’d like to think I am different.. But am I?

Sometimes it is so obvious… You see in people’s eyes that they have no clue about what makes them happy and they won’t even dare to find out – to truly find out.

I haven’t quite figured out what happiness is; or maybe if it is so many different things combined into one long word

That might be why it is so hard to describe what happiness is, as it’s not just the one thing.

But one thing I know, is what happiness isn’t.. Chasing!

Chasing after something is not happiness … nor is achieving or getting what you are chasing after. That’s an illusion. A damn big fraud, and we have all felt it.. When you want something so bad and when you get it, the feeling of achievement is there but after a while it goes away.. It’s like you need something else to chase after.

Although it’s your right to be happy, sometimes you can’t make it happen.. you just waste your time being busy chasing things and telling yourself this is what you want and need.

I think there is always a choice to be made.

The closest I have ever gotten to figuring out what happiness is, is by knowing a bunch of things that happiness is not..

And the happiest I have ever been has nothing to do with anything I was chasing.. it was more like a moment .. a single moment that went on for a period of time in which it floated through me like the wind like the warm sunshine, it’s magical and you can’t quite describe it.

However, some moments are attached to things, people and goals..

I’m not talking about those…

I’m talking about some pure simple happiness attached to nothing, it’s just there and you don’t even know why you are happy, you just are.

Maybe it’s looking within, finding yourself..

Knowing who you are and loving who you are..

Not the WHO everyone else thinks you are..

Definitely not the WHO people make you out to be – society, friends, religion or a partner.

But the WHO only YOU know..

It’s so hard figuring that out and getting to know the real YOU..

But there are moments when you have that clarity and a glimpse of knowing and feeling it.

Maybe that’s a big step to finding happiness..

Knowing WHO you are – embracing, loving yourself and accepting every bit of it; being true to this person only YOU know.

So the best advice I can give you is to stop chasing everything..

The dream job, loads of money, the dream relationship … Thinking that will bring you happiness…

It simply won’t.

Start chasing yourself.. start finding out who YOU are and what made you be this way.

De-construct all these layers everyone else built you to be, and get to know the real you.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s worth it.

The rest will follow into place… You can still set goals and do everything else, but you will be happy while doing it and not at the end when you achieve it, followed by the vacuum of the next thing to chase and to run after that false state of happiness.

Once you find yourself, you will know that happiness is nowhere to be found, apart from within Oneself.

It was there all along waiting for you to find it… In you.

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light, 

Sabrina Santos


Make it happen you have all the tools within you.